Gold is the color I love Graduation Edition

Summary: Shizuo and Izaya are graduating, so Kasuka sends them, plus Masaomi and Mikado, to a hot springs graduation trip.
Pairings: szms + izmk
Rating: M
Genre: Romance / Humor
Story Type: School!AU
Setting: Continuation of short 2 (though you don’t necessarily have to read the first).
Warning: Eh, fluff and comedy? And senseless plot.

The train arrived at the station and all four got off with a slightly tired look. Both younger boys were the first to stretch and yawn as the ride had been long. The two older teens behind them smiled towards the two younger boys but stopped when they noticed the other was smiling and began glaring at each other.

As they walked out of the station, one of the boys stopped to ask for directions and received friendly replies. He quickly walked back and explained the location of where they were headed. Masaomi was the first to groan as their destination was up in a mountain.

“It’s just like Kasuka-sempai to choose a far away location. Don’t tell me, did he come here once for a shoot?” He asked the three behind him but was actually directing his question to one of them.

“He did. That’s why he recommended it. Besides, you shouldn’t get angry Masaomi. It’s free lodge.” Mikado replied with the same smile as always and they continued their trek.

After more than half an hour of walking, they finally reached the old-style inn. Technically, it was supposed to be a hot springs inn but Masaomi somehow doubted it. More like, he didn’t know what exactly was waiting for them here.

“Relax Masaomi, it can’t be bad. Kasuka chose it after all.” Shizuo said with a smile as he placed a hand on his young lover’s head.

“Why again was I invited?” Izaya asked, turning his attention to Mikado. “Though I can’t complain about being out here with you Mikado-kun.” He grinned at his kohai and received a quick punch from Shizuo.

“Don’t think about anything weird. Kasuka just wanted to thank you for helping him out a few times, just like Ryugamine.” He glared at the other, hoping to get one more punch in before they went into the inn.

Mikado simply laughed a bit and opened the inn’s front door. He was welcomed by the inn keeper and they all checked in. Instead of having individual rooms, it seemed that Kasuka had booked two twin rooms for them, so despite some protest, Shizuo and Masaomi took one room while Izaya and Mikado took the other.

“This isn’t funny, Orihara-sempai…” Mikado gave a deep sigh as he opened the door to his room.

“Well, it’s not like you would intrude on the lovers’ vacation and I’m never rooming with Shizu-chan so doesn’t it work out?” Izaya grinned and dropped his arms around Mikado’s shoulders. “Spending quality time with you is in my plans for this weekend anyways.”

“But it’s not going to go according to your plans.” Mikado quickly escaped and saw Izaya jumping towards him like a cat attacking prey. With quick thinking, Mikado ducked and heard the loud crash of body against wall.

“Mikado, what happened?!” He heard Masaomi’s voice coming across the wall and smiled.

“Nothing. Orihara-sempai simply crashed against the wall.” Mikado replied and failed to hear a response so he quickly proceeded to change clothes.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Masaomi was in deep shock as he tried to process the danger his best friend was in. After all, if he thought about it, he had just left Mikado alone with his “avid fan”.

“I think he’s okay. Ryugamine knows how to take care of himself when the situation requires it.” Shizuo tried to reassure Masaomi but his younger lover still seemed a bit worried. “Hey, trust me.” Whispering into Masaomi’s ear, he quickly felt the younger boy fall to the floor.

“Shizuo-sempai, you straight arrow!” Masaomi quickly yelled, directing his angry yet red face at Shizuo.

With a soft smile, Shizuo simply walked over to the door of the room. “I’ll go out for a while then. Go enjoy the hot springs with Ryugamine.” He said and left the room silently.

Masaomi didn’t know what to make of it until he heard screams and thuds coming from the next room before a small silence took over. That was soon replaced by a knock on his door. “Masaomi, have you changed already?” He heard Mikado’s voice.

“Ah, give me a second!” Masaomi quickly replied and changed into the bathrobe with lightning speed before meeting Mikado in the hallway. “Sorry. You ready then?”

“Of course. And with Orihara-sempai out of the way for a while, it’ll give us time to relax.” Mikado seemed happy about that and dragged Masaomi with him to the first hot spring they found; a slightly open aired one with a gender division.

And like the energetic teenager he was, Masaomi quickly jumped in the moment he could. Mikado could only sigh at that motion and simply left Masaomi alone while he got in quietly. The moment he got a complacent sigh out of his mouth, Masaomi sneaked behind him and tickled his sides.

