Recluse in War and Life Timeline

Timeline of Recluse in War and Life based of the non-offical fanmade by anni_fiesta over in LiveJournal.

Year -19

  • A door opens and a dragon falls from the heavens in order to see how humanity has changed.
  • Celty, feeling the dragon fall and the consequences of it falling, has her head taken by accident.

Year -15

  • Mikado is born with a pure white soul which attracts the dragon into taking Mikado as host, but the boy in unaware of its existence.

Year -5

  • A week before summer vacation begins: Masaomi moves away to Ikebukuro.
  • The day summer vacation begins: Mikado’s parents are killed in a car accident caused by Yagiri Pharmacies (YP). Mikado is “adopted” by YP soon after.
  • YP begins using Mikado in an experiment to create a weapon that can transmit its electric signals over anything. Mikado remains in YP due to still being alive, despite not showing signs of progress, and keeps his power hidden from Namie.
  • October: Izaya takes a job by YP and sees Mikado for the first time. The meeting causes the first change in Mikado, who wishes to see Izaya again. Seiji, who feels a connection between Mikado and Celty’s head, wishes to see Mikado again as well.

Year -3

  • Masaomi creates the Yellow Turbans (YT) after learning about Mikado’s disappearance from his home town. After venting out his anger, he receives a message from Mikado that tells him to stop fighting.
  • Masaomi and Mikado begin conversing over the net and Mikado assures Masaomi that he’ll find a way to meet up with him again. Soon after, Mikado founds the Dollars to obtain information and begins to plan his escape.
  • Izaya, who hears about the Dollars, is surprised to receive an invitation from the admin.
  • Mikado begins to recruit people from Ikebukuro to the Dollars and by chance, invites Shizuo.

Year -1

  • On New Years, Mikado hears Celty’s voice for the first time. He realizes something will happen and wishes to avoid the so called war.
  • Mikado notices Anri from the many people and feels an attraction to her. He hears about the Slashers and with the help of Kadota and Celty (contacted thru as the Dollars admin), saves Anri and gains her trust. He begins to communicate with the girl on a daily basis. He gives her a new apartment and asks that she wait for him there.
  • Aoba, who realizes how lax things seem in Ikebukuro, decides to gather people in order to form the Blue Squares (BS). He obtains a gang that completely obeys him by allowing them to obtain a higher position inside the gang through fights between each other. His goal is to raise powerful members that will win unconditionally against the YTs.
  • End of May: Mikado contacts Celty as well as Kadota and his gang as Tanaka Taro and the Dollars admin respectively. In order to gain Celty’s skills in his escape plan, he indicates that he will give Celty her head.
  • He explains to Kadota that Ikebukuro will become a battleground, possibly due to him, and asks for his help. In order to gain his trust, Mikado sends classified information he stole from YP to Kadota. Kadota then decides to help him however he needs, including finding more members for the Dollars.
  • On October, without contacting Masaomi, Mikado breaks out of YP and brings with him the other five test subjects he considers his siblings. He sends them, with Kadota’s help, to the country side where YP will not find them and sends them periodically some money in order to aid them.
    • Mikado sees Izaya and Shizuo from afar and becomes scared when he notices how many people are watching the two fight. Celty brings Mikado to an apartment he obtained and realizes that Mikado is the reason why she had lost her head and had come to Ikebukuro. The two talk and decide to take things slow but keep each other in the loop of things.
    • Anri and Mikado meet as Celty leaves the apartment. Celty realizes that Mikado is the Dollars admin when Anri thanks Mikado for helping her find a home.
    • Mikado begins to search information about Shizuo as his fight remains in his mind and learns about Kasuka.
  • Anri approaches Masaomi, who had built up an interest in her, the next day at school and tells him that Mikado is now safe. Mikado then sends a mail to Masaomi in order for them to meet the same day after classes.
    • Masaomi reunites with Mikado and the two discuss everything that has happen until that moment and about everything that will happen soon. Mikado then asks that Masaomi uses his gang to support Dollars, which he describes as the town’s news board that mustn’t raise a fist. Masaomi agrees, however, he decides not to tell his gang in order to keep the Dollars as a mysterious existence, which he calls romantic.
    • Namie realizes that the experiment with Mikado was a success and gets Izaya to obtain information on the boy’s whereabouts.
  • Izaya, without knowing the true details of Mikado’s experiments, finds Mikado within a week but decides to find out why YP is so interested in him before that. He tells Namie that Mikado is no longer in Ikebukuro and by using the information about Celty’s head, decides to start a war just so he could bring Mikado out of hiding and see what would happen.
  • Mikado, through spying on Izaya, learns of his plans and begins to build a supercomputer in order to maintain a network of information.
  • Upon learning about the disappearance of Celty’s head, Seiji tells Mika (who had recently moved to Ikebukuro in the summer) that if she wants to be with him it would only be as a replacement for the head. Mika, with a beautiful illustration of Celty’s head done by Seiji, gets an operation to change her face. Seiji accepts her love and wonders where Mikado is.
  • December: Mikado finally begins contact with Kasuka and the two begin to learn from each other. They talk about Shizuo, Mikado, of the things that might happen in the future, and how Mikado can survive once everything is finished.
  • The next day, by coincidence, a man who is recruited by YP moves into the apartment two doors down from Mikado and greets his neighbors. When Mikado meets him, they originally don’t know each other but Mikado begins to attack him, showing Anri for the first time, his evil side. After this, Anri makes the man into one of her children and promises Mikado to guard him from anything that might force him into a corner.

