Gold is the color I love

Summary: It starts with a small random question from the older fake blond that inspires curiosity on the younger fake blond. Then there’s the stalker Izaya involved as well.
Pairings: szms + izmk
Rating: T
Genre: Romance / Drama
Story Type: School!AU
Setting: The trio and the previous Raira generation all go together to school. Also, you might want to look for the Durarara ni Subete’s scans around the net for the mini section about the school architecture (just in case).
Warning:  Some troll!Izaya.

“If you put them together, I wonder which yellow is brighter?” It started with a simple question proposed by Mikado. Both Anri and Masaomi looked at him curiously with no sign of understanding his question. “What do you think?” He turned to them with a smile.

“What the hell are you talking about Mikado?” Masaomi was the first to ask, completely oblivious to his thought. Anri could only nod in agreement.

“I’m talking about you and Shizuo-san.” The sudden name caused both to freeze. “I mean, Heiwajima-sempai. So, which do you think?”

“Mikado, I know you and Heiwajima-sempai get along because you share the same interest, but don’t rope me into your problems.” Masaomi frowned without noticing the blush on Anri’s face.

“It’s not like that! The only thing I’m interested in is-!” Without finishing his thought, Mikado was silenced by the tight grip on his waist after he had stood up.

“Me. Right, Mikado-kun?” Izaya grinned and licked Mikado’s ear seductively.

“Orihara-sempai!” Mikado froze but quickly tried to escape the older man’s grasp. “Let go, damn it!”

“Mikado, you shouldn’t swear like that.” Masaomi frowned, completely ignoring how much his friend was being sexually harassed.

“Iiizaaayaaaaa-kuuuun!!!” The voice caused Izaya to mutter curses but he quickly let go of Mikado and twirled around him to avoid the incoming bench. “What part of ‘leave the freshmen be’ don’t you understand, Izaya-kun?”

“Heiwajima-sempai!” All three were thankful for his arrival and Shizuo nearly froze on the spot after being called by three different people.

“Let’s play another game in the afternoon, Mikado-kun!” Izaya quickly made his escape with his low grin.

“Damn rat.” Shizuo muttered to himself as he approached all three. “You guys okay?” He asked them with a shy look.

“Thanks to you Shizuo-san.” Mikado grinned and fell quiet immediately.

“It’s a good thing I came to check up on you.” Shizuo nodded to Mikado and looked over to the other two. “Can I join you guys for lunch?”

“Uh, sure Heiwajima-sempai.” Masaomi nodded and saw Shizuo take Mikado’s seat.

Looking at his watch, Mikado frowned. “Sonohara-san, can you come with me? I think I forgot to look for the materials of the next class.” He sighed but saw her nod in agreement.

Slowly, both walked away at the same pace without their lunches but Mikado glanced once at the two and gave a soft smile.

“Did Kasuka-sempai make that?” Masaomi asked before he could stop himself after he noticed Shizuo’s lunch box. “Ah, I mean, Heiwajima-sempai’s younger brother.”

“You can call him Kasuka and you can call me Shizuo. I told Ryugamine the same so he wouldn’t confuse himself. But yeah, Kasuka made this. He’s pretty handy with food.” Shizuo nodded and began to eat at a soft pace.

“I never would’ve thought that. Kasuka-sempai looks frail on the outside.” Masaomi tried to joke but not in a way that would piss off Shizuo. Realizing that he could be insulting Shizuo, he quickly returned to his food.

“That’s what everyone says, but I think he’s stronger than me.” Shizuo revealed and heard Masaomi hold in a chuckle. “You don’t think so?”

“No, no. It’s not that. It just sounds so weird coming from Shizuo-sempai.” Masaomi grinned and glanced over to Shizuo, eyeing his hair for a moment. ‘Damn it, now Mikado’s got me thinking about it.’

As they ate silently, Masaomi kept thinking about what subject to talk about but nothing came to mind. “As I thought, it’s really difficult to tell from afar but up close… Shizuo-san’s hair is lighter, like a natural blond while Masaomi’s is more of a murky color.”

“Mikado?!” Masaomi screamed with a surprised tone and fell forward with his food on the floor.

“You okay?!” Shizuo asked and got up to help Masaomi. “What the hell Ryugamine?!” He turned to Mikado with a frown.

“Shizuo-san, you owe me a week’s worth of Kasuka-san’s lunches. And don’t try to back out, I’ll tell Kasuka-san right now.” Mikado said with a grin as he pulled out his cell phone. After sending a text, he picked up the abandoned leftovers and turned to Anri. “Shall we go Sonohara-san?”

“Are you sure?” She asked worriedly and glanced at the two blonds who were looking at them.

“Plenty sure. See you later Masaomi.” Mikado smiled and walked away again with Anri, who bowed apologetically to them as they left.

“I don’t get it. What was Mikado’s point?” Masaomi asked himself and felt a hand on his head. “Shizuo-sempai?” He looked curiously at the older teen.

“Sorry, it was my fault.” Shizuo apologized and helped Masaomi up from the ground.

“Why?” Masaomi asked confused but was forced to look down by Shizuo’s hand on his head.