“M-Masaomi?! W…what is it? You know I’m ticklish there…” Mikado gave a low whimper and saw his best friend sit next to him.

“Spill.” Was the first word Masaomi uttered. “What’s the deal between you and Orihara-sempai? I doubt your personality would tolerate him this long if there wasn’t a reason for it.”

“Hey, Masaomi…” Instead of answering, Mikado decided to counter with a question of his own. “Did you get Shizuo-san anything as a graduation present?”

As Masaomi was caught off guard, so was Shizuo, who had forcefully taken Izaya with him to look for food. It seemed as if Izaya had asked the same question, in reverse, but with an additional comment Shizuo didn’t really need to hear at the moment.

“Oh, you’re so innocent Shizu-chan!” Izaya laughed and took a step in the small restaurant next to the inn. “Table for two, please.” He turned to the owner but saw the place empty so he simply took the first table by the entrance.

“Hold on, you damn flea…” Shizuo glared at Izaya but sat across from him in order to maintain some degree of calmness. “What the heck do you take this trip to be?”

“Isn’t it obvious? I’m sure Kasuka-kun had the same idea as me.” Izaya went into thought and gladly took the menu the waitress offered them. “It’s a deflowering graduation trip.” At those words, the waitress, who had begun to leave, nearly tripped and Shizuo had been left with a very beet red face. “Oh don’t worry miss, it’s not me and him.” He turned to the waitress with a joking face but the misunderstanding would most likely be left anyways.

“Iiiizaaaayaaaa!” Shizuo was about to rip the table from the ground but was stopped by Izaya’s sudden words.

“Oh, it’s Kida-kun freshly out of the hot spring.” At this, Shizuo turned around but saw nothing. “Now that you’ve calmed down, how about actually letting me eat since you dragged me away from Mikado-kun?”

With a low grumble and a piercing glare, Shizuo remained quiet for the rest of the meal. Though, while the two were in an awkward silence that scared the waitress the younger teens were entering their second hot spring, which accidentally ended up being a co-ed one.

“I think it’d be best if we leave, right?” Masaomi asked shyly as he looked over to the adult women with their partners.

“True.” Mikado agreed and both quickly ran away as silently as they could in case anyone there felt the need to call out to them.

Taking a long hallway this time, they found an open air bath. Easing into the water, the pair continued their conversation.

“If you asked that, does that mean you actually bought something for Orihara-sempai?” Masaomi asked with a shy look on his face. The answer he had given Mikado earlier was an awkward one but the blond never obtained one in return as someone had gotten into the bath and interrupted them.

“Of course. If I hadn’t, Izaya-san would’ve probably annoyed me even after he graduates.” Mikado sighed deeply and failed to notice how Masaomi perked up.

“So now it’s Izaya-san again? You call him that every so often, don’t you? Fufu… You feel like answering whether or not you two are dating now?” Masaomi got closer and noticed his friend’s face covered in a blush.

Before Mikado could answer, Izaya and Shizuo came into the air bath. “So this is where you two were! Oh? Are we interrupting anything? My my, isn’t Shizu-chan enough for you Kida-kun? Though I must say I don’t really enjoy you getting that close to Mikado-kun.”

“You know, for a second, I swear he was going to say ‘my Mikado-kun’. Don’t you think so too, Mikado?” Masaomi completely ignored Izaya’s comment and joked with Mikado, who tried to ignore them all.

“Stop messing around and get in!” Shizuo ignored Izaya’s comment as well and kicked the other into the water.

“Hey now! That’s abuse, Shizu-chan!” Izaya yelled once he got back up from the water and moved over to Masaomi, placing an arm around the blond’s shoulder before speaking. “I honestly don’t know what you see in that brute! If you feel any danger you’re welcome to stay with me.”

“Izaya-san!” Mikado yelled out before a punch nearly hit Izaya.

“Don’t you dare get any closer to Masaomi!” Shizuo nearly tried to punch Izaya again before disappearing with Masaomi in his arms.

This left only Mikado to deal with Izaya, who was now grinning happily. “Did you plan that Izaya-san?” Mikado asked curiously as he watched his sempai get closer to him before the older wrapped Mikado in his arms.

“Maybe. But we’re alone now so how about you tell me what you got me as a graduation present?” Izaya purred joyfully, awaiting a good response.

“Do…don’t have it here…” Mikado answered shyly with a slight pout on his face that caused Izaya to poke his cheek. “What?” His gaze seemed distrusting of Izaya but Mikado had yet to pull away from his sempai.

“Liar. I’m pretty sure you have my present right…here.” Izaya placed his hand on Mikado’s lower half and surprised his kouhai so much he got elbowed in the stomach. “That…hurt…” He winced from the pain and saw Mikado turn around with worry.

“S-sorry Izaya-san!” He apologized first before looking angry. “But you shouldn’t have done that.”

“Aw, come on. Weren’t you going to offer me your virgi…ugh!” Izaya fell again, this time into the water but Mikado quickly brought him out before he drowned. “You’re hot and cold all the time but you still stay near me. When are you planning on being honest with me?”

“I’m always honest with Izaya-san. Are you not paying attention?” Mikado smiled and sat down on the edge of the spring. He seemed happy at his own comment and saw Izaya turn a bit to get closer to Mikado, stopping just in front of him.

“I’d prefer it if you just stick to words instead of action. Not that I mind actions.” Izaya purred as he lay his head on Mikado’s lap very comfortably.

“Then Izaya-san…” Mikado poked Izaya to get the sempai to look at him. With a smile, Mikado welcomed him with open arms, gaining a grin from Izaya. As Izaya got up, he slowly lowered Mikado’s body on the cold floor and began to kiss him.

However, once Izaya got a moan from Mikado, the door to the spring was opened. Izaya quickly groaned and yelled at the incoming people, “Damn it! Gay sex starting here, go away!” This effectively scared whoever had come in and left Mikado holding in his laughter. “Stop laughing, we’re continuing one way or another.” Izaya quickly said and took Mikado’s lips again.

So while Izaya made sure that Mikado and he had a good time, Masaomi tried his best to keep Shizuo happy by offering the same as Mikado.

With a soft moan, Shizuo and Masaomi separated, each with a blush on their face. “So…sorry… I think…” Masaomi apologized with quickly felt Shizuo hug him. “Shizuo-san?”

“You sure you want to do this?” Shizuo asked the boy with whisper.

Smiling, Masaomi returned the hug before replying. “I’m sure. Shizuo-sempai means this much to me so I want to convey it as much as I can to you in any way I can.”

“Then I won’t stop.” Shizuo simply said before devouring Masaomi’s lips.

With light touches, Shizuo slipped Masaomi out of his robe, letting it fall to the boy’s side. Though Masaomi felt slightly embarrassed, he allowed Shizuo to touch him as he pleased. The older sempai started with his chest, simply caressing before he moved on to kissing and sucking.

“Nnn…” Masaomi moaned, holding onto Shizuo for support. All of a sudden, he felt his body being placed on the futons and looked surprised at Shizuo. “What are you…? Ah! Ahn… No… Stop… That’s dir…ty…” He tried to stop Shizuo from taking his lower half but the older one wasn’t planning on stopping anytime soon.

“You just got out of the bath, you can’t get anymore clean you know.” Shizuo reminded the boy before he felt a surge of liquid in his mouth. “Feel good?”

“Y-yes… But what about you Shizuo-sempai?” Masaomi wanted to give his lover the same feeling but was left gasping when he felt something coming inside. “What…what is that?”

“Sorry, it’s my finger. I’m trying to prepare you as much as possible. I don’t want you to be in pain.” Shizuo apologized and continued sucking while his fingers slowly widened Masaomi’s backside.

Very soon, Masaomi came again in Shizuo’s mouth. However, this time he decided to make a move of his own. He sat up and came closer to Shizuo. “I want to make you feel good too.” With an assertive gaze, Masaomi lowered his hand and reached Shizuo’s manhood. Shizuo stopped his handwork for a moment at the feeling of Masaomi’s hands but positioned the boy in his lap to make the process a bit smoother while he continued to make Masaomi less susceptible to the coming pain.

“Wait… Stop for a… Nngh!” Shizuo froze when he came in Masaomi’s hands, effectively surprising his kouhai lover.

“S-sorry!” Masaomi quickly apologized but Shizuo took his lips instead. The kiss quickly deepened until Masaomi realized Shizuo was just embarrassed.

Soon enough, Shizuo stopped the kiss and faced Masaomi’s gaze. “You ready now?” He asked softly and received a silent nod from Masaomi. With that agreement, Shizuo lifted Masaomi and slowly lowered him into position.

With silent tears and a tight grip on Shizuo’s shoulders, Masaomi found himself completely taken by Shizuo. Then, without another word, Shizuo lowered Masaomi to the futon again and began to move.

“Ah… Nnn… Ah! Shizuo…sempai…” Masaomi called out for Shizuo as he nearly lost himself in pleasure. “Shizuo-sempai…”

“Masaomi…” Shizuo returned the calls and kissed Masaomi as the afternoon passed into the night before morning arrived once more.

The dining hall was excruciatingly silent and empty, except for Mikado and Izaya, who silently ate their breakfast. It seemed that the rest of the guests checked out sometime between yesterday and today, leaving only the four as the single guests in the whole inn.

“Morning…” Masaomi yawned as he slowly came into the hall with Shizuo, who was carrying him like a pillow. “There’s no one else here?”

“No. Looks like everyone left when they heard something too embarrassing for them.” Izaya grinned as if he had everything all figured out. Of course, the rest were too embarrassed to say anything about that. “Seriously, we all know what happened last night. So how was it Shizu-chan? Was Kida-kun up to your expectations?”

“Izaya-san, shut it!” Mikado quickly smacked Izaya before Shizuo got a chance to and continued with his breakfast.

One of the innkeepers came and brought Shizuo and Masaomi breakfast without a word yet Izaya noticed her blush and grinned. Hiding his laughter, he continued to eat until he was done. As he waited for Mikado to be done, he noticed how the rest were feeling awkward about the silence. Rolling his eyes, Izaya spoke up the moment Mikado finished his food.

“How about you and me go out today Mikado-kun? I’m sure there are a few things to see around here.” Izaya suggested with a soft smile however, everyone in the room was suspicious of him.

Thinking it through, Mikado replied, “Fine. I guess.”

“Good! Then let’s go right now!” Izaya grabbed Mikado’s hand and dragged him away.

Masaomi and Shizuo stared in shock and Masaomi was the first to say anything. “Okay, I don’t trust him. Can we go after them?”

“Yeah.” Shizuo agreed and hurried with his breakfast. Once they were both done, Masaomi tried to sit up but fell to the floor so Shizuo picked him up and ran after the two. After all, Izaya always seemed to have another plan in his mind, and he was Mikado’s avid fan.


“Where is Izaya-san?” Kasuka asked Mikado once the younger kouhai met up with him for lunch.

“Back home. He’s still sleeping.” Mikado replied to him as he sat down with a smile.

“Then everything went okay during the trip?” Kasuka asked as he sipped his tea.

“Yes. Shizuo-san and Masaomi were pretty happy and Izaya-san settled down a bit. Of course, that didn’t stop him from teasing those two during the whole trip but…” Mikado was remembering everything that happened as he asked the waiter for a menu.

“I take it then that he liked his present?”

“He did. Thank you for getting me that coat. Though he was more overjoyed at the key I hid in it rather than the coat per se.” Mikado browsed through the menu and decided on something so he called the waiter over again.

“And brother? What did Kida-kun give him in the end?” Kasuka seemed curious but his gaze seemed the same as always.

“Oh, that.” Mikado chuckled and got closer to Kasuka to say something. “Did you see the sunglasses Shizuo-san had when we came back?” With a nod from Kasuka, Mikado continued. “That’s the second pair he got Shizuo-san. When he first gave the original one he got him, Izaya-san teased Shizuo-san too much and they got destroyed. So Masaomi and Shizuo-san went off to buy a pair together. I think it was part of Izaya-san’s plan though.”

“I’m glad. You all had a good time then.” Kasuka nodded, looking somehow glad despite his face looking the same as always.

The waiter soon came with their food and both remained there until Izaya appeared to bother them. Mikado wasn’t surprised that Izaya found them so easily but he was surprised when Masaomi showed up with Shizuo. Soon after, Shizuo chased after Izaya, leaving Masaomi to say the words that continued to bother him all the time, “You and Kasuka-sempai hang out a lot, don’t you? How many things have you conspired like this?”

Mikado simply smiled at that and Kasuka continued to eat. Possibly, Mikado was more dangerous than Izaya, Masaomi simply thought to himself.

Extra End

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