Recluse in War and Life Scene 66

How the Hero escaped to freedom

He had been planning this for months, so there was no way it would go wrong. His plan was flawless. He waited, and waited, and waited. A clock outside marked the time. It now read 12:00 on the dot. That was when all the fire sprinklers inside the building were set off by something. The guards didn’t understand why that was happening and began searching for their commanding officer. He was, however, unable to communicate with them, despite the fact that he was inside the monitor room.

Mikado opened his eyes and walked to the door of the room he was held in. Suddenly, as he approached it, the door opened to set him free. Mikado took a step outside and looked at a camera in a corner of the hallway. Looking around, he saw no one, except the other room doors that opened just as suddenly as his did.

Walking to the other rooms, he gathered the five children held in each of the rooms and headed down the hallway. Turning the corner, they met with two guards who were waiting for commands. Upon seeing the escaped children, they ran full speed towards them and were soon lying on the floor. Mikado smiled to a girl besides him and continued on his way to a certain location.

Running along all the hallways, Mikado eyed as every guard was either left unconscious or locked away in a section of the hallway. When Mikado arrived at a sealed room, he approached it and saw it unlock and open on its own. He went inside alone and grabbed a thick tube with liquid and a head inside. Walking outside, he held the head dearly and encountered more guards who were holding his friends captive. Without batting an eyelash, Mikado saw the guards faint on their own and smiled at the other children.

“We need to hurry and go out now.” Mikado spoke to the children and led them along more hallways. They ran all the way to the entrance where they were greeted by more guards and Yagiri Namie.

“You’ve been a very naughty boy. How did you manage to escape your cage?” Namie asked him with a wide grin, though she was most likely angry at the events.

“You gave me the weapon to do so. So I’ll turn it against you in order to save them.” Mikado answered her with a blank look, his eyes turning to a deep soft blue color.

“You won’t be able to escape this facility alive. Besides, even if you do, all of you are legally dead so there’s no home for you to go to.” Namie smirked, trying to convince them to return to their rooms.

“There is. As long as people are alive, they’ll always find a home to return to. And I have secured that home. Plus a possible escape route. I won’t let you get away with this anymore.” Mikado warned them as the head in his hands began to feel heavier.

[O, Chosen Hero, sing out loud the song of freedom and absolute justice. Show me your conviction!] A voice resounded in his head and Mikado screamed, just before an explosion occurred far behind him and at the very entrance doors of the facility.

With the guards and Namie unconscious and flames covering the back of the facility, Mikado smiled at the children behind him. “Let’s go to a place where we can belong.” He smiled and the children followed him out of the facility where a van and a black motorcycle were waiting. At this point, Mikado’s eyes had returned to normal.

“Get inside that van and trust the people there. They will help you be free and tell you where you can go.” He told the children as a boy looked worriedly at him. “Unfortunately, I can’t go with you. There’s someone I want to find and someone I have to meet again.”

“Good luck.” A child spoke and headed into the van with the help of the owners.

The front passenger nodded to Mikado and the van drove off in a hurry. Mikado watched them leave with a smile, somehow knowing they would be safe. He turned to the rider of the black bike and presented her the head in his hands.

“This, I believe, belongs to you. So please help me reach a certain place.” Mikado asked with a smile and Celty nodded, allowing Mikado to sit behind her. The head was placed just in between him and Celty’s back.

They rode off with a loud roar of the engine and Celty followed Mikado’s instructions. At some point, Mikado had stopped to look at the city with a curious look and began to smile. He extended his hand in the air and watched the air flow around his arm. Celty looked behind her and drove around the block, allowing Mikado to see more of the city of Ikebukuro.

“…Aya.” Mikado had whispered so lowly that Celty had thought she had imagined him speak in the first place. However, she noticed a fight of sorts being unfolded near them and stopped her bike by the side of the road. “Who is that?” Mikado asked vaguely as Celty brought out a PDA.

[The one in the fur coat is Orihara Izaya, a very cunning and dangerous man. The blond is Heiwajima Shizuo, he’s a friend of mine, but you should be careful not to cross him.] Celty replied to his question and felt him shake behind her.

“I’m scared. I don’t like this. I don’t want to be here. Masaomi…” Mikado’s eyes flashed the deep soft blue color again as he felt no reassurance from anyone could help him.

Celty drove off without thinking it twice and hurried to the location Mikado had whispered to her. When they arrived at the apartment building, Mikado got off and handed the head back to Celty again.

[O, Chosen Hero, believe and you shall prevail. O, Chosen Hero, fight in this coming war and win, for the sake of a tomorrow you can be proud of.] The head opened its eyes and smiled to Mikado. Celty quickly brought it out and gave it a tight hug.

“I’d like to speak with you, so may I have your name?” The voice came this time from the head’s mouth and Mikado nodded to her.

