Recluse in War and Life Scene 69

The Weird Couple meets with the Dullahan

After the doorbell rang, Shinra opened the door to see Seiji and Mika. With a frown, he let them into the apartment. The two followed the doctor to the living room where Celty and Mikado were waiting for them. On top of Celty’s lap, nested in between her hands, was her head.

“Hello again Yagiri-kun.” Mikado tried smiling at Seiji.

“I figured you might try to stop me. You always told me I was obsessed.” Seiji frowned at Mikado but hadn’t tried to take the head away from Celty.

“No, I’m just here to watch over you. So things don’t get out of hand.” Mikado said and stood up to help Shinra make some tea.

“I see…” Seiji was surprised but sat down on the couch Mikado had abandoned, along with Mika.

“How do you feel about me now? Or rather my head?” Celty asked, using her head as a medium and Mika froze, surprised by the voice Celty originally owned.

“I still love you. I want you with me. By my side.” Seiji said seriously, not realizing that Mika had let go of his arm.

“And what are you willing to lose in exchange?” Celty asked just as seriously, surprising Seiji.

“Celty is so cool right now!” Shinra murmured from the kitchen, wanting to jump Celty right there.

“Shinra-san, please quiet down.” Mikado reminded him and Shinra nodded, going back to what they were doing.

“What exactly do you mean by that?” Seiji asked her as Mikado brought him and Mika the tea.

“I lost my head in order to help Mikado and meet Shinra. What will you lose to gain my head after I only got it back? It’s thanks to this head that I was able to do everything I needed. Why should I even give it to you?” Celty asked, a deep gaze penetrating Seiji.

Mikado and Shinra remained quiet, but Mikado noticed that Mika had been slowly moving away from Seiji. He frowned but decided to stick to watching over Seiji.

“Why must I not receive it even though I love it so much?!” Seiji demanded to know.

“You have yet to see…” Celty frowned and looked away for a second.

“See what? My love is pure so I must have her!” Seiji yelled, failing to notice the Mika was at the edge of the sofa by now.

“I am not a thing to own!” Celty yelled at him with a deep glare and Mika stood up quickly.

“Mika?” Seiji asked her, finally noticing that Mika had not only let go of his arm but had separated from him.

“I’m sorry Seiji-san. Celty-san is right. I only want Seiji-san to be happy. But I won’t ever stop loving Seiji-san.” Mika was in tears before she ran out of the room. Seiji was left dumbstruck until Mikado stepped in by clapping.

“Congratulations on passing the test, Yagiri-kun.” Mikado said with a smile and Seiji turned to look at him, the confusion as plain as day on his face. “You see, Celty-san doesn’t mind leaving her head with you until you die. Shinra-san will continue to love Celty-san with or without her head. And the two have been promised a good eternal life together, so waiting a few decades won’t matter.”

“What?” Seiji still remained confused.

“You gained the head you always wanted Yagiri-kun. And because you would gain it, it’s obvious Harima-san didn’t need to be by your side any longer. So in exchange for obtaining the head, we helped you terminate your relationship with Harima-san.” Mikado’s smile sent shivers down and up Seiji’s spine.

“Please take care of my important self.” Celty stood up and smiled at Seiji as she extended her head to him.

“I…” Seiji extended his hand to take the head but had stopped himself. He stood still for a few seconds before bolting out of the apartment.

Mikado watched Celty fall to the floor and clutch her head tightly. Shinra walked over to her and gave her a hug as well.

“I’m glad it went okay, Celty-san.” Mikado smiled, taking one of the tea cups to sip out of.

“You weren’t sure it would go your way, right?” Celty asked Mikado worriedly.

“I hoped for the best. And now Sonohara-san and Masaomi will rest easy once I tell them.” Mikado finished the tea and took the other cup to the kitchen. “I’ll be out of your hair now. Have fun.” He waved them goodbye and left the apartment, leaving the happy couple alone.

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