Recluse in War and Life Scene 62

The Hero and the Antagonist finally meet to create chaos

When Mikado turned around to point the gun at whoever had been behind him, he came face-to-face with none other than Izaya. He stared intently without retreating his gaze due to the shock that had also caused his eyes to revert back to normal.

“My, my. I never expected you to have this type of personality, Mikado-kun. Was it perhaps the creation from all that torturing done to you? Is it only when you feel very afraid?” Izaya asked with a wide grin, not realizing that Mikado had lowered the gun. “I must admit that it intrigues me…”

“Izaya-san…” Mikado dropped the gun, much to the sudden surprise to the rest of the crowd, and walked forward. Without breaking eye contact, Mikado extended his hands to Izaya’s cheeks, catching his attention, and, to the complete and utter shock of the rest of the people present, locked lips with Izaya.

“………!” Everyone could only gape in shock, unable to mutter a single word until Mikado separated from Izaya and a scream interrupted the silence. “NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

“Masaomi…” Mikado blushed when he saw Masaomi running towards him.

“Why, for god’s sake, WHY?! Why him of all people?! I asked you already and still hoped you were only joking but please tell me why?! How is it that of all the 7 billion people on the surface of this planet you had to choose to fall in love with Orihara Izaya?!” This speech from Masaomi helped sink in the thought that many tried not to think.

‘There’s a human being dumb enough to go for Izaya.’

“I accept!” Karisawa said from a good distance, unable to stop the nosebleed she was suffering from at the moment, after having arrived with all the people that had been searching for Mikado. Those included the Dollars, the Yellow Turbans, the Blue Squares, Namie’s goons and anyone else interested in the event.

“What are you doing? Gay or not, just capture the boy!” Namie had shown up just in time with the rest of her goons to see the whole kissing event, feeling surprised from the same thought as the others.

“Iiizaaayaaaa-kuuuun! The hell you doing in Ikebukuro? You wanna die that much, don’t you?” Shizuo appeared with an angry grin and, although initially shocked from Mikado’s move, recovered much faster the moment he remembered it was Izaya that was there.

“Oh, crap! I forgot about our problems for a second!” Masaomi looked back, failing to notice the looks between Izaya and Mikado. Although Mikado kept a blank stare and a blush, Izaya had returned to grinning.

“That’s our cue, don’t you think?” He spoke slyly and grabbed Mikado’s hand before turning around.

“Eh?” Mikado was surprised as he felt the tug and began a forced run behind Izaya just before the vending machine landed on their position. “Eh?!”

“Oh, come now, you didn’t expect me to reciprocate?” Izaya teased, loving how Mikado turned red from the expression.

“I-Izaya-san likes humans so I didn’t think…!” Mikado tried to explain as another hard object fell near them.

“Hold on! Mikado!” Masaomi tried to run after them, being careful of Shizuo. “And you people leave him alone!” He yelled at some of the men who were now being stopped by pedestrians but tried to continue on their way.

“Stop right there you louse! And let go of the kid as well so I can kill you better!” Shizuo yelled, not liking how Mikado could turn into a target if he wasn’t careful.

“Too bad Shizu-chan! This here’s an eloping!” Izaya teased Shizuo and it only served to piss him off more.

“Ryugamine-kun!” Anri had joined the chase, completely ignoring some of the men in black and Blue Square members who were running almost alongside her.

“We’re going too! Start the engine Togusacchi!” Karisawa yelled, turning to Togusa, who didn’t look too happy about this situation.

“Hey! Get Mikado away from Izaya!” Masaomi yelled to some Yellow Turbans, who tried to stop Izaya but were quickly defeated by the man’s blade.

“S-sorry!” Mikado apologized to the Yellow Turbans he jumped over and felt a chill from the scene behind him. “Shouldn’t we stop them?”

“Oh, you can try if you want but not all of them have your best interest at heart. And Shizu-chan is looking funny right now so I don’t want to stop messing around with him.” Izaya seemed to be enjoying himself, not really realizing what a mob he was forming.

“Gather the rest of the members!” Masaomi yelled to the defeated members of his gang.

“Oh, that’s right!” Anri was surprised by the sudden thought that floated into her mind. ‘Please, someone, anyone! Get Ryugamine-kun away from Izaya-san!’ And then began communications with any children in the vicinity.