“Ryugamine Mikado. Celty Sturluson-san, if possible, could we talk inside? I don’t like being out here. It’s scary.” Mikado was still shaking and although Celty was surprised about him knowing her name, she nodded and followed Mikado into the apartment building. Reaching the 12th floor, Mikado took the key under the doormat and unlocked the apartment he had approached. “Please come in, Celty-san.”

Celty nodded and followed Mikado into the apartment. Despite the fact that it was Mikado’s first time out in the world, he seemed to know a lot more about things.

“This room is pretty clean. If you’ve been in that place for a long time, how is this place clean? And how is it that you know so much about where to go?” Celty asked through her head and sat down on the sofa.

“Someone I communicated with has been living here in my stead. She’ll be back soon from grocery shopping though. But, it was due to the weapon that Yagiri Pharmacies wanted to build inside me.” Mikado sat down almost across her. “I put up with it because I had nowhere else to go and it allowed me to communicate with the outside world.”

“Does it relate to how you found my e-mail address?” Celty continued with her questions and Mikado nodded, this time with one of his own.

“Celty-san, why is it that you lost your head?” Mikado asked bluntly and saw Celty frown.

“My memory is still a bit hazy, but I believe it relates to a war that will approach this city. Before I realized it, I had already lost my head and had followed it here. I don’t regret coming, but I’m worried. Inside of me is a memory that tells me to come only to a war’s end, not the beginning.” Celty answered honestly. There was something that seemed to bother her greatly.

“Heroes are chosen amongst the fallen. Though, more precisely, it should be great warriors. If that’s the case, then my being chosen must be a mistake. I can’t give a definite answer, but I’m sure your head foresaw something that made it want to come here before anything started. That’s the feeling I get when I look at it.” Mikado nodded to himself and stared at the head, his eyes flickering with their deep soft blue color.

“So you believe a war will truly come to this city?” Celty asked him and Mikado nodded again.

“I’ve been watching from the inside for a long time so I can say it with certainty. There is someone who would definitely create this war. Given the right incentive, he will create it. Unfortunately, I have the terrible feeling it’ll be my fault. That’s why I want to prevent this war as much as possible. If Ikebukuro becomes a battlefield, even you Celty-san, will feel bad about this.” Mikado looked worried, Celty could see that clearly.

“I understand. Mikado is a kind soul. But you are the chosen hero. That means I’ll be keeping an eye on you. Is that alright?” Celty asked and Mikado nodded as he stood up.

“It’s time. She’s coming home. I would’ve liked to change, but I’ll have to do so later.” Mikado told her and motioned her to follow him to the entrance.

Celty followed him curiously as the door opened to reveal a person Celty knew well. “Anri-chan?”

Anri looked shocked as the bags in her arms fell to the floor. Tears began to swell up in her eyes and she ran to hug Mikado. “Welcome home. And thank you for the other time. I would’ve done something terrible had it not been for your assistance.” Anri smiled at Mikado, who smiled back at her.

“Mikado, you’ve been out of that facility before?” Celty asked and Anri jumped, noticing Celty and her head.

“No. She’s talking about the time Celty-san and Kadota-san and his gang helped in getting rid of the slashers. I’ve been in that facility ever since the summer of my 6th grade.” Mikado explained to her, surprising both females.

“But the one who called us that time was…” Celty looked shocked. “Mikado, you’re…”

“For the sake of obtaining as much information about the outside that would help me reunite with a childhood friend who has been worried about me, I founded the Dollars. I’m sorry for not explaining it properly before. Right now, I’m still in the process of obtaining the warriors that will protect this city.” Mikado finally explained the most critical piece of information Celty needed that evening.

“I understand. The Dollars are your eyes and ears, right? Then, I’ll meet you again soon. I’d like to bring someone who will make sure your body is alright.” Celty told him and left the apartment.

“Sonohara-san, I’d like to formally present myself.” Mikado separated from her and extended his hand. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Sonohara-san. My name is Ryugamine Mikado.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you as well, Ryugamine-kun. Then, as long as I can be of help to you, would you please let me stay by your side?” Anri asked with a smile and saw Mikado frown.

“I’d prefer it if Sonohara-san would not be involved in the war as much as possible.” Mikado honestly replied as he picked up the abandoned groceries and headed inside. “But I would like you help with something else.”

“What is it?” Anri asked, hoping to be of help to him.

“I’ll properly explain things to you tomorrow, but before that I will need some clothes.” Mikado chuckled lightly and Anri laughed as well.

“I’ll buy them on the way from school tomorrow. Is there anything else?” Anri asked as she helped Mikado put away the groceries that were still good.

“There is someone I have to meet. Could you bring him here? It’s someone you know as well.” Mikado spoke with a smile and before Anri had a chance to ask who, he answered. “Kida Masaomi. He’s in your class, right?”

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