Recluse in War and Life Scene 52

The Hero is speechless

He didn’t understand. It wasn’t possible. It shouldn’t have turned out this way. Why was it that they were helping him? They shouldn’t be helping them. He didn’t want them involved. They shouldn’t be involved. So why were these two in front of him now?

“Eh?” Mikado feared the grins he received from the two people that had stopped him.

“You’re him, right? The kid from the forum, right?” One of the two asked.

“What?” Mikado was confused.

“Don’t worry; we’re on your side. We just need to hide you from the people looking for you right?” The other asked and grabbed Mikado’s arm.

“How? What?” Mikado was getting more confused by the second.

“Just come. We’ll hide you from the bad guys. Go find signal and post in the forum where we’re hiding him.” The other told his companion, who nodded and ran off.

“What do you mean the forum?” He finally managed to ask.

“We’re Dollars! Allies of Justice!” The other man smiled and brought Mikado to a surveillance office of the mall they had entered.

“That’s the kid?” The guard inside the office asked as he continued to try and fix the surveillance machine. “Damn, nothing’s working.”

“The Dollars are moving? For what?” Mikado managed to ask them.

“To help of course! Someone asked to find you so we decided to keep you hidden. We’re also looking for whatever’s doing all this wonky stuff.” The man explained to Mikado.

Mikado was in shock. Something bothered him. Really bothered him. He walked closer to the control booth and placed his hand on the panel. Without speaking a word, his eyes changed color once more and the screens of the surveillance office all turned on.

“What the hell?” The guard looked at the monitors in shock.

“How did…? Did you…?” The man was confused as he looked at Mikado.

Mikado seemed to be looking at something; however, he refused to speak out what he thought. The cameras kept changing images and now showed images outside of the mall that shouldn’t even be shown by the cameras.

“That’s outside!” The guard felt more confused as they both eyed Mikado.

“How are you doing…? Hey!” The man felt fearful when he saw Mikado having a nosebleed. “Stop whatever it is that you’re doing!”

“…can’t…” Mikado murmured as he shook a little. “…not supposed to… Why? Where…?” Then, Mikado took his hand off the panel and everything went dark again. “I’m sorry.”

“What?” The man was confused as he saw Mikado disappear from his eyesight and end up on top of the unconscious guard.

“The Dollars were never supposed to help me. Only the town. They are the town, the ever changing, ever moving town of Ikebukuro.” Mikado began to rant, trying to smile. “He’s probably loving this. I just… I don’t want anyone to get injured. I’m afraid of people dying. So please… Just don’t look for me. Please… Just do something else.”

And the last thing the man saw was Mikado’s eyes.

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