Recluse in War and Life Scene 53

The Shogun is unable to find the Hero just yet

“Kida!” Kadota ran towards Masaomi, who had stopped when he heard his name being called.

“Kadota-san! Have you found Mikado?” Masaomi quickly asked the man once he was closer.

“The others are looking too but if you get signal, check the site. We asked that anyone send us his location.” Kadota explained to Masaomi, who looked surprised.

“But Mikado doesn’t want them to do anything dangerous! He’ll probably tell them himself to not look for him.” Masaomi was getting worried, though he didn’t know why.

“Yeah, I know. Someone found him and he knocked them unconscious in order to run away. They wrote that he looks scared and it’s only causing everyone on the board to want to help more.” Kadota explained, looking at his watch. “We’ve been at this for two hours already.”

“Yeah, I know. Has anyone found whatever Yagiri has set up?” Masaomi asked, remembering the other thing he wanted to be done with.

“Some people have found three already. It doesn’t seem like it’s all of them though. And the Yagiri goons are still looking for Ryugamine.” Kadota continued to explain.

“They haven’t given up yet?” Masaomi sighed deeply. “Damn it, where could Mikado be hiding?”

“If we find whatever’s blocking the cell phone signals and the wireless, we could find him faster.” Kadota told him bluntly.

“Yeah but, I’ve got the Turbans looking for Mikado and it looks like Aoba is making another move. I saw some fights break out. I know my people are good, but it’s just creating a mess.” Masaomi sighed again.

“You don’t know what he’s up to?” Kadota asked Masaomi curiously.

“No. And I haven’t been able to contact Saki at all, probably because of the lack of signal.” Masaomi shook his head worriedly.

“I’ll continue looking this way. Just remember what I said.” Kadota spoke and Masaomi nodded to him. “See ya then.” They separated, hoping they could find Mikado soon.

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