Year 0

  • Aoba becomes interested in the Dollars, the more he hears about them and is approached by Izaya who wishes to use Aoba’s gang to bring out Mikado out of hiding. Aoba is intrigued by the fact that the Dollars leader doesn’t go out and agrees to participate in Izaya’s game.
  • START: End of May: War begins to surface in the minds of the residents as Izaya and Aoba compete to bring out Mikado.
  • Izaya’s move (First night):
    • Shizuo, who had been attacked by YT due to a misunderstanding and a sudden new rumor, is stopped by Masaomi and Celty, who proceeds to talk enigmatically about a war that will soon fall upon Ikebukuro and hopes that he will help them.
    • Masaomi holds a meeting in order to explain Mikado’s plan. His members accept it without problem.
    • Izaya, whose first attempt is stopped, hands the baton to Aoba while preparing his next move by bringing in Saki into the picture.
  • Aoba’s move (Second night):
    • Aoba, who had previously followed Anri home at one time, makes his move by ordering part of his gang to fight against the YT while he visits Mikado who had purposely left himself alone so Aoba would approach him. He tries to persuade Aoba to stop his plan with Izaya but is forced to show part of his true self to Aoba who threatened to hurt Anri and Masaomi.
    • Masaomi and Anri get angry with Mikado and make him promise to not connect for a while as punishment but allowed him to talk to Kasuka through text messages, though they do not know who it is that Mikado communicated with.
    • Aoba tries to get Izaya to reveal his information about Mikado but Izaya warns the boy not get carried away. Aoba tries to pass the baton but is told to continue.
    • Mikado, while asleep, subconsciously overhears Izaya’s speech and wakes up the next day with a blush on his face because Izaya still remembered him.
  • Izaya’s move (Next week – Third night):
    • While Mikado is gone, Izaya instigates some low level BS members to shoot and then run over Shizuo in order for them to be allowed into a mafia.
    • Mikado, who likes to watch the outside, completely freaks out and Anri quickly calls Kadota who coincidently was close by after doing a previous errand for Mikado.
    • Anri calls Celty and tells her Shizuo’s location and Celty quickly takes Shizuo to Shinra who quickly begins to treat Shizuo in order to calm Mikado. Masaomi, who is called after Celty, goes to her apartment to obtain information on Shizuo.
    • While no one notices the outside, Mikado begins to send out the message, still looping the images he saw in his mind. Once Shizuo wakes up, after a whole hour, Masaomi returns to Mikado. Shizuo, in his sedated state, sees Celty’s head smiling at him.
    • Once back, Masaomi manages to convince Mikado that Shizuo is fine and Mikado hides in a corner to apologize to Kasuka, who manages to get Mikado’s address in order for the boy to apologize to Shizuo himself.
  • Three days later, Mikado mostly explains everything to Shizuo, who maintains calm but agrees that Izaya should die. Shortly after, Masaomi and Anri arrive to hear the story as well.
  • Period undisclosed:
    • Kadota passes a normal evening and remembers how it came to be.
    • Seiji and Mika pass a normal evening in bliss but Seiji mentions to Celty that he still wants her head, despite being with Mika.
    • Namie gets frustrated for not having enough test subjects to try and recreate Mikado’s success.
  • Aoba meets with Izaya and finishes the testing ground for a new battle.
  • Aoba’s move (~15th – Fourth night):
    • Fights break out between YT and BS all over the city after BS attack Dollars members.
    • Celty is chased by biker gangs for a phantom reward supposedly set up by Nebula.
  • Aoba’s second move (Three nights later – Fifth night):
    • Same as Fourth night, however, Aoba adds cops to chase Celty and kidnaps Anri.
    • Mikado, who freaks at not being able to find Anri anywhere get angry.
    • Anri wakes up to be told what is happening and fears for everyone’s safety. She escapes to calm down Mikado, who had turned off all the lights in the city and prevented any sort of communications. (Once they return, Anri contacts the nearest Saika child)
    • Namie realizes Mikado is in Ikebukuro and decides to use this to contact Izaya and also to find the hidden Mikado who must be the only one with lights during the whole thing.
    • Shingen arrives at Mikado’s place by chance and gets into the apartment after one of Saika’s children (who lives in the same apartment building) goes in to check on Mikado. After speaking, Shingen agrees to try and help Mikado in exchange for learning about Mikado.
  • The following morning of the Fifth night, Shinra learns about his father’s visit and reports about Mikado’s blood work. On the same day, Aoba goes to Izaya’s place to learn about Anri.
  • Two days later, Seiji and Mika arrive at Mikado’s apartment and agree to remain quiet about his location as long as Mikado reveals the location of Celty’s head in the end. Mikado completes a secret favor with Seiji and hands him a bottle of wine from Ireland he obtained.
  • End of June: Mikado contacts his five “siblings” through text messages and one warns him of oncoming disaster.
