White cage

Summary: When they woke up, they found themselves in an unknown place for unknown reasons. And none can remember anything.
Pairings: ksizsz + msmk?
Rating: T
Genre: Mystery / Romance
Story Type: Random AU
Setting: Based on this one video I had found on youtube, which no longer exists. D: Only other place I’ve found it is in youku, so I’ll apologize for that.
Warning: Major OOC. Angst?

In front of him there were only white curtains. He couldn’t see anything at all and continued walking around, despite the feeling of being lost in a forest. But there was something else. He felt that the end was near, somewhere.

He was correct.

Nearly tripping over a chair, he noticed there was a round table in front of him with five chairs surrounding it. He looked around and noticed the beds surrounding the table, each behind layers of the white curtains. Walking around the table and passing by one of the beds, he found a two-door window hanging in mid air. However, he could not see through it or around it.

“Ah, there’s someone there.” A perky voice spoke up behind him and he saw a blond boy walking over to him. “Hiya! Do you know how to get out of here?” The newcomer asked with a smile but he shook his head in response. He really didn’t know.

“I only just got here.” He replied to him, turning around to face the window again. “I found this too.”

“Oh! That’s pretty cool! Wonder why it’s like that?” The blond boy glanced at the strange window curiously. “Ah, my name’s Masaomi.” He smiled to him and waited for the normal response.

“Oh. Nice to meet you. I’m Mikado.” With that, Masaomi put his arm around Mikado’s shoulder and grinned widely.

“That’s the way! We gotta get to know each other before anything, right?” Masaomi winked and heard footsteps behind them both. They returned to the round table and saw an older man come in with this deadpan expression, followed by an older blond who seemed distressed but then looked confused.

“Hello.” The deadpan said with a slight bow. He seemed to be courteous at least. “I’m Kasuka.”

“Masaomi. And this is Mikado. You guys get lost in here too?” Masaomi asked them both and they nodded. Then, with the same smile he gave Mikado, Masaomi turned to the blond. “And you are?”

“Ah, Shizuo. Where is this place?” The blond man asked curiously while looking around. “I remember running after my brother… My brother?” He stopped and wondered about what he had been doing.

“Actually, I don’t remember how I got here either. Only that by the time I realized it, I was in the middle of those curtains.” Masaomi spoke, trying to help the situation by explaining his own and both Mikado and Kasuka agreed with him. “Huh? Who’s that?” He looked behind Shizuo to see a grinning man.

“Um, could we have your name?” Mikado asked shyly but the man looked like he was trying to stop a laughter from sounding out.

“Hey!” Shizuo yelled at the man, who now looked calmer.

“Oh, sorry, sorry.” He apologized to them with a grin. “It’s just that when I found myself in the middle of the curtains I thought I was in Heaven and there might be virgins waiting for me but then I thought; that isn’t my religion. So I couldn’t stop myself from laughing when I saw you four.” The man explained and left all four confused.

“We’re dead?” Masaomi was the first to ask and sat down in one of the chairs. Mikado and Kasuka followed silently while Shizuo remained on his feet.

“Whoever said that? Maybe we’ve just been transported to some sort of jail.” The man said with a smile and walked over to them, stopping just next to Shizuo. “Name’s Izaya and I refuse to accept that Heaven’s with you four.”

Masaomi was the first to reply to that comment while Shizuo glared at Izaya. “That’s extremely rude! I wouldn’t want Heaven to be this either. There should be more girls!” At that, Mikado snorted and stopped himself from laughing.

“There would have to be girls here to begin with for you to say that Masaomi-kun.” Mikado smiled and turned to Izaya, “I’m Mikado. Nice to meet you Izaya-san.”

“But Mikado, you’re as cute as a girl.” Masaomi joked with a smile and poked Mikado’s cheek. “I’m Masaomi, if you hadn’t figured out.”

“Kasuka.” Kasuka presented himself with a slight bow and stared at the two teens curiously.

“I’m Shizuo. And for some reason, you’re seriously pissing me off.” Shizuo said, lightly growling at Izaya.

“So, does anyone remember how they got here?” Izaya asked and received four head shakes. “Then what’s the last thing you guys remember before coming here? ‘Cuz by head’s a blank on that part.” He grinned and walked over to one of the empty chairs next to Kasuka, followed by Shizuo, who took the last chair in between Izaya and Masaomi.

