In here, for you

Summary: Inside this complex, those of not a sound mind reside. And in his search for someone, he releases another. Yet, he is loved.
Pairings: aomk? + izmk? + srcr? + szmk + aokr
Rating: T
Genre: Mystery / Drama
Story Type: Simply AU.
Setting: Based on the pixiv picture after the cut. Link placed on picture for ease. Two-parter.
Warning: No naming so it can get a bit confusing when keeping track of what’s going on. Use image as reference to how they’re dressed.
Additional: Background information on who is in each ward.


He had long since lost his mind. There was probably nothing anyone could do to help him. That was probably the only reason why the guards left him alone. Even most of the prisoners did so as well. Except for those that did not learn their lessons just yet and those who found him interesting all the same. At the moment though, he had escaped his holding cell once more and was walking down the halls with ease. The slightly loose handcuff on his right wrist dangled lightly and his choker gave no alert of his health. They had installed it due to his unknown moods.

“Niiieeekaaawaaasaaan!” He approached her door with an aloof smile and knocked twice. “Good morning. Would you like to see the sun today?”

“Hyahahahahaha!” He heard a crazed laughter in response and nodded to himself as if that in itself was the answer. Then without saying another word more, he opened the steel door and faced the girl in the restraining jacket.

“There are birds singing in the room above.” He said to her and walked away, humming a song now.

… … …

“I win again! Fork over the candy!” He said with a grin as he dropped the cards on the floor.

“Masaomi, you’re cheating aren’t you?” The girl with him asked with a frown, dropping her own cards slowly on top of his.

They were usually together because they were in love. So at some point they began to play cards against each other for their stashes of candy. Anyone who saw them would always wonder where they got all that candy, but they had their methods. Much like everyone else around them.

But even though they were like that, relatively cheerful, at the very least, her physical self never looked good. She had parts of her body covered in bandages, though the origins of whatever she had beneath them were as much as a secret as to what was under them. He, on the other hand, was pretty cheerful and never looked glum.

All of a sudden, they were joined by a second girl with a busty chest and a small sword charm around her neck. She looked worried about something and for good reason too. “Have any of you seen Ryugamine-kun today? It’s my turn to watch him this week and he wasn’t in his room this morning.” She questioned them while looking around at the same time.

“Mikado ran away again? He’s probably running around the compound or with those two. That is, unless he thinks that Niekawa-san is a bird again.” He joked around with a smile and received a pair of frowns. But as he ignored it, he looked up at the barred window above him. “Ah, there he is. I hear Yumasaki-san and Karisawa-san humming in the hallway inside. They only hum when they’re with Mikado.”

“Oh, I see. Thank you Kida-kun.” As the girl turned around to leave, he stopped her by calling her name.

“Anri-chan, you can leave Mikado alone for a while. It won’t stop him from making some sort of trouble anyways, so how about you play cards with us? I’ll even go easy on you.” He grinned but saw her shake her head in disapproval.

“No thank you, Kida-kun. You cheat.” She simply said and ran off without looking behind her.

“Masaomi, care to explain your actions now?” Although she loved him very dearly, it was at times like these that she could really show how much she cared about him. And teasing him always seemed to the trick. Her eyes never reflected any evil, much like her face. But the aura she released left people know how angry she really was.

“I don’t cheat Saki! You guys have too little trust in me!” He lifted his hands and felt the cards drop down from the inside of his shirt. “Eh… I don’t know how that got there.”

“Come on! We’re going to miss the fight today! Hurry up Kuru-nee!” The girl with the glasses called over her twin, though if you talked about personality and outerwear, they were complete opposites. And although she was excited, the girl with the glasses still couldn’t fully catch the attention of her twin. “Kuru-nee! What are you looking at?!” Finally unable to put up with her any longer, she got closer to the other girl.

One had glasses, a pair of braided long tails and a too long-sleeved shirt while the other had a short boyish hairstyle and a pair of handcuffs on her wrists for her own protection. Though if they really meant to protect her and not others wasn’t something she planned on discussing with anyone. “Him. (I see Aoba-kun down there.)” The sister spoke with an interested look on her face as she gazed downward from the window.

“No~! I don’t want Kuru-nee to show him much interest! He’s got the hots for that Ryugamine guy!”  She quickly held onto her sister’s arm and tried to pull her away from the window. “Come on, Kuru-nee! There’s more interesting stuff going on right now!” Finally, she found the strength and began dragging her sister.

“Usual. (Izaya onii-sama fighting is normal.)” The other girl rebutted as she let herself be dragged by her twin. Her facial expressions didn’t seem to change much and her voice never raised itself too high.

“I know!” She responded while hiding her thoughts to her twin. ‘But I hate you thinking about that guy.’

