Recluse in War and Life Scene 59

The Rival finally moves

“The cops are running around the place trying to stop the fights between our members and the Turbans. And it looks like some Dollars people are getting into the mix as well.” A man laughed as he reported to Aoba.

“You seem to be enjoying yourself. And you can say this after being beaten by Kida-sempai, Horoda-san?” Aoba smirked towards the man, not hiding his upset mood.

“Well, that was just a minor setback. The plan hasn’t been stopped, right? We’ll find that kid before they do. Our information network hasn’t broken.” Horoda tried to remain calm but the fear in him was rising.

“Perhaps you’re a bit overconfident in your abilities. Oh well, you might still have some use.” Aoba decided to do nothing to the man in the meantime and Horoda could not stop the sigh that came out of his mouth.

“Hey boss! I just heard the kid got spotted over by the theater! And it seems like the guys searching for him are close by.” Another man came running in with the news and nearly tripped onto the floor.

Aoba gave a wide grin and looked behind to see his most trusted circle of friends.

“Looks like the show is about to start. Get everyone you can over there and make sure that both the Turbans and the Dollars see the whole thing. I’m sure it’s going to be a blast.” Aoba was almost laughing as he turned to leave.

The circle of friends behind Aoba grinned and quickly set out to follow Aoba to the scene. But what they saw there was completely unexpected to what they had in mind.

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