  • First week of July (Monday): Izaya’s move (Sixth night):
    • Masaomi and Anri stay behind late after school. Afterwards the two go out to buy a belated birthday presented for Mikado under the guise of a present for Saki.
    • Namie moves a group of her people and sets up vans all over the city to make a net that prevents different frequencies from working. All different types of electronics stop working in a radius and all radiuses interconnect to focus on Mikado’s apartment. As an added protection, all wireless signals are also jammed.
    • Mikado, who had been napping, wakes up to silence and after a phone call, realizes that Namie is closing in on him. With no other option, Mikado leaves and takes a bag with a small laptop, a book about mythology (that he used for research to learn about Celty) and his cell phone. Since his own phone couldn’t be used, he contacted Celty using his neighbor’s phone.
    • At the same time, Celty was conversing with Shizuo before she received Mikado’s call and immediately looks for Mikado at his apartment. She gives Shizuo the task of finding and destroying the net that Namie placed.
    • Aoba and his group put a plan to separate Izaya from Mikado as much as possible in order for them to catch Mikado before Izaya meets him. The BS begins picking fights with the YT in order to create more chaos and kidnap Saki.
    • Seiji and Mika remain as always and don’t get involved in the events.
    • Once Kadota and gang realize what’s happening they formulate a plan to find Mikado. Karisawa and Yumasaki leave a note on the forum asking others to help find Mikado before logging out, not realizing that Izaya also logged on and instigated people to help Mikado and stop Namie’s net.
    • Anri and Masaomi realize what’s happening and separate to find Mikado with Masaomi going to ask his gang for help. Masaomi is unable to reach Saki in all the chaos.
    • Mikado, who is saved by members of Dollars, freaks out and looks for a way to communicate with the forum.
    • At the same time, Anri learns that the BS has taken Saki and is trying to find Masaomi but bumps into Shizuo (who still can’t remember her) and Yumasaki and Karisawa instead.
    • At the same time, Celty is approached by Shingen with the final plan for stopping YP.
    • Afterwards, Anri sees Mikado and realizes he’s angry because of the Dollars and is unable to stop him. Mikado then finds a satellite dish and blocks all internet access.
    • Masaomi, after hearing about Saki from Anri, goes to save her.
    • Izaya stops by to warn Namie about Shizuo and explain what else is happening.
    • Mikado is spotted by the BS and Aoba tries to gather everyone to his location.
    • At the same time, Namie’s goons find Mikado, as well as some Dollars members and the police. A fight ensues and a Dollars member is hurt, causing Mikado to snap and the dragon inside Mikado wakes up to stop everything.
    • Izaya arrives at that moment and the two finally meet once more. As the rest of the people looking for Mikado arrive, they are shocked to see Mikado kiss Izaya.
    • Once everyone regains their senses, Shizuo tries to kill Izaya and Namie tries to capture Mikado but the two begin escaping, creating a horde of people following them.
    • Celty arrives to follow Shingen’s plan and seal off everyone in one area, allowing Mikado and Izaya to escape beforehand. With the area sealed off, Shingen’s people go in to capture all the YP people. Namie’s whereabouts remain unknown.
    • Izaya tries to have Mikado but the dragon inside him stops him in order to see Celty and become free. Mikado heads over to Celty’s place and bumps into Shizuo who takes him there, realizing there’s something different about Mikado. At Celty’s place, the dragon inside Mikado becomes free and Mikado returns to Izaya’s place to spend the night and releases the block he placed on the internet.
    • At the same time, Kadota and gang discuss their roles in the war.
  • The next day (Tuesday), Shinra brings Mikado’s adoption papers and his enrollment to Raira papers.
    • Kadota and gang reunite with Mikado, Masaomi and Anri at Simon’s to see how things are now that they finished. Saki appears after being invited by Masaomi. Kasuka is invited by Mikado and Shizuo comes in order to protect Kasuka.
  • The next day (Wednesday), after receiving a message from Mikado, Seiji and Mika arrive at Celty’s apartment. There, Mikado tests the relationship of the two by letting Celty offer her head to Seiji. Mika leaves the apartment, realizing that she would not be needed anymore. Although he is offered the head, Seiji rejects it and runs after Mika.
  • The next day (Thursday), Aoba arrives at Mikado’s apartment once more to declare war at him.
    • Mikado spends the night at Izaya’s.
  • The next day (Friday), Mikado and Izaya head to the school where they meet Masaomi and Anri. Celty and Shinra are there to hand the completed paperwork and Izaya takes the opportunity to warn the teachers that Mikado and he are lovers.
    • In the afternoon, Mikado contacts Shizuo so the man could attack Izaya as revenge for what he did in the school.
  • The future remains to be seen.

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