Recluse in War and Life Scene 54

Mother seeks help but is worried nonetheless

“Hei… Heiwajima-san!” Anri called out with low gasps to the bartender after he had destroyed a strange van with ease.

“Huh? Who are you?” Shizuo asked, still not remembering who Anri was.

“Um… I was wondering if I could ask for your assistance.” Anri wasn’t sure if this was a good idea but she needed help right now.

“I’m looking for someone already. What more do you people want?” Shizuo asked with a glare.

“Have… Have you seen Kida-kun?” Anri tried to look somewhere else but couldn’t.

“Who’s Kida?” Shizuo asked, still not remembering Masaomi as well.

“Oh… Um… Never mind then. If you see Ryugamine-kun, please don’t let him out of your sight. Thank you.” Anri bowed a little and ran off, leaving a confused Shizuo behind. ‘Where are you Kida-kun?’

Anri continued to run around the streets. She wanted to find Masaomi, or rather, she needed to.

“Yumasaki-san! Karisawa-san!” Anri called out to the two she managed to find.

“Anri-chan! Are you looking for Mikapuu as well? We haven’t found him yet.” Karisawa asked with a smile.

“Oh, yes, but… Have you seen Kida-kun? There’s something I need to tell him and I can’t call him.” Anri spoke a bit hurriedly.

“I saw Kida-kun running up that street earlier. Do you want us to tell him whatever it is you need to tell him?” Yumasaki asked with a smile.

“No, I’ll tell him myself. Thank you.” Anri didn’t want them to move away from their search so she bowed and ran off again.

As Anri found herself in another crowd of people, she tried to find Kida by looking at people’s hair. However, the blond haired teen was nowhere to be seen. Anri continued on her way until something in the corner of her eye caught her attention. Turning to what she saw quickly, she paled.

‘Those eyes… That was…’ Anri began running to what she saw and called out, “Ryugamine-kun! Ryugamine-kun! Ryu… Mikado-kun!” but never received an answer.

Anri brought out her phone and tried to see if she had signal but the cell phone wasn’t even working. Suddenly, she grabbed her right hand and grasped both together. ‘Please remember… Please remember that I am on your side. Please!’ She looked up and took a deep breath.

Looking around once more, Anri began to run again. She had to find Masaomi and warn him. Something else was happening now.

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