Recluse in War and Life Scene 70

The Rival turns into an Enemy

“What are you planning on doing with Aoba?” Masaomi asked as he played a new game with Mikado.

“I haven’t decided yet. Aoba-kun is probably angry for being used so much, although I did warn him it would happen.” Mikado smiled and groaned after feeling another defeat from Masaomi.

“His people are still bothering mine and they want revenge for that night. You sure you’re really okay with going to school so fast?” Masaomi asked worriedly as he prepared for the next round.

“Kasuka-san has been preparing me for this. That’s why we’ve communicated for so long. Oh, by the way, he said you’re welcome to visit him with me next week when I go to his place.” Mikado said, trying hard not to lose the round.

“I’ll go! I wanna keep an eye on you to make sure you don’t blow up anything in your little bake date.” Masaomi said with a grin, cheering from his win again.

“May I go as well?” Anri asked, sitting behind them as she worked on homework.

“Of course! I want Sonohara-san to be there as well!” Mikado said with a smile. “I’d like for you both and Shizuo-san to get along just as well as me and Kasuka-san.”

“You want us to make friends with Shizuo-san?!” Masaomi froze and lost the next round.

“Ah.” Mikado stopped and looked at the door. “Well, I wasn’t expecting to use the room much anymore but I guess I subconsciously still do…” He murmured to himself, letting go of the controller.

“What’s wrong Mikado?” Masaomi asked curiously.

“Well, we already spoke about him but Aoba-kun is in front of the apartment.” Mikado said as he stood up while the doorbell rang.

“Seriously?” Masaomi asked, following Mikado to the door.

“Hello, I heard you would become my sempai for real soon.” Aoba commented the moment that Mikado opened the door.

“Oh, really? But you aren’t visiting me just to say that, right?” Mikado asked the boy, a small feeling of surprise hitting him.

“I’m here to declare war on you. I’ll make sure both you and Orihara Izaya regret using me as a pawn like that.” Aoba said seriously and turned around to leave.

“War?” Mikado was shocked and felt upset.

“See you tomorrow at school, Mikado-sempai.” Aoba grinned and walked away.

“War?” Mikado repeated, his body slightly trembling.

“Don’t worry Mikado. Me and Anri-chan are with you. As is the Dollars and the Turbans. Plus, you have that Izaya bastard as well, despite his defects.” Masaomi grinned as he slapped Mikado on his back while Anri came with a duffel bag.

“Here. You should go soon. You promised Izaya-san you’d spend the night, right?” Anri asked him with a smile, handing the bag to Mikado.

“Yeah… Thanks Masaomi, Sonohara-san…” Mikado smiled, relief filling him. “I’ll see you tomorrow at school. And Masaomi? Next time I’m winning the round.”

“Street Fighter isn’t a game you can win just by button smashing!” Masaomi retorted as he saw Mikado run off.

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