Recluse in War and Life Scene 68

The Hero celebrates with his closest Allies

“How are things now?” Kadota asked Mikado as they sat inside a sushi place.

“They’re good. Shinra-san brought me the school transfer papers this morning and they should go through by the end of the week.” Mikado answered with a smile and brought out his cell phone.

“That’s right! By Friday, Mikado and I will be classmates!” Masaomi sounded excited about that fact.

“But you’re planning on moving with Iza-Iza, right Mikapuu?” Karisawa asked excitedly.

“Ah, no… I’m still going to live with Sonohara-san…” Mikado blushed, embarrassed by the fact that Karisawa refused to let up on his relationship with Izaya.

“What? That’s not right! If you’re lovey-dovey lovers now, then it’s only right that you move in together!” Karisawa was relentless.

“No! Mikado’s not moving in with Izaya as long as I can stop it!” Masaomi slammed his fist on the table.

“Fighting no good.” Simon arrived to hand them their orders and they calmed down a bit.

“Masaomi.” Saki arrived with a smile and gave her order to Simon.

“Saki!” Masaomi cheered and made space for Saki next to him.

“Hello Mikajima-san. Thank you for always taking care of Masaomi.” Mikado greeted Saki with a small bow and put his cell phone away.

“The same goes for me. Nice to meet you, Mikado-kun.” Saki smiled at Mikado in return.

“Excuse me…” A man appeared at their party, followed by an angry Shizuo.

“Kasuka-san! I’m so glad you could make it.” Mikado beamed cheerfulness as the man went around the table with Shizuo while leaving the rest of the group in shock.

“I tried my best to be able to. Ruri-san wasn’t able to, but she’d like for you to come visit sometime.” Heiwajima Kasuka spoke aloofly to Mikado, while the rest had yet to reel in from the shock.

“Ah, then next time we can do that together.” Mikado smiled shyly while eyeing Shizuo only for a moment.

“Very well.” Kasuka nodded and, although he didn’t show it, felt happy about talking with Mikado.

“Ah…” Masaomi began, his mouth moving to form words.

“Masaomi.” Mikado shut Masaomi’s mouth with his gaze.

“Got it.” Masaomi nodded as did the rest, completely understanding what Mikado warned them about.

“What are you two going to do together?” Anri asked with a deep blush causing Karisawa to try and hold back a nosebleed.

“Oh! Nothing like that! Just…we wanted to bake a cake together.” Mikado was embarrassed for having said that but soon heard Masaomi and Yumasaki laughing.

“Oh, Mikado, you don’t stop being so cute, don’t you?” Masaomi stretched his hand and pet Mikado.

“You’re pretty well liked, aren’t you Shizuo?” Kadota asked Shizuo but only received a gruff in return. However, Kadota noticed the blush the man was hiding.

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