Recluse in War and Life Scene 72

The Hero finds himself surrounded by weirdoes

“You’re late!” Masaomi yelled at Mikado once the boy reached the gates of the school.

“Why is Izaya-san here?” Anri asked curiously, worried about the man being at the school.

“I came to see Mikado-kun off. But I might stick around for a while.” Izaya grinned, placing a hand around Mikado’s shoulder but the boy grabbed the hand.

“You don’t need to stay Izaya-san! Just go home and work!” Mikado felt embarrassed about the man staying, already noticing the stares he was getting.

“Anyways, your two guardians are inside so we should go in too.” Masaomi grabbed Mikado’s hand and pulled him into the school with him while Anri and Izaya followed suit.

Once inside, they headed to the teacher’s lounge and met up with Shinra and Celty. Mikado seemed surprised, not believing for a second that Celty had indeed come to his school.

“Hello Mikado-kun! Ah, I see Orihara-kun followed you to school.” Shinra walked towards Mikado, along with Celty.

[Are you okay with him? As your ppppppparent, I’m worried about you.] Celty wrote to Mikado, making the boy smile.

“And why are you all the way inside the school, Izaya?” Shinra asked, turning his attention to Izaya while Celty handed some paperwork to Mikado.

“For this.” Izaya grabbed Mikado and placed a deep kiss on him.

“Izaya-san!” Mikado separated from Izaya, a blush on his face while the whole faculty was left in shock.

“See ya later!” Izaya grinned aloofly and ran off with a smile.

“May I cut him sometime?” Anri asked, looking down at the piece of Saika that stood out from her hand.

“No! It’s okay Sonohara-san! Please don’t worry so much.” Mikado tried to calm her down while Masaomi pouted next to Celty. “Besides, he’ll get his soon.” He hid a dark smile while murmuring that to himself.

“This is not the kind of first impression I was hoping Mikado would have!” Masaomi said, causing Mikado to try and calm him down as well.

“Ha ha ha! That’s a student’s school life for you!” Shinra laughed at the whole ordeal while Celty acted embarrassed, looking the most normal out of the whole group.

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