It started with a dream

Summary: Masaomi has a dream then feels awkward about it.
Pairings: msmk?
Rating: M
Genre: Romance / Drama
Story Type: Canon!AU
Setting: No specific.
Warning:  Prepare for nonexistent plot? Short chapter.

“Mikado…” Masaomi murmured while calling for him with his lips. They met and caressed, parting to explore each other’s moist caverns. “Mikado…” He couldn’t get enough of him. The moans, groans and gasps coming from those lips engrossed him. He was drowning in it. “Mikado…”

“Masaomi… Please…take me…” Mikado softly spoke with a small smile and Masaomi quickly obliged.

And then, in the next moment, Masaomi’s eyes open with startling speed. He sat up and looked down. He could feel it and he could definitely see it. The lump in the lower half of his body. He began to pale and his thoughts began to form.

‘Did I just…?’ He quickly stopped himself and ran to the bathroom for a cold shower. A terribly low-tempered and much necessary cold shower. ‘I’m going to ignore it. I’m going to ignore it. I’m going to ignore it.’ He meditated in his head, hoping to erase his thoughts from his mind. He wanted to clear it.

Once he was done there, Masaomi got ready for class. His thoughts were now clear and nothing was going to bother him. No, not him. Not anymore. He left his place quickly and walked to school. Sometimes, he felt like the walk took ages and other times it went way too fast. Today was one of those days were the trip was too short and now he ended up meeting with his two favorite people. One of which had plagued his dream just earlier.

“Good morning Masaomi.” Mikado said with a cheerful smile.

“Good morning Kida-kun.” Anri gave him a soft smile as well while doing a small polite bow.

“Uh… Good…morning you two!” He quickly tried to show his usual cheery self, despite the fact that his dream was beginning to float to the top of his mind again.

“You okay Masaomi? You looked a bit flushed. You’re not getting a fever, right?” Mikado stepped over to his friend and placed a hand on his forehead at the same time he placed one over Masaomi. “Doesn’t seem like it though.”


“I’m fine! Don’t worry!” Masaomi took a quick step back in shock, his face turning redder than before as the memory floated too high up. “Come on, we got class to go to!” He said before running into the school at full dash.

“This is the first time I’ve seen Masaomi excited about going to school.” Mikado spoke to himself with a confused face.

“He seems worried though.” Anri spoke out loud with a worried look and glanced at Mikado. ‘I wonder if it has anything to do with Ryugamine-kun?’

With classes in effect, Masaomi tried his hardest again to clear his mind so he thought schoolwork might help. He didn’t count on it, but expected a disturbingly awkward lunch. At the very least, he managed to act like his usual self, without too much trouble. Eventually, classes resumed in the afternoon and Masaomi took the time to try and decipher the meaning of that dream.

Of course, if he tried to think too much about it, he found himself getting too warm. That’s when he would try to stop thinking and start lowering his body temperature. Eventually, he found time passing by him much too quickly again and had already reached the end of the school day.

“Masaomi, you’ve been acting weird all day. You sure nothing’s bothering you?” Mikado finally asked as they started to walk away from the school.

“I think so too. Is there anything we can do to help, Kida-kun?” Anri looked worriedly at him as well.

“Don’t worry you two! I can handle myself just fine! And it’s not like I’m in trouble!” Masaomi tried to ease their worries though he just felt like going home to think some more. Maybe if he explored the meaning of that dream he could make a decision on what to do about it. The tensioned air was bothering him as well.

“Well, if you think so Masaomi. Just call me if you need me for anything.” With those final words, Masaomi felt a bit relieved and all three found themselves really enjoying each other’s company.

After a few hours, all three separated from each other and went their respective ways. Masaomi headed home with a tired sigh and immediately fell on his bed once he arrived. Tiredly, he closed his eyes and found his mind floating away. He began to dream once more.

Mikado was there, waiting for him with a serene face. Masaomi took a step forward and then another. Once he was close enough, he extended his hand and placed it on top of Mikado’s cheek. With a smile, he bent himself a little to kiss Mikado. However, once he placed a single kiss, Masaomi found himself craving for more. He separated himself from Mikado’s lips and dove forcefully onto them again, this time parting them to explore the inside.