“Just, sorry.” Shizuo simply said before he walked away from Masaomi.

With a confused look on his face, Masaomi returned to class the moment the bell rang and tried to discard the events from his mind but they nagged on and on. Finally, once classes were over he ran towards Mikado’s classroom.

“Mikado! Explain!” Masaomi quickly yelled with a frown but only saw Anri’s surprised look.

“Ryu…Ryugamine-kun left early. He was called by Heiwajima-sempai.” She replied with a shy gaze, not knowing whether she should apologize or not.

“Escaped, has he?” Masaomi grinned to himself, trying to make the situation positive. “Ah, I know who knows where he’s gone to.” He told himself and ran out of the classroom, heading towards the back of the tennis court gymnasium.

Once he arrived there, he ran up the stairs and quickly saw Izaya coming down.

“Well this is unexpected, is what you want me to say, right? Did you need something Kida-kun?” Izaya teased with a mocking voice as he gave Masaomi a sly smile.

“You know where Mikado is, right? As his stalker I assume you know.” Masaomi added that last line and saw Izaya frown.

“I resent the stalker comment. I’m an absolute avid fan of Mikado-kun, that’s all.” Izaya said in his defense, shaking his head. “But I do know where he is. You can come with since I was heading there now.”

Knowing it was possibly a bad idea to follow his sempai; Masaomi still nodded and followed the energetic Izaya out of the school. They headed into the streets and seemed to follow no clear course until Izaya stopped. Masaomi looked in front of them and saw a small office.

“Where is this?” Masaomi asked with a frown, thinking he never should’ve agreed to follow Izaya.

“Mikado-kun’s in there. With Kasuka-kun. I believe he’s helping out because of a bet.” Izaya grinned and started walking to the building. “Come on Kida-kun, you can be my shield if Shizu-chan comes around.”

“What do you mean by ‘shield’?! Besides, I thought stalkers never get close to their targets!” Masaomi resented the fact that Izaya had no problem with using Masaomi and followed Izaya into the building.

Completely ignoring Masaomi’s comment, Izaya walked past the main counter with a silent smile and went further in. Masaomi decided to keep quiet should they get caught and booted out for trespassing. He found it odd that almost no one was in, even though it was a shady-looking office building.

“Mikado-kun!” Izaya suddenly screamed after opening a door, scaring both Masaomi and the rest of the people inside.

“Izaya!!!” Shizuo came running but quickly stopped himself once he saw Izaya pull Masaomi into view.

“That’s right! I brought the human shield! You thought I didn’t know but I know everything Mikado-kun talks about, even with you.” Izaya grinned to himself, as if he was proud of himself.

“Orihara-sempai! Let go of Masaomi!” Mikado came forward with a frown and quickly stopped in front of the three.

“Only if you take his place Mikado-kun.” Izaya offered without removing his smile.

“Damn it, Izaya-san! You’ve gone too far!” Mikado suddenly yelled, surprising Masaomi. As he walked towards Izaya, Masaomi felt himself being pushed until he fell towards Shizuo. Then, without looking, he heard the smack. “Come here you stupid oaf!”

“Kya! Mikado-kun’s going to rape me!” Izaya squealed with delight as he was pulled away by Mikado.

“Brother, is everything alright?” Kasuka came forward, seeing his brother holding onto Masaomi.

“Uh…” Shizuo didn’t seem to know what to say.

“Yes, it is! I’m sorry to have bothered you all!” Masaomi quickly intervened in Shizuo’s behalf and dragged Shizuo out of the room. He closed the door and turned around with a sigh. “That was Kasuka-sempai’s shoot location, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah. They usually keep it closed so how exactly did you get in?” Shizuo asked with a confused look.

“I followed Orihara-sempai in. Anyways, I wanted to talk to Mikado but now he’s escaped again.” Masaomi sighed once more before remembering something. “By the way, why were the two of you here? I heard the rumor that you don’t work in the same business as Kasuka-sempai.”

“We’re only helping out with odd errands. So why were you looking for Ryugamine?” Shizuo asked with a curious look and saw Masaomi flinch.

“Oh, uh… I guess I could ask Shizuo-sempai as well…” Masaomi seemed worried about something but looked up at Shizuo with serious eyes. “What was the point of what Mikado had asked? And why did Shizuo-sempai apologize to me?”

Shizuo immediately took a step back and had a surprised look on his face. Masaomi took one forward and didn’t avert his gaze, though he could tell that Shizuo wanted to. And as soon as his sempai did, Masaomi stretched out his hand to bring back his gaze to him. His eyes seemed to be searching for an answer but Shizuo wasn’t budging at all.

“Well?” Masaomi decided to ask, hoping Shizuo would just answer him already.

“Ryugamine noticed it… So he told Kasuka… And then they planned the whole thing against me…” Shizuo began cryptically, sounding apologetically. “I was only wondering what kind of brand you were using to dye your hair.”

“That’s it? So how did it turn into which of our hair color is brighter?” Masaomi asked confused, not really understanding his friend’s train of thought.