“Shizuo nii-chan is fighting now. I wonder why he and Izaya nii-chan can’t get along?” The little girl by their side wondered as she looked out the window. One of the men had a scar on his face and the other just looked plain scary but they could’ve been called her bodyguards as they almost never left her side.

“Those two are young and hot blooded, ojou. Plus, they’re like animals; they instinctively know who their enemy is.” The man with the scar explained with a laugh however, the other male frowned at his explanation.

“Don’t worry, ojou. They should be releasing Simon soon. They never let those two fight long enough to wreck the place.” The scary-looking man explained coolly and fixed his eye patch a bit.

“Nee, Akabayashi-no-ojisan, Shiki-no-ojisan, did the temperature drop in the compound?” She suddenly asked curiously, looking over to the man with the scar.

“I don’t think so, why?” He answered curiously, raising his good eyebrow behind his sunglasses.

“It feels colder for some reason. I’m going to go look now.” She replied with a smile and began to walk away from the two men. The one with the eye patch looked at the other silently as if there was something he wanted to say.

“Worry not, only that other child is capable of getting into trouble around here.” He smiled in response, deciding to stay put where he was in the mean time.

They wanted to be alone, that was the reason they were hiding. Without the ability to keep their hands to themselves, they hungrily devoured each other’s lips. They were in love. And they wanted to be left alone. However, their luck sometimes didn’t work in their favor.

“Seiji! Seiji!” A woman’s voice could be heard from across the hall. They knew it could only be her. Still, they could not agree on parting at the moment. Therefore, even if it meant that they would be caught, they carried on.

Then, as expected, the woman with the long hair found them. It wasn’t until she forcefully separated them that they even acknowledged the woman. Receiving a frown from each side, the woman only scowled in response to the girl.

“I won’t ever accept you by his side. Seiji belongs only to me!” She screamed to the girl and felt rejection from the boy on her right. “Seiji?” She asked with a surprised look to the boy.

“I’ve said it already, nee-san. I refuse to be bound by you. I will be the one that binds anyone I love.” He said with a serious look and forced the girl back to him. The moment they were close, they continued devouring each other’s lips. This meant that they were now completely ignoring the woman.

All of the sudden, they stopped and looked up, not at the woman, but at something behind her. The woman turned around in response and froze.

“How did you get in here?” She asked the incoming guest who simply grinned in response.

They watched in blissful silence at the scene in front of them. It was a normal scene but being able to watch it together made them happy, considering that if they did not move within the next ten minutes, he could be in danger. His left shackle jingled with the movements of his hands as he moved it to grab the bloody car license plate on the ground. On the other hand, she moved to fix the bandage around her chest a bit.

Suddenly, he spoke up, “Do you want to leave now? Simon-san is being released.” He pointed over to the gate that opened in the garden they were in.

“If you wish.” She replied earnestly and looked over to the other two who walked over to them.

“Something’s up. I can’t say what but I’ve got this really bad feeling.” The man, who appeared with the locked hands with a chain that connected to a collar around his neck, spoke up in a weird fashion. He seemed worried about something but wasn’t able to provide further information.

“Seems like Ryugamine Mikado, the locked patient of Ward B of the…” The deadpan woman next to him spoke up and talked about useless facts before getting to the point, “…was seen roaming the lower levels of said Ward B…” She managed to say before continuing on to more useless facts.

“That sounds troublesome.” The first man said to the woman next to him and she nodded in response. They were ignoring the woman, who now looked like she was slightly pouting.

All of the sudden, they felt the temperature drop to an extreme low in the garden. The man with the locked hands gave a depressed sigh and began to walk to the gate of the garden, followed by the woman who accompanied him.

“Kasuka, you aren’t cold?” A blond man approached the two and rubbed his arms together. The man eyed the shackle on his right arm before responding.

“I’m not. But I do have to leave soon, brother. Also, they placed that on you again?” He pointed to the shackle on the blond man and said man gave a frustrated sigh.

“Yeah…” He growled and looked over to the black-haired man who approached them. The jacket on him was slightly out of place and he also sported the same shackle as the blond, though on the left wrist. “You took your time! Just hurry up and come! We’re going with Kasuka to the General Gardens!”

“Ehh?” The third man pouted and felt his cheeks being squeezed by the blond. “Shad gursh, Shishu-shan!” With a frustrated growl, the blond let go of the man and smacked his shackle with the one the other had. “Ah! That’s not fair Shizu-chan!” The other said with a frown and tried to separate the shackles but was unable to.

“Let’s go then. All together.” The first man said and stood up. Then, all four headed to the gates and exited the garden they were in.

… … …

“Bye-bye Mikapuu! Let’s play another song later!” The female retreated along with her companion towards the two males who waited patiently for them. They had left the younger teen on top of the statue located in the General Garden of the compound.

“Bye-bye Karisawa-san, Yumasaki-san…” The teen said with a grin as he waved them goodbye.

