Recluse in War and Life Scene 71

The Hero experiences a normal morning

The sound of an alarm resounded all over the apartment, causing the two bodies under the covers to wake. Though they seemed to be ignoring the sound, it became unbearable to one of the two.

“Why is there an alarm ringing in my room? I don’t have an alarm.” Izaya grumbled, feeling Mikado cuddle closer to him.

“I brought it with me so I could wake up early for school.” Mikado answered without opening his eyes.

“You’ve got an internal clock that’s always accurate. Why do you need an alarm?” Izaya asked, hoping the alarm would shut up soon.

“So I can have a normal high school experience.” Mikado answered, knowing a minute would be up soon.

“Normal high school students don’t have older lovers.” Izaya smirked, feeling relief that the alarm had gone out now.

“Yes they do.” Mikado smiled, hiding a chuckle.

“Normal high school students don’t have me for a lover.” Izaya revised his statement to Mikado and rolled his body so he could be looming over the younger boy.

“It doesn’t stop me from seeking a normal high school experience though.” Mikado looked up at Izaya who soon began to kiss his neck.

“Then be late to school. That’s what a normal high school student does.” Izaya murmured into Mikado’s ear, earning a small moan from the boy. And then, Izaya fell back on the bed, right where he had been before. “Go on. You got to take a bath first, right? Wouldn’t want to be late for your first day of school.”

“…!” Mikado was speechless, a blush covering his face as he sat up. He took a deep breath and moved to the edge of the bed.

“Nothing to say? That’s so boring!” Izaya mocked Mikado, noticing how the boy tried to hide his lower half while looking for his change of clothes.

When Mikado was inside the bathroom, he glanced back at Izaya and gave him a sly smile. With an extremely slight shiver, Izaya watched the bathroom door close. A few minutes passed until Izaya heard Mikado’s voice calling out to him. And it continued for about five minutes before silence fell and in another five minutes, Mikado emerged from the bathroom, a smile on his face.

“You can use the bathroom now Izaya-san. I’ll go make breakfast.” He said before heading to the kitchen outside.

“A good low blow Mikado-kun. You win this round it seems.” Izaya murmured, wiping the blood that had fallen from his nose.

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