Recluse in War and Life Scene 58

The Other Enemy continues to seek the Hero

“Haven’t you found him yet? The area may be large, but he can’t do anything!” Namie yelled at the men inside of a black van.

“Ma’am, we’ve been trying to track him down, but there are people out there making a mess of our operation.” A man answered her, a bit fearful for his life.

“What? Who?!” Namie asked with an angry look on her face.

“The Dollars of course!” Izaya appeared from behind Namie.

“The Dollars?” Namie asked, a glared directed towards Izaya.

“A group consisting of a lot of people in our town. Also, this little colored gang called the Yellow Turbans are looking for Mikado-kun as well and it seems that another colored gang is getting in their way. That’s why I’m not surprised you haven’t found him yet.” Izaya seemed to be mocking Namie.

“Do you know where he is or are you here to rub things in my face?” Namie asked him, stepping closer to Izaya.

“Oh no. With everything down, I’ve lost all communications with my sources. But I’m sure I’ll meet him soon. The night’s not over yet.” Izaya smirked and turned around.

“So why did you come here?” Namie was suspicious of Izaya’s movements.

“To keep up appearances.” Izaya grinned and hopped out of the van before walking away. “But do be careful of Shizu-chan. I think he’s close by and looking for you guys as well.” He warned just before disappearing into the streets.

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