“Mikado…” Masaomi murmured clumsily, as he was still kissing Mikado, and slowly began to undress his partner. Passing a hand through the exposed chest, Masaomi felt every twitch, temperature change and shiver coming from Mikado.

“Masaomi, use your mouth…” He heard the whisper and obliged by lowering his mouth. Once he felt the target with his lips, he started to suck with a slightly possessive movement. “Masaomi… Feels good…”

“Mikado… Mikado…” He made a trail of saliva as he bent more and more down on Mikado. When he finally reached Mikado’s jeans, Masaomi used his teeth to zip it down and expose everything. “Mikado…”

“Yeah, Masaomi?” Mikado’s voice sounded different this time and he felt his partner disappear. Blinking, he stared at the person in front of him with a confused gaze. “Were you having a nightmare?”

“Mi…” Masaomi began with a murmur, then quickly retreated to the wall next to his bed. “Mikado?!”

“Don’t look so shocked. Your mom let me in.” Mikado explained with a smile and then frowned a little. “I was worried you weren’t feeling so well so I came to visit. So, were you having a nightmare? You kept calling my name.”

“Ah, no, I’m okay!” Masaomi tried to look away from Mikado’s eyes. “It wasn’t anything bad, I think…”

“You think? You don’t remember?” Mikado asked curiously, titling his head a bit.

“No, I, uh… I remember…” Masaomi replied a bit too quickly, not fully awake yet. If he had been more awake, he would’ve noticed that something was wrong with him and he wouldn’t have been surprised by Mikado’s actions.

“Does it have something to do with this then?” The question was too vague for Masaomi to understand until he felt the touch of Mikado’s hand in the one area that Masaomi hadn’t expect it to be.

“Wah!” Masaomi yelled, nearly jumping out of his skin as he stood up immediately on his bed since he had no more space behind him to retreat to. His blush, he hoped, was not as noticeable as he felt it be. But what froze him was the shy look on Mikado’s face as he brought back his hand.

“Sorry, that was bad of me, wasn’t it?” He apologized and looked away, though Masaomi could still see the outline of a blush.

“Mikado…” Masaomi murmured his name and caused Mikado to look at him, seconds before he dropped down on Mikado. As he pinned his best friend down on his bed, Masaomi made the confession. “Mikado, I had a sex dream with you.”

“Huh?!” Mikado quickly said, his blush deepening. “That’s why…? This morning too?”

“Yeah…” Masaomi looked away sadly and then returned his gaze to Mikado. “But you don’t feel grossed out by that, do you?”

“I can never be grossed out with you Masaomi.” Mikado tried smiling and felt Masaomi getting closer to him until their lips met softly. “You happy?” He asked once they separated and saw Masaomi grin like his usually self. However, Masaomi was caught by surprise when Mikado grabbed his arm and changed their positions with one easy swoop. “But I hope you don’t think it’ll go as you dreamt.”

“Eh?!” Masaomi’s grin hadn’t disappeared but he felt an increasing feeling of doom. ‘No way!’ His thoughts cried out into space, not fully prepared for what was to come.

Soft End

“Haa… Haa… Mi…Mikado…” Masaomi felt every twitch, temperature change and shiver of delight coming from Mikado. His friend was inside him after all. It wasn’t like he had planned everything but somehow he knew Mikado had everything figured out, one way or another. “Mikado, let go… I can’t hold it in…much longer…”

“Not yet Masaomi. You’ve been having too much fun on your own.” Mikado murmured into Masaomi’s ear, his hand holding onto Masaomi’s member very tightly. “Come on, you stopped moving.”

“Mikado… Uhn!” Masaomi moved his hips, trying to find his own sweet spot while Mikado made sure he wasn’t about to fall on his face. “Mikado… I’m tired… Let me come…”

With a sigh, Mikado moved, letting Masaomi fall slightly on his bed for rest. This allowed Mikado to dwell further into Masaomi until he freed Masaomi’s member. At the longed freedom, Masaomi released himself, feeling more pleasure as Mikado did the same inside of him. “Ah…” Masaomi sighed exhaustedly, fully dropping on his bed before falling asleep.

Mikado stared at Masaomi’s tired face with a smile and spoke to himself, “I’ve been in love with you for forever and it’s only taken you this long to figure out your own feelings. You’ve kept me waiting too long Masaomi. So I’ll just tease you for a while longer.”

Bosskado End

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