Recluse in War and Life Scene 57

The Dullahan is approached with an offer

Celty came to a screeching stop when she saw Shizuo in the distance beating up people. But what stopped her wasn’t that fact. It was the fact that Anri had run up to him and the look on the girl’s face. Anri normally didn’t have that kind of face on her. She usually never showed fear. So what could’ve scared the girl so much? And what could she possibly need to ask Shizuo?

“Celty-kun.” The man called to her from behind her with a calm tone.

“…” Celty looked back and could not answer him since her PDA wasn’t working yet.

“No, it’s quite alright. I understand that they’re making it hard for you to speak to me right now.” Shingen raised his hand to assure Celty that he knew what was happening.

“…” Celty tilted her head, hoping to convey her message.

“I had heard a rumor that you might’ve gotten your head back, is this true?” Shingen asked Celty, apparently not understanding her message.

“…” Celty resisted the urge to shake her head and simply lifted the visor of her helmet to show him she had no such thing.

“Well, Celty-kun might not even be carrying her much-searched-for head where someone could take it again. So, does Shinra have it?” Shingen asked, a tone of devilish curiosity in his voice.

[Why are you here?] Celty tried to form words with her smoke, but they were barely understandable.

“I realize that the boy was being very truthful about Yagiri Pharmacies so we’ve decided to make a move tonight. However, I need your help to make this possible.” Shingen explained, not making much sense to Celty.

[What do you need from me?] Celty asked, possibly angry with Shingen.

“It’s quite simply really. You should have no problem doing it.” Shingen smiled underneath his mask and although Celty never saw it, she still shivered slightly.

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