Recluse in War and Life Scene 55

The Hero tries to stop everyone

[I’m fine on my own. There’s no need for everyone to go out of their way to look for me.]

[If you were fine on your own, others wouldn’t be worrying about you this much.]

[That’s right! And we’re the ones that agreed to look for you!]

[Tell us your location!]

[Let us hide you from the bad guys.]

[Then, if that’s the case…]

[Huh? Nothing more to say?]

[Did he run away?]

[What should we do now?]

[The same as we were doing?]

[That’s right! We still got the wonky machine to find!]

[Anyone else seen something weird that’s not usually there?]

Mikado coughed blood as his eyes turned to its icy color again. The blood that fell sizzled and evaporated. With an empty stare, he looked up and closed his eyes.

“I’m sorry. If this is what it takes for everyone to remain the same, then I’m willing to make a few sacrifices.” Mikado spoke to himself with a lonely tone. Opening his eyes, he looked down at the city. “I have those guys to find now. He was right. I might end up eating people…” He regretted having to make this decision, but to him, it was everything. Everything he worked hard to build.

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