“Catch up to them already!” Namie had idiotically decided to follow the mob, not realizing she could’ve done the same as Kadota and the rest, who were taking another route to follow them by car.

“This is becoming bigger than I imagined.” Aoba murmured to himself, following the mob alongside some of his members as he evaded a fight between a Yellow Turban and Blue Square.

‘This is insane…’ Some bystanders realized, watching the mob pass by them.

“Ah.” Izaya looked further in front of him to see Celty with a large scythe.

“Celty-san…” Mikado saw her and looked surprised as he saw her write something in her PDA. “Got it!” He said and began running a little faster so he could pull Izaya to the side.

“You’re leading now?” Izaya asked, curious to know what Mikado ‘got’ now.

[I apologize, but I must contain you all for a little while.] Celty wrote to the people coming towards her as Mikado and Izaya ran past by her.

“What? Celty?” Shizuo was confused as he came to a stop. Luckily for him it was just on time since Togusa’s van had run into the mob from the small street next to Shizuo.

“Whoa!” Masaomi jumped to evade the van that began rapid deceleration in front of the mob.

And just when the van was in front of the stopped mob, Celty’s shadows had finished surrounding the whole area and closed off any exits or entrances to the street.

[I did my job, so you do yours now.] Celty turned to Shingen, who was granted entrance from Celty’s shadow wall.

“Thank you Celty-kun. You guys, come in and grab those guys. Make sure Namie-jou doesn’t get away.” Shingen turned to the dozen or so men who came inside the closed off area as well.

“Yes, sir!” They obeyed him and ran towards the not-so-aggravated mob to grab all the goons Namie had brought with her.

“What’s going on?” Anri ran over to Celty, wondering what sort of help they were receiving.

“Oh, if it isn’t the daughter of the Sonoharas. How are you little miss?” Shingen asked Anri but Celty stood in between them.

[Shingen is helping us per Mikado’s wishes. Don’t worry, I’m sure Mikado knows what he’s doing. We should trust him a little.] Celty wrote to Anri without turning to Shingen.

“But…” Anri looked worried about what happened earlier, but decided to keep quiet.

“Please stop ignoring me.” Shingen tried to look at Anri as Celty turned to him.

[Stop it. I know about your relation, so don’t come near her.] Celty seemed intimidating at the moment, despite not being able to show any facial expressions.

“Very well.” Shingen raised his hands in defeat and walked away as Masaomi and Shizuo walked towards the two.

“This is all nice and good but where’s Mikado now?” Masaomi got right to the point but Celty shook her head.

[Sorry. I only told Mikado about Shingen’s plan so he could leave before I closed the area, so I don’t know where he went off to.] Celty wrote to them, seemingly apologetic for allowing Mikado to run away with Izaya.

“I don’t really care so let me leave. Those two are long gone so I can’t go and run around the city looking for that flea.” Shizuo seemed angry that Izaya got away, causing Masaomi and Anri to get closer to each other and farther away from Shizuo.

[Alright. Thanks for all your help Shizuo.] Celty nodded to him and helped him get out of her sealed area.

“I’m surprised he hadn’t gotten angry much earlier.” Masaomi simply spoke with an amazed tone.

“But, what about Ryugamine-kun?” Anri asked worriedly.

“Well, considering that little act he pulled earlier, I think he can handle his own against that Izaya bastard. Which reminds me Anri-chan, you knew about that side of Mikado, didn’t you? Why would you do such a thing like hide this from us?” Masaomi was upset with Anri, who looked sad about the whole thing.

“I didn’t want you to worry. Ryugamine-kun wants everyone to be safe. And I had promised to guard him and keep him from becoming like that.” Anri explained to them with a frown.

“That’s why you’ve been going straight home all this time?” Masaomi asked her worriedly but Celty placed her hand on his shoulder to get their attention.

[Mikado wanted to prevent there being injured people. True, I don’t enjoy this, but at the very least, no one died.] Celty reassured them and Anri smiled.

“As long as we can officially say that the war’s over, I’m fine with it. But, that means you gotta take Mikado and I’m not pleased with that.” Masaomi sighed as he spoke with a frown now.

[About that… I think we might not have to worry about it. Possibly.] Celty answered him but both Masaomi and Anri looked glum at her answer.

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