“Ryugamine-kun! You disappeared again! Where were you?” The girl with the glasses asked with a frown and a worried tone. She had been looking for him all over the compound. At least, where she was allowed to anyways.

“Ah, I’m very sorry Sonohara-san.” He replied lazily and tried to take a nap on the statue.

“Mikado-san!” A younger voice called out to him and the teen turned to see a boy coming towards him. “I’ve finished my work! Give me love!” The boy said energetically and stopped just next to the girl.

“I see.” The teen nodded and dropped down from the statue. Then, with a smile, he extended his hands to the boy. “Come here Aoba-kun.”

Nodding, the boy walked closer, ignoring the yelp from the girl, and accepted the teen’s hug by placing a soft kiss on the teen. As the girl tried to shield her eyes, they separated and smiled softly at each other before kissing each other softly again. Then they separated and did the same once more, then a few more times again.

“Ah, it’s here… The kissing machine…” The young blond came forward with a frown and sighed. The girl by his side simply smiled with pity in her eyes. “No matter how many times I see it, I can’t believe he doesn’t get tired of it. Mikado’s switch to become a kissing machine is so simple. More like, stop taking advantage of the situation!” He yelled and forcefully separated the two.

“But Mikado-san doesn’t mind!” The boy replied with a pout. He really wanted to continue kissing the teen.

“I do!” Another voice roared and came close to the group. Both girls who had been there and the young blond paled once they saw the blond who came towards them while dragging another male with him.

“Hiya, Mikado-kun. Give me some love.” The man who had been dragged smiled to the teen and received a kiss from the teen.

“You stop that! Haven’t you learned your lesson?!” The blond punched the other and watched him fly off before hitting the wall of the garden.

“Shizu-chan, you shouldn’t act so jealous just because you’ve never kissed Mikado-kun.” The man smirked and made fun of the blond.

“Here. (I’m jealous too.)” The boy turned around when he felt someone poking his shoulder and met with lips on his own.

“Ah! No! Kuru-nee! I don’t like you doing that! Let go of her you crazy love-sick fool!” The other twin frowned and tried pulling her twin from the boy but the twin refused to do as she wanted.

“Crap, They’re going to end up bringing out Simon here…” The young blond frowned as he watched the scene with worry. Then he glanced at the teen who was responsible for everything and noticed that he was smiling, despite everything.

“Huh?” The girl with the glasses and the busty chest looked around for something. For a second, she thought she felt something bad.

“Fighting no good.” Suddenly, a dark-skinned giant appeared. His clothes were tattered and he had a serious gaze but easily stopped the fight that had escalated between the two men.

“Yeah, spoke too soon…” The young blond sighed and tried to think of something nice until he and the rest heard the crash of a window. They looked up and saw a girl pinned to the window bars by a leg. “Isn’t that Harima Mika? Who’s…? Mikado!” He quickly looked at the teen who had been staring at the scene above with interest.

“She’ll fly soon. We both love birds after all.” The teen replied with a smile and the young blond turned to the giant.

“Simon-san! Ignore those fools! Mikado released Niekawa-san!” The blond screamed and the giant released the so-called fools before running towards the second floor where what they were watching was taking place. “I’ll go help! Saki and Anri-chan, you stay here!” He told the two girls before running to help the giant.

“They’re too late.” The boy whispered the moment he separated from the older twin. Smiling at her, he felt the compound’s temperature drop. “Wow, that’s really cold. Though it’s to be expected since it’s still winter. What should we do, Mikado-san?” He turned to the teen with expectant eyes, failing to notice the others who watched curiously what they were possibly plotting.

Another loud noise was heard and they saw the girl who had been pinned, falling to the ground. One way or another, the bars had been cut and a woman with a freed restraining jacket appeared on the window, holding onto a little girl.

“Harima-san!” The girl who usually accompanied the young blond called out and ran towards the body that had fallen. Once she held on to the unconscious girl, both she and everyone else failed to notice how the teen eyed her disgustingly.

“Hyahahahahaha!” The woman with the freed restraining jacket laughed happily and jumped down with ease. “Takashi! Takashi! Takashi! Takashi! TakashiTakashiTakashiTAKASHII!” She screamed with fervor and excitement. It seemed she was looking for something. Everyone else knew that much but they could never tell her the truth.

“Niekawa-san!” The girl with the glasses and the busty chest ran towards the woman and the clashing of metal was heard. At some point, both females had drawn swords but where they came from, no one could tell. “Please stop this right now!”

“He’s right there! Takashi’s right there!” The woman replied with a grin and looked over to the man who had been brought with the blond.

“Eh?! She thinks I’m Takashi this time?!” He asked with a surprised look. For him, that realization was the worst possible thing that could be happening.

As the two females fought, the boy walked over to the teen with the older twin beside him. “Are we proceeding, Mikado-san?” He asked with a whisper to the teen but the older twin still heard it.