“That’s why I apologized. Since you got dragged into this.” Shizuo looked like a small puppy and Masaomi couldn’t help but grin.

“I get it now.” Masaomi dropped his hand and took a step back to the side. “So it isn’t true that Shizuo-sempai and Mikado are dating right?”

“Huh?! How did that happen?!” Shizuo quickly asked, taking a step forward in confusion.

“It’s a rumor that’s been going around for a while since Shizuo-sempai keeps saving Mikado from Orihara-sempai. Didn’t you know?” Masaomi grinned taking another step back away from Shizuo. “But I assume that it’s a lie considering Mikado’s reaction to Orihara-sempai.”

“Well, I can’t comment on that myself since I’m not really sure either.” Shizuo replied with a frown and noticed Masaomi take another step away from him. “Kida?”

“You know sempai, I won’t be bothered if you can call me by my name as well.” Masaomi grinned and turned around to walk away. “And I like your hair color as well.” He said before dashing off.

“Huh?!” Shizuo stood frozen in place with a confused look. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, he felt two hands on both of his shoulders. Looking to his sides, he saw Kasuka and Mikado. “Kasuka? Ryugamine? Can someone just tell me what happened?”

“You got found out brother.” Kasuka replied without showing much expression.

“But you’ve got a chance, Shizuo-san.” Mikado said with a smile on his face.

“Actually, you were just given a chance Shizu-chan.” Izaya’s voice came from behind Mikado, speaking with an aloof grin. “You should’ve phrased it like that Mikado-kun.”

“Sorry, Izaya-san. You’re right this time.” Mikado nodded in agreement as he dropped his hand at the same time Kasuka did so. “So what will you do Shizuo-san? Masaomi will wait for you to take the step forward now that he knows but he gets irritated easily so you really shouldn’t keep him waiting.”

“He’s right brother. You should hurry.” Kasuka said, nodding in agreement.

“What?” Shizuo looked at them, confusion still in his eyes.

“We mean run!” All three screamed at him and Shizuo ran out of the building, leaving a happy trio of spectators.

“I’m now down a helper, so is Izaya-san planning on helping?” Kasuka quickly turned to Mikado and Izaya, tilting his head a bit to the side.

“Yes, he is.” Mikado quickly answered with a smile and dragged Izaya with him to Kasuka’s set.

But as Mikado forced Izaya into free labor, Shizuo came into the streets. He looked around for Masaomi and quickly found him. One reason was because Shizuo was pretty tall but the other, which was probably the most important to him, was that he’d recognize Masaomi’s hair anywhere. Although that was probably only as long as Masaomi dyed it blond.

“Kida!” Shizuo caught Masaomi’s arm and turned the younger boy around. “Ah, wait. I meant… Masaomi.” He spoke with a blush and Masaomi, who had initially looked surprised, smiled at him.

“Yeah, Shizuo-sempai?” Masaomi asked with a very patient tone.

“Uh, you…wanna go watch a movie tomorrow?” Shizuo asked awkwardly, not entirely sure if he should’ve even asked that.

“Why not today?” Masaomi asked curiously, tilting his head to the side. “I’m free right now.”

“Eh?!” Shizuo blushed and took a step back in shock, letting go of Masaomi’s arm. “Uh, sure!” He nodded awkwardly and tried to remain calm. “The theater is that way.” He pointed the way and began to walk, glancing back to see whether Masaomi was following him.

“I was a bit worried Shizuo-sempai would never ask.” Masaomi murmured and grabbed Shizuo’s hand, surprising him. “This isn’t so bad, is it?”

“No, it’s not.” Shizuo spoke lowly, not looking at Masaomi but not letting go of the younger one either.

Soft End

“Mikado-kun!” Izaya ran towards his adorable target the next day at school, not fully realizing the danger he was headed towards to. “Let’s have lunch-!” He screamed but quickly fell to the floor in pain.

“Oh, Orihara-sempai, are you still at it? Hasn’t it entered your brain that the closer I am to Masaomi, the safer I am?” Mikado asked with a grin, after he bent down to meet Izaya’s gaze.

“Mikado, don’t tell me that’s the reason you helped Shizuo-sempai?” Masaomi asked with a shocked look. Anri, who was by his side, could only lower her gaze in embarrassment while Shizuo began to glare at his lover’s best friend.

“Well, it wasn’t the only one. I also care about Masaomi’s happiness. And I figured I should thank Shizuo-san someway for helping me out since school started.” Mikado smiled at the two and stood up. “Sonohara-san, how about we give these two some time alone? I think they deserve it.”

“Oh. Yes, of course.” Anri quickly nodded and hurried over to Mikado, who had already begun to leave.

“Tell me the truth. Are you two really going out?” Masaomi asked Izaya curiously, raising his eyebrow.

“I’ll leave that to your imagination.” Izaya grinned and stood up, deciding to follow Mikado quietly this time.

“There’s gotta be a reason Mikado puts up with him.” Masaomi told himself with a frown.

“I think you’d just better trust your friend.” Shizuo responded and put his arm around Masaomi, who looked up and smiled at the taller blond. He did like his hair color after all.

Extra End

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