Recluse in War and Life Extra: Transmission

Transmission from another plane of existence

“Huff… Huff…” Her breath was hard and fast but that was the least of her problems. She needed to get there in time, otherwise…

She fell to the ground and quickly got back up. Looking at the hour marked on the watch on her wrist, she felt a light chill. She needed to hurry and reach the place, otherwise…

“Ryugamine-kun!” She screamed out the name the instant she walked into the convenience store.

“Sonohara-san. Good evening.” The male of the same age as her smiled towards her as she quickly walked up to him and grabbed his shoulders.

“Ryugamine-kun, why are you outside?! Does Kida-kun know you’re here?” She asked, trying to get information from him as quickly as possible. Feeling another chill, she quickly looked behind her but only saw the people in the store looking at her.

“Masaomi? I don’t think he does. I kinda left on a spur of the moment. I wanted to get some snacks.” He spoke with a grin and tried to grab a snack from the rack.

“Ryugamine-kun, please don’t go out on your own like this. If you really want to go out just tell Kida-kun and have him accompany you. For now, I’ll stay with you. If I hadn’t heard from the children about you…” She went pale as she watched him do his shopping.

“Thanks Sonohara-san. You think Masaomi will like this?” He showed her a snack with a smile, causing her to sigh.

“I’m sure he will.” Was her response as he finished making his selection and headed to the register to pay. Pretty soon, both left the convenience store but met a person on a black bike.

“Celty-san? You called her?” He asked his friend with a frown.

“I’m sorry. I thought she should know.” She apologized with a downward gaze but he quickly put his hand on her shoulder.

“Alright, I’m sorry. Are you going to take me home, Celty-san?” He asked with a soft smile and received a nod from the person on the black bike.

“I’ll have to part with you for now, Ryugamine-kun. The children have informed me of some things I’ll need to take care of.” She told him with an apologetic look.

“Do you need me to support you?” He quickly asked with a worried look just as he was getting on the black bike.

“No, I’ll be alright. If I need you, I’ll send you a message.” She bowed to him and ran off into the crowd.

Suddenly, a helmet formed on his head and he smiled at the rider. Grabbing hold of the rider’s body he prepared to be driven off but suddenly heard a voice calling his name.

“Mikado!” Both him and the rider looked to the other side of the street and saw a man running towards them. The rider froze but quickly rode off just before he reached them.

“Celty-san? Why are we running away from Shizuo-san?” He asked with a frown and saw the rider shake its head. Then…he grinned. “Oh, well. I’m sure you’re just worried about me, but Celty-san… Shizuo-san is one of my pieces. I’ll love him a whole lot and then… I’ll make sure Orihara Izaya dies with his help.” His eyes were blue and he seemed cold but the rider didn’t respond in return.

… … …

“He went out?!” The male with the yellow scarf screamed in shock as he walked alongside the girl with the black outfit. “But you sent him back home right?”

“Yes. I asked Celty-san to take him home for me. Also, I think Ryugamine-kun saw Heiwajima-san. One of the children witnessed him running towards him and Celty-san. If so…” She feared speaking the rest.

“I know. He’ll awaken that desire to kill Orihara Izaya.” He sighed and shook his head. “If only that man hadn’t done that to Mikado, both he and Shizuo-san would be living peaceful lives right now.”

They paused their talk when both received a message. Wondering what it could be, they looked shocked when they saw the contents. They looked at each other and nodded in silent agreement.

Transmission Interrupted
Forced END

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