Recluse in War and Life Scene 65

The Dullahan is visited by the Hero after victory

“Oh, Shizuo! I didn’t expect you to show up!” Shinra answered the door to the apartment Shizuo brought Mikado to.

“I wanted to make sure Kasuka doesn’t worry about this idiot.” Shizuo answered, sounding a bit jealous that his brother was in a good relationship with Mikado.

“Mikado!” Masaomi ran to Mikado but froze once he saw that Shizuo still held his grip on the boy. “Why is Shizuo-san holding Mikado like a kitten? Could it be you actually took my advice and dumped that Izaya bastard for Shizuo-san?” Masaomi asked with an aloof grin but Shinra immediately backed away from the possible murder scene.

“What did you just say?” Shizuo’s patience began to wear off. Although Mikado had been silent the whole walk here, Masaomi just had to say something to upset him.

“Don’t.” Mikado warned, looking back at Shizuo. “That’s my friend.”

“Tch. Fine.” Shizuo agreed and calmed down, putting Mikado back on the floor.

“Thank you Shizuo-san. I promise to be of help to you as much as I can.” Mikado gave the man such a brilliant smile that he was forced to look away to hide his blush.

“Just remember to tell Kasuka that nothing happened to you.” Shizuo reminded him before leaving.

“Thanks Mikado. You saved me.” Masaomi said with a sigh.

“Welcome back Ryugamine-kun. Were you alright with being alone with Izaya-san?” Anri showed up, smiling softly at Mikado.

“Don’t worry about me Sonohara-san. But I did have to leave Izaya-san unconscious on his bed just so I could see you guys.” Mikado chuckled lightly as he grabbed Anri’s hands.

“So you dumped him?” Masaomi asked expectantly.

“Sorry Masaomi. I only came here to talk to Celty-san. Well…not really me but…” Mikado wasn’t sure how to continue.

“Does this have to do with your beautifully scary personality?” Masaomi asked, walking with both of his friends to the inside of the apartment, followed by Shinra.

“Ah… Yes… Sorry for not saying anything. Um, I finally realized why Saika wants me so much.” Mikado revealed with an embarrassed look as he sat down on Celty’s couch while still holding onto Anri’s hand. “Oh, Masaomi, Shinra-san, could you stand by the kitchen? I’d like to make sure nothing happens to the both of you.”

“Huh? What could happen?” Masaomi was confused but still followed Mikado’s request and pulled Shinra with him to the kitchen.

“Good evening, Mikado.” The voice that had been unknown to only one of the occupants in the apartment spoke up.

“Good evening Celty-san. Thank you for your assistance tonight.” Mikado smiled at Celty, who came carrying something that surprised Masaomi.

“Since when did she have her head?!” Masaomi asked from the kitchen.

“I gave it to her. Sorry Masaomi, I forgot to tell you about it.” Mikado apologized with a smile.

“Mikado.” Celty called Mikado, her true voice coming from the head she held. Everyone paid attention to her now. “You said you finally realized why Saika wants you. I also realized what brought me here and why.”

“That’s right.” As Mikado spoke, his eyes turned icy cold again. “It was because of me.”

“Huh?” Masaomi and Shinra were confused as they saw Anri raise her free hand.

“Oops. Don’t think so brat.” Mikado spoke, stopping Saika’s blade with his hand. “Sleep for a bit kid.” Suddenly, Saika’s blade disappeared and Anri stared with a shocked face at Mikado.

“What?” Anri was confused. She looked at her hands, opening and closing them, but was unable to understand what had happened.

“I just put it to sleep for a while. It’ll be awake tomorrow again. Sorry.” Mikado apologized and turned to Celty. “Anyways, Dullahan, I want to leave. I’ve seen enough of this place.”

“I knew it. You caused Mikado to get chosen as a hero.” Celty frowned but so did Mikado.

“I know. It’s my fault the kid’s suffered so much. That’s what I get for choosing such a pure soul. But it looked really white…” Mikado said, somehow in his defense. “I should apologize to you as well. The reason he’s so messed up in terms of personality is because he tapped into my own personality.” He apologized to Anri.

“Who are you?” Anri asked, realizing that the Mikado in front of her was not the Mikado she knew.

“I came down here to see how the world had changed. And before I knew it, this kid had been born and I found myself here in him. But I’m ready to go home.” Mikado said with a tired sigh.

“You still haven’t answered my original question. Who do you expect me to take? Mikado was the chosen hero, but his actions have been less than heroic.” Celty began to speak.

“Hey!” Masaomi yelled from the kitchen, feeling insulted that someone other than him made a note of Mikado’s actions.

“Sorry, but I want to know. He caused Mikado to get chosen as a hero for a war that was somehow prevented. I was called here to pick up a hero, but I don’t know who to take with me. No one died.” Celty seemed to be pouting and Shinra found it adorable.

“The real hero is the town itself. The kid wanted the Dollars to open the door to an alternate choice. If the whole town is the true hero then no one could be taken anywhere. That’s why I’m giving you a choice.” Mikado grinned, causing Celty to look confused.

“What kind of choice?” Celty looked suspiciously at Mikado, who sat up and got closer to the head in order to murmur something in its ear. The other three watched curiously as Celty turned red. “Are you serious about this?” Celty asked curiously.

“I don’t lie Dullahan. And I am that powerful. I can at least do that for you.” Mikado said as he stood up. “Now let me go home.”

“Alright.” Celty smiled and stood up, watching Mikado move the coffee table for some space. She grabbed her head with one hand and brought out her black shadow scythe with the other. “Goodbye, kami.” Celty spoke and lowered the scythe, much to Masaomi and Anri’s shock.

Mikado fell to the floor and Shinra quickly headed towards him to check on his health while Masaomi and Anri loomed over him to make sure Mikado was alright.

“What was that?!” Masaomi asked with an angry look.

“I was releasing the thing inside Mikado. It’s a little late but this was the thing that got everyone into trouble. Not that I mind much now…” Celty eyed Shinra, who grinned before running to Celty with a smile.

“Celty, my honey! You’re so cute!” Shinra hugged Celty, causing her to turn redder than earlier.

“But what was it? And what did it promise you?” Masaomi asked, keeping an eye on Anri and Mikado.

“That is…” Celty eyed Shinra again and got nervous but quickly took a deep breath. “But, that was a…how do I say this… A…”

“A…?” Masaomi, Anri and Shinra asked at the same time and the answer they received left them frozen in place for quite a while. Until Mikado woke up at least.

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