“I said let go of Kuru-nee!” Though the younger twin refused to accept that it was her twin that held onto the boy, she still tried to separate them.

With a nod, the teen walked over to the blond and pulled him down for a kiss. “Please destroy that, Shizuo-san.” He asked with a soft smile and watched the blond turn red in an instant.

“Release ojou this instant Niekawa!” The man with the eye patch yelled as he and the man with the scar ran towards them and created a bigger uproar than the one that was already happening.

As they fought, the giant jumped down from the open window to try and stop them but there were too many running around the garden. While this happened, the young blond tried to focus on the two unconscious people in the hall though he wanted to go down and help.

“Shizu-chan, what are you…?” The man who had come into the garden with the blond asked while looking at said blond rip out the center statue with ease. “Why the heck did you even grab that?!” He yelled and avoided the statue that came towards him.

“What’s that?” The younger twin looked over what should’ve been the remains of the base of the statue to see an opening.

“Oh, they’re really there.” The boy said with a grin and an excited tone. “Looks like you were right, Mikado-san!” He turned to the teen with a happy smile.

“Plan? (What is your objective?)” The older twin asked curiously as they watched the teen go down a flight of stairs that were in the opening. “Lost? (You were looking for something?)”

“Just something someone commissioned from us.” The boy winked and started to lift the left side of his shirt to show her the round tattoo on his back. “We’ll be leaving soon after we find it. How about it? You want to join us?” He asked the older twin with a smile.

“Yes! (Of course!)” Was the earnest reply given to him by the older twin.

“For such a lovely kid, you really have bad things planned, don’t you?” The muffled voice asked from behind the mask and the man with the worded tattoo on the right side of his upper chest turned around to see the one who was talking.

“I only have love in my mind.” He replied honestly while turning back to see the scene that was happening in the General Garden. The man gave no care to the masked one who had his head popping out from one of the roof’s tiles.

“Is that why you called for those two boys to come here? I thought they looked suspicious. They don’t belong here in this compound. Though it’s not like I care either way whether they’re here or not. Won’t the guards be pissed to be taking care of unnecessary people?” The masked man asked while maintaining his balance with ease.

“They’re not acting. Those are their real personalities. And they came here with the same purpose as I did. To find love.” He replied with a smile and waited for the teen to come out of the hole.

“Even if you find her, it won’t be easy to leave here. And even if you do, the guards won’t let you live it down. They want her locked up here.” It would seem that the masked man was warning him but he was just stating the facts. Though it wasn’t like the other would listen to him anyways.

“She and I will leave. I promised her. Though if they really wanted her locked up, they would’ve placed her in the B Ward instead of under the General Garden. Unless they wanted their eye on someplace easy to spot but difficult to figure out.” He began to think and the masked man spoke again.

“So all the times that boy freed that young lady was to find out where she was stashed?” He tilted his head curiously and waited for the response.

But the man laughed first before speaking up. “And the guards thought that he was just simply crazy but he had a plan all along. That kid is smart, despite his looks.”

“It would seem so.” The masked man agreed up to that point.

The teen continued down the stairs until he reached the last one. Ahead of him was a dimly lit hallway that allowed his journey to continue. With a smile and a hum of a song, the teen walked on to the destination on the other end of the hallway. The sounds coming from behind him were from above and it was slowly getting lower. Not that he minded. He was more interested in what lay ahead. After all, despite his planning, his mind was still not his own. He had long since lost it. That’s why nothing he did affected him. He simply did the work others asked of him.

Finally reaching a door, he saw that it had a digital lock. To him, bypassing this was easy. Even if his mind was lost and there was nothing anyone could do to help him, there still remained information he could use. So he bent down and quickly unlocked the door.

“What could be behind this?” He asked out loud to no one in specific. He had already made a guess and a bet to what could be there. If he was right, then he would soon leave. If he wasn’t, then he’d sit and wait for the appropriate punishment. He simply didn’t care anymore; or he never cared to begin with. That’s what happens when you lose your mind.

The light reached the inside of the room and the teen quickly saw the outline of a body. It was chained to the wall with its hands above it. The peculiar thing was that it was missing a head so it was probably a corpse. But before the teen could feel disappointed, he saw it move. Though he should call it female since the curves on its body were pretty well defined.

“Ah ha~!” He grinned at the scene that would have scared him, but the loss of his mind prevented him from feeling anything but excitement.

His job was now finished. All that remained was to take his partner and leave. Though now that he thought about it, his partner seemed interested in one of the twins. They could probably take her too. And that blond man who completely obeyed him. He seemed like fun too.

But before he could do all that, he smiled at the female body in front of him and spoke, “Found you Celty Sturluson-san! Let’s go out and play! There’s someone who’s been wanting to see you for a long time now!”


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