Recluse in War and Life Scene 49

The Shogun and Mother realize the danger

“See, I think he’ll like it.” Masaomi stared at the object he wanted from the window.

“The one next to it looks cute as well.” Anri pointed to the other object with a smile.

“Anri-chan likes that type? Kyaa! I know something more about Anri-chan now!” Masaomi cheered, causing the girl to blush a little.

“Should… Should we go buy it then? For Ryugamine-kun, I mean?” Anri asked with a shy look.

“As long as he hasn’t been looking at us, it should be okay. I’ll call him now and see what he’s doing since he wouldn’t lie to me.” Masaomi brought out his cell phone and suddenly looked confused. “I don’t have any service.”

Anri quickly brought out her cell phone as well and looked at it. “I don’t have any either.”

“I can’t call Mikado. It won’t go through.” Masaomi was getting confused and looked around to realize that others looked like they were having the same problem. “Don’t tell me… Is it them?”

“If it is then… Ryugamine-kun made a plan. He can’t stay at the apartment since it’ll only make him a target.” Anri began thinking out loud.

“Assuming they found the apartment.” Masaomi interjected and Anri nodded.

“Then, that means he’s going to go out. And he can’t stay where they’ll find him quickly so he’ll go to very crowded places.” Anri kept trying to remember the plan that she should know by now.

“And that means basically anywhere with lots of shops in Ikebukuro.” Masaomi sighed deeply. “Malls, game centers, shopping corners…”

“We need help.” Anri said with a serious look.

“Kadota-san and the others might’ve noticed already. That means they might be looking for us. Celty-san will most likely be looking for Mikado at the apartment and anywhere close by. But we need man power. I’ll get the guys from my gang. Well, since they’re supposed to protect the town, I think they won’t mind looking for Mikado.” Masaomi smiled, trying to reassure Anri.

“Then I’ll start looking for Ryugamine-kun as well. Good luck, Kida-kun.” Anri smiled and began to run in one direction while Masaomi ran in another.

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