Recluse in War and Life Scene 73

A day in the recluse’s new life

After his chaotic first day, Mikado, Masaomi and Anri walked side-by-side home. However, on the way, they saw Shizuo in the distance and Mikado’s friends froze. Mikado smiled as Shizuo turned to look at the boy.

“Hey, Mikado.” Shizuo called Mikado over and the boy, like an obedient puppy, quickly walked over to his side, much to Masaomi’s displeasure. “Stay still.” He ordered and placed his hand on Mikado’s head so he would continue to face him. Then, with no warning whatsoever, he lowered his body to place a soft kiss on the boy’s lips.

As a shocked trio of friends froze into place, a swish of a knife was heard. Shizuo had already stepped back to avoid the knife and Izaya took Mikado a few feet away from Shizuo before giving him a thorough kiss on the lips. Masaomi and Anri could only watch this event unfold in front of them.

“Izaya-san, you wanted a kiss from Shizuo-san?” Mikado asked innocently, tilting his head to the side a bit.

“Ew! No!” He quickly began to wipe his mouth, not realizing what Shizuo was grabbing in the background.

“You didn’t want to kiss me?” Mikado now asked, tilting his head to the other side.

“No, that’s not it!” Izaya got closer to Mikado with a sort of apologetic look on his face, causing Mikado to smile.

“Izaya-san…” Mikado now pulled Izaya closer to him and gave him a soft yet long kiss on the lips. Once he had enough, Mikado separated and took a step back to face the happy Izaya. “Good bye.” He finally said with a smile and a wave of his hand before Izaya flew a few feet to the left.

“Shi…Shizu-chan… I forgot you were there…” Izaya said, getting back up from the floor while eyeing the playful looking Mikado. “I also seemed to have forgotten your personality, Mikado-kun.”

“I love Izaya-san, but Shizuo-san is my friend and I promised to help him whenever I can. Plus, that’s for the kiss this morning at school.” Mikado said innocently, walking back to Masaomi and Anri. “Masaomi, Sonohara-san, shall we go?” He asked his shocked friends as Shizuo began to chase Izaya like normal.

“Mikado, sometimes I wonder which friend I know better.” Masaomi shook his head with a frown.

“Don’t worry, Masaomi. Both of us like you equally.” Mikado joked with a smile, causing Masaomi to grin.

“That’s it! I got you to tell a joke! This is awesome! See that, Anri-chan? Even the serious Mikado can crack jokes! I have to tell this to Saki!” He grabbed his phone and began dialing a number. “We’re going to Russian Sushi to celebrate! Ah, Saki? I got great news!”

“It figures Masaomi is still that type of person.” Mikado laughed and extended his hand to Anri, his eyes flashing its power version for a second. “Shall we Sonohara-san? After all, I need to visit Izaya-san later tonight to console him.”

“Of course. But please be careful.” Anri smiled and took his hand, not worrying at all for Mikado’s safety when her hand touched his.

“Alright, but don’t wait up for me.” Mikado winked at her, causing her to blush and lower her head.

“What this? Mikado and Anri-chan are having some lovey-dovey time without me? I want love too!” Masaomi turned around to hug them and held them by their shoulders as they continued their journey to Russian Sushi. The crashes in the background seemed to be getting more and more distant by the step and to them, there was nothing wrong with that.

Recluse in Life and War END

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