Recluse in War and Life Scene 64

The Gang of Four discuss their roles

“So what exactly was our role in all of this?” Togusa asked from behind the wheel.

“Who knows. But we probably did our job.” Kadota answered coolly, from the front passenger’s seat.

“How so?” Yumasaki asked curiously with a frown as he popped up from behind Kadota.

“Ryugamine wanted to prevent a ‘war’ because with it comes casualties. If what’s been happening until tonight can be called the ‘war’ Ryugamine was trying to prevent, then we did our part in trying to prevent it. Think about it, it could’ve ended up a lot worse with all the commotion caused by all the gangs involved.” Kadota explained to them.

“You mean since we helped Mikado-kun with recruiting?” Yumasaki asked, starting to smile now.

“The Dollars are all good people. And the Yellow Turbans listen to Kida completely. We had the upper hand this whole time. We probably didn’t do much tonight, but we’ve been helping Ryugamine up until now. That was our role.” Kadota grinned to Togusa, hoping that answer would satisfy him.

“So because no one died or got seriously injured, the war was avoided?” Karisawa asked with a smile.

“I’d like to think so. Ryugamine has been putting the blame on himself for anyone that’s gotten hurt because of what’s happened since he escaped. Ending things with tonight means that he won’t worry about the fate of the world anymore.” Kadota exaggerated a bit, causing both otakus to laugh in unison.

“Kadota-san is so manly! You’re like Mikado-kun’s big brother.” Yumasaki joked but saw Kadota blush a bit in embarrassment.

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