Recluse in War and Life Scene 60

Mother’s worst fears

This was what she tried to stop. And yet…things ended as she feared. In the most terrifying way.

“I found him! There he goes!” A man in a black suit yelled, pointing to Mikado in the distance.

Mikado flinched and paled as he turned to run away but was stopped by some unknown person.

“Don’t worry, we’ll still back you up!” The man smirked and ran towards the couple of men dressed in black with a friend.

Mikado froze as he watched the two sides wrestle and failed to notice the man closing in from behind him until a hand touched his shoulder.

“Caught you.” The man who had shown up spoke with a smirk.

With his breath stuck in his throat, Mikado could not move. Then, out of nowhere, a police officer had pinned the man on the ground and another one moved Mikado closer to their car.

“It’s okay now kid. Nothing to worry about. You’re safe now.” The second officer smiled and turned around quickly when he heard the scream of someone.

“We just want the kid. Now, hand him over or these two will get hurt further.” One of the two men in black said as he pointed his gun to the unconscious man in front of him while the other did the same.

“…” Mikado’s deep breaths had him frozen. He couldn’t move. “No…” He murmured so lowly, no one ever heard him.

“Don’t even think about it buddy.” The cop with the pinned man said with a glare while the other called for back-up.

However, nothing went as they wished. Whatever plans they had went down the drain the moment the other officer fell on the floor. And then, the gunshot was heard. The man dressed in black who was holding onto the other Samaritan fell to the floor, holding onto his arm in pain.

“What?!” The other who had done the first threat yelled before another shot was fired and he too had to hold onto his arm from the pain.

“Honestly, I don’t really care about you humans but he’ll blame himself if you people die. And I don’t want to return to you either so I can only go forward.” Mikado’s eyed changed color once more as his gaze only served to silence the crowd around them.

“Ryugamine-kun, behind you!” Anri yelled, after coming to the scene too late to stop what it was that she wished to never see again. The darkness in Mikado’s body.

“Heh.” He grinned from ear to ear from the pure joy he felt.

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