Recluse in War and Life Scene 50

The Dollars are on the move

[My washing machine’s not working! Is anyone else experiencing something this weird?]

[My toaster’s on the fritz, if that’s what you mean.]

[It’s not just inside, the register’s not working in the convenience store. I wanted a snack!]

[Me too! (Well, not the snack) The register at the clothes shop is also not working. I had to pay cash for my shirt!]

[Anyone else getting this?]

[Finally! There wasn’t wireless at my place. I had to go out to log in here.]

[You too? I just found a connection as well.]

[If anyone is here, I need some help in finding someone I can’t locate.]

[Well in this mess, it’s no wonder.]

[You try his cell phone?]

[It’s not connecting. So if anyone sees a young teenage boy with black hair and blue eyes that might be running from someone please post his location.]

[Eh? Is it his fault that all this is happening?]

[No, it’s the fault of the people chasing him. They’re kidnappers.]


[Something this big is happening right now?]

[Then we should help!]

[But what if we’re in the no wireless area? We can’t help from there.]

[Then let’s help hide him!]

[So wait, what is he wearing?! That first description is too vague!]

[I think he’s long gone…]

[Must be looking for the kid he mentioned.]

[What are the areas that are being affected by this?]

[That’s a good question! We should do a recon of this!]

[And look for the kid at the same time.]

[It might not be him and he might not be there anymore but when I came from Third District, I saw a kid that might be him running into the shopping district.]

[Then we should go there and help!]

[This is pretty cool! We’re doing something to help rather than just talk!]

[That’s right! We’re helping!]

[I saw some weird goons getting pwned by Heiwajima Shizuo! Are those the bad guys?]

[Seriously? Is he helping the kid or did they cross him?]

[I think I heard him ask them about what’s making all this weird mess.]

[Then he’s trying to help? Weird…]

[I think he said something about a machine.]

[That would make sense. If something is making other machines go crazy then it would only be another machine.]

[Should we find it then?]

[Something else we need to do?]

[Well, it is annoying to pay cash, so I’m all for looking for whatever is doing this.]

[Then the things we need to do are: find the kid and hid him; do a recon of what areas are affected; and find whatever machine is doing this wonky stuff.]

[I’m all for that!]

[Let’s do it!]

[I think I found whatever might be doing the wonky stuff!]



[There’s this truck that hasn’t moved at all since this afternoon, right by my workplace.]

[But where?!]

[Just south of the park.]

[Let’s go!]


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