“I don’t remember either.” Masaomi pouted, a bit angry to have that particular thing reminded to him by someone he only just met. But if he stopped and calmed himself he would have realized that anyone of the others could have realized that and said it first.

“I have a feeling I knew what I was doing until I got here. But I can’t remember either.” Shizuo scowled and tried to think but came up short as well.

“Then what should we do in the meantime? Trying to remember seems to get us nowhere.” Mikado was the first to ask, though his voice wasn’t as loud as he hoped.

The rest looked at him and tried to think. None of them seem to come up with a solution. They needed to do something but they didn’t know what. Everything was hazy in their minds. How they got there, why they were there, how could they leave, what happened before they got there, and what they needed to do to leave, were the main questions running through their minds. However, the more they thought about it, the more they came up with nothing.

With a sigh, Mikado was the first to stand up again. He walked away from the table and stood in front of the window once again. He thought that the answer might be there, but he couldn’t see it.

“What’s over there?” Izaya was the first to ask and Masaomi answered him. “Oh, really? I want to see that myself.” He stood up, heading in Mikado’s direction and they heard him exclaim in surprise about the window. Pretty soon, Shizuo and Kasuka stood up to see the thing as well.

But the luster of the window soon lost its charm to the three older males and they returned to the table. Masaomi yawned and decided to sleep a bit in the meantime while Shizuo left to wander around the area. Kasuka and Izaya remained alone in the table so they talked for a bit.

“Kasuka-kun, do you remember anything else? About your life?” Izaya began the conversation.

“I had a job. I liked it too.” Kasuka replied without smiling, though he felt happy. “There were some difficulties about it. I think it had to do with someone I cared about.”

“Ah, you were in love?” Izaya grinned and saw Kasuka take some time in nodding. It seemed he wasn’t too sure about his own answer. “I feel the same. I had someone I loved. But I think there was something wrong with our relationship. It wasn’t going too well.”

“That’s too bad. What was she like?” Kasuka asked as he tilted his head to the side.

“Graceful and pretty but…violent?” Izaya tilted his head to the sides in a confused manner. “I think this place is messing with our memories. My lover wasn’t happy with me, I think.”

“I feel the same. My memory is hazy in a lot of important parts.” Kasuka nodded in agreement and saw Shizuo return with a frown.

“I tried walking in a straight line, but it looks like I ended up back here.” He said and sat down on one of the chairs again. As he completely ignored the two, he slumped down and rested his head on the table. Izaya looked at Kasuka with a small grin and shrugged.

With that, the conversation the two had died out. In the meantime, Masaomi had woken up and dragged the bed sheet with him as he walked over to Mikado.

“Mi-ka-do!” He slightly yelled with a grin and covered Mikado with the bed sheet; effectively scaring the boy who looked back to him surprised.

“Don’t do that! I nearly jumped out of my skin!” Mikado gave a sigh but smiled nonetheless. “Masaomi, you know, you remind me a lot of a friend of mine. He was as energetic as you are.”

“Was? He died?” Masaomi asked confused, not removing the bed sheet from them.

“I don’t think he did. But it’s been a long time since I’ve seen him.” Mikado tried smiling but quickly frowned as he stared at the window again. “I think I was left behind. It’s been a long time since then.” Has it?, Mikado wondered to himself, not sure of the time he had been speaking of.

“Don’t worry! You’ve got me now! And Kasuka-san and Shizuo-san and even Izaya-san! We’re all here with you, you know!” Masaomi grinned as he tried to make Mikado feel better. Something told him he should. And besides, he knew he was a cheerful person.

“What are you looking at?” Shizuo asked curiously to Izaya, who snickered and pointed to the two teens. “The kids? What about them?”

“Don’t you think it’s nice to be young? Not a real care in the world. Those two are already getting along well.” Izaya replied and decided to take a walk for a while. He wanted to see if what Shizuo was true.

So for a while longer, Masaomi and Mikado stayed that way, until Izaya came back and got the two to come back to the table. Kasuka had decided to sleep and Shizuo was trying to tear one of the curtains but no matter how much he pulled, it wouldn’t budge.

“It’s too bad. Kasuka-kun and I were making friends while you two did the same. Oh, Shizuo-kun, what about you? Do you have someone you love?” Izaya turned around and looked over at Shizuo, who seemed startled for a second before going into thought.

“I was going out with someone. But I was only trying to cheer that person up since they were heartbroken recently. I don’t think we were compatible anyways.” Shizuo replied honestly before heading back to the curtain he was trying to pull down.

Masaomi gave a sigh before leaning into the table. “Adult love seems complicated. Why go out with someone if you weren’t truly in love with each other? To me, it makes no sense.”

“Well, you said it. It’s complicated, Masaomi-kun.” Izaya grinned and ruffled the teen’s hair. “Sometimes that’s the only way to love someone. Especially if you care about them.”

“But doesn’t it hurt the person who’s doing the caring? A relationship like that is doomed from the moment either of them think of it.” Mikado suddenly spoke up seriously and all three looked at him. “Oh, I’m sorry. I just said what came to my head without thinking.” He apologized and lowered his head.

“No, I agree Mikado-kun. Shizuo-kun must’ve been in pain too.” Izaya smiled and ruffled Mikado’s hair this time. “Should we wake up Kasuka-kun? Though with what we remember, we might end up running out of topics so never mind.”

“I’m going back to the window.” Mikado suddenly said and left the table before anyone could stop him.

“I’ll take another walk. Maybe I’ll find a curtain I can rip out or…” Shizuo started speaking as he walked away so the rest of whatever he had meant to say was never heard by the two that were left.

Izaya pulled back and stretched his arms as he yawned. “So, who does Mikado-kun remind you of? I doubt it’s simply you two being young that drove you to speak to him.”

“Is it that obvious?” Masaomi asked and glanced in the direction he knew Mikado to be. “I abandoned someone I loved because of a fight. But I can’t even remember what it was about. How stupid, right?” He saw Izaya shake his head but continued talking. “Mikado has nothing to do with that. But being with him calms me down. I don’t think it’s that he reminds me of my girlfriend, rather…”

“You feel guilty for abandoning her so you’re caring for Mikado-kun instead, right?” Izaya asked with a grin and saw Masaomi frown.

“You might be right. I can’t even say it’s true. It’s just… With the way things are right now, right here, it might be better to just do something than nothing at all, right?” Masaomi glanced at Izaya, hoping for something from the other.

“I guess. Sorry, I don’t want to give you any false hope or information. I don’t remember things either.” Izaya smiled and saw Masaomi walk away to one of the beds. With a sigh, he murmured to himself. “I don’t want to think too much either way…”

Shaking his head, Izaya decided to walk away for the moment, passing by Shizuo, who looked irked again. He probably walked around in another circle.

As Shizuo decided to take a nap, he met with Kasuka and Masaomi. The younger blond looked depressed by what Izaya had said to him and he explained to both what happened after Shizuo sat down on the bed with them. Once he had finished explaining, Shizuo and Kasuka tried to cheer up the boy by thinking up other things.

“I think we all have some sort of love problem. Maybe that’s what led us here together.” Kasuka explained without speaking too much of Izaya’s matter. He didn’t want to talk about someone else’s matter behind their back.

“But I don’t think Mikado has love problems. He doesn’t look the type. Or maybe he was in love with his best friend?” As Masaomi said that, he felt a blush on his face. That was a risky and forbidden love! Dangerous! I never pegged him for that type. Though then again, I don’t know him at all, do I? Masaomi thought to himself with a slight grin.

“You also had love problems, Kasuka?” Shizuo ignored Masaomi for a second and turned to Kasuka.

“Oh, yes. Shizuo-san, you as well?” Kasuka asked curiously and received a nod from Shizuo.

“But maybe that’s just normal. People eventually fall in love at some point so having that sort of problem isn’t really unique. Don’t worry too much about it, Masaomi.” Shizuo grinned and startled Masaomi out of his thoughts.

“Eh? Oh. I guess… But why is it that this particular topic is clearer in my mind? If I think about other stuff, like hobbies, family, school, my mind draws a blank.” Masaomi explained, feeling a headache forming.

“Izaya-san thought that it might be this place and I feel like I should agree with him.” Kasuka said and nodded to himself.

“Then I’ll just ignore it for the moment.” Masaomi said and grinned, taking a hold of the hands next to him before falling back on the bed. “It feels like a family…” He murmured before falling asleep.

Both Shizuo and Kasuka looked down at Masaomi with a smile and turned their attention to the hand that held theirs tightly. There was a ring, they both thought at the same time.

“Can I tell you something?” Shizuo spoke up with a slight frown. Whatever he was thinking of seemed difficult to say. But once he saw Kasuka’s nod, he continued. “I couldn’t say it in front of Masaomi, but there’s something else I slightly remember. I have a brother. Or had. I can’t remember that part. All I can remember is that I wanted to protect him but wasn’t able to.” You remind me of him, he bit back the words in fear.

“Maybe we’re all scared of something. Or there’s someone we’ve left behind in pain, whether it was because of love or friendship.” Kasuka said softly and laid on the bed next to Masaomi. “It does feel like a family.” He smiled and felt Shizuo rest on the bed as well.

“I guess… You might be right. But it feels different too. The reason why we’re here, I mean.” Shizuo clarified and scratched the tip of his nose with his free hand.

As all three fell asleep, they failed to notice that Izaya had been watching them. He returned with the same feeling Shizuo had so he felt like doing something else when he just stood there and overheard the conversation the three had.

“You’ve been looking at him all this time.” Mikado’s voice surprised him and he looked back to see the boy. “Would you like to talk about it?” He felt like he should help but Izaya shook his head and so Mikado returned to the window.

Once he watched him leave, Izaya realized something so he followed after Mikado. “Who did you say I was looking at?” He asked once he was close enough.

“I didn’t. But I thought you were paying close attention to Kasuka-san all this time. Your gaze said so. Was I wrong?” Mikado asked as he looked back at Izaya, who sat down on the bed in front of the mirror. This once was a size bigger than the rest.

“You weren’t.” Izaya replied honestly. “After I heard Shizuo-kun, I started to think about my memories. I was heartbroken so I sought a lover out. That person’s brother to be exact.” He added but Mikado remained quiet. “Maybe that’s why my earlier memory was different when I said it out loud. I was remembering two people as the same one.”

Izaya lowered his gaze. “I was in love with that person but it couldn’t work out. And my new lover and I weren’t fully getting along. We were having a hard time connecting. He started to hate me. I’m not even sure he loved me to begin with.”

“I wasn’t in love with my best friend.” Mikado suddenly spoke up, surprising Izaya. It seemed as though he was going to ignore Izaya’s comments. “But I was left behind and being alone was scary so I wanted someone who could love me. Kasuka-san might be right about why we’re here.” He walked over and hugged Izaya.

We’re both afraid, they thought at the same time.

Suddenly a gust of wind blew past them, moving all the curtains at the same time. Mikado looked up, along with Izaya, and tried to make sense of what was happening. They looked towards the window and saw something red stuck on it.

Mikado separated from Izaya and walked over to it. It looked like a piece of ribbon so he took hold of it. Immediately, he saw something in the back of his mind.

I was in the middle of the streets. It was another lonely day. That’s when I heard something loud above me. I looked up and saw something heading right for me. I froze as my mind wondered what it could be. Then I heard someone call out my name. It was a familiar voice. I felt someone tackling me and then… Everything went black.

“Oh.” Mikado simply said as the string moved itself to wrap his wrist. He turned around and smiled at Izaya. “I’m sorry Izaya-san. I’ll be leaving first.” He apologized as tears fell down his face.

“What do you mean by that, Mikado-kun?” Izaya asked, standing up but another gust of wind blew him back. This time, it had come from the window that had now opened. When Izaya finally looked up, he didn’t see Mikado at all and the window was closed as well.

Something felt terribly odd and he ran over to the three sleeping men and noticed the red ribbon on Masaomi’s wrist, much like the one on Mikado.

“Hey! Wake up!” Izaya shook the boy awake and noticed the tears that fell down from his eyes.

“I was fighting with her and went back home. It was a coincidence but I saw him in trouble. I just wanted to save him.” Masaomi hid his tears with his hands and in the blink of an eye, he was gone.

Izaya fell down on the floor, completely confused by what had just happened. As he wondered what he should do, both Kasuka and Shizuo woke up and sat down next to him.

“Don’t worry.” They both spoke up at the same time. “I’m sorry I’ve hurt you. But I never hated you. Even though it was a misunderstanding, I still love you. I’m