Recluse in War and Life Scene 56

The Shogun becomes a personal hero

“Aoba! Where are you?!” Masaomi yelled at the top of his lungs the moment he entered the warehouse.

“No need to yell pretty boy. The boss isn’t here.” A man smiled, walking closer to Masaomi.

“Where’s Saki, you pea-brain buffoons?!” Masaomi asked, coming closer to the man.

“I’d take it easy if I were you. Wouldn’t want your pretty lady to get hurt, right?” The man smirked and motioned to someone to come closer.

“Masaomi!” Saki called out once she was in view. The man behind her held her by the arm very tightly.

“You bastards! Why is Aoba interested in making me run around in circles? This will only delay me finding Mikado!” Masaomi was getting angry.

“Yet you still chose to come here and save the girl, right?” The first man smirked at Masaomi, who began to notice the shadows moving in the darkness.

“Masaomi! They only want to find Ryugamine-kun first! So go find him!” Saki tried to get Masaomi to leave but stopped once she saw Masaomi’s glare.

“Mikado taught me a lot of things. And one of them was that nothing should come to harm the people not involved in our fights. That’s why I’m here. To teach you pea-brain scumbags that Saki is important to me, but she’s also not someone you should care about.” Masaomi brought out his yellow scarf and wrapped it around his neck.

“You’re nothing without your army, Kida!” A man in the background yelled.

“Wrong!” Masaomi quickly corrected them. “As long as you think about harming the girl I love, I’m stronger than ten armies combined!” He sounded cocky, but Saki knew better. Soon, all these people would wish they had not messed with Masaomi. That was a fact.

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