Recluse in War and Life Scene 63

The Hero escapes the Antagonists grasp for a while

“Wait, stop…” Mikado was blushing as he tried to escape Izaya’s grasp.

After getting away from Celty’s closed area, Izaya led again and brought them both to his apartment. Mikado was shy about coming in, but Izaya pulled him in and began kissing him passionately. Although Mikado was enjoying the kiss, he still felt shy about moving a step further.

“But you love me, don’t you?” Izaya seemed to be pouting yet he was grinning like a sly cat.

“I-I do… But… Can we do this another time?” Mikado asked nicely, a feeling of fear creeping up.

“You don’t want to become one with me?” By now, it was obvious to Mikado that Izaya was just teasing him.

“Izaya-san…” Mikado’s eyed gleamed a different color again and Izaya fell to the bed they had arrived to. “Damn humans. You’re too excited about this. Oh, well. You can have your day later. I’ve got a Dullahan to speak to.”

“I can’t leave him here just like that!” Mikado suddenly spoke up, his eyes returning to normal.

“Moron. Just take his keys. Humans worry about every little thing.” All of a sudden it seemed as though Mikado was speaking to himself, but this more serious personality only seemed to speak when Mikado’s eyes turned to a more icy cold color.

With a sigh, Mikado searched Izaya’s pockets until he found the house keys and took them with him. Leaving the apartment, he locked the front door and walked away with the keys in hand. After walking for what seemed to be like an hour, Mikado found himself in the streets of Ikebukuro once more.

“I thought you were with the flea, kid.” Shizuo appeared from behind Mikado, surprising the boy.

“Shizuo-san!” Mikado said surprised, his eyes turning to normal.

“I think your friends are looking for you. And you haven’t contacted Kasuka in a while. He’s worried about you. So report to him.” Shizuo ordered him and Mikado flinched.

“I…I’m sorry. You’re right.” Mikado apologized and froze when he saw someone come closer to him.

“Hey kid, come with me and take responsibility for the night we had!” The strange man didn’t seem to realize that Mikado had been talking to Shizuo.

“Hah?!” Shizuo got instantly angry and the man flew away into the sky without managing to say a word.

“You are amazing!” Mikado repeated, his eyes turning back to the icy color. “If only I’d met you before…” He snapped lowly to himself before Shizuo grabbed him by the back of the shirt and lifted him up like a kitten.

“You’re different from the kid. Where are you going? If I let you run around alone, you’ll just get into trouble.” Shizuo glared to Mikado, causing the boy to retreat back to normal.

“C-Celty-san’s place…” He replied in a whimper and saw Shizuo bring out a cigarette before lighting it.

“Alright. Then that’s where we’re going.” Shizuo simply said before walking towards Celty’s place with Mikado still in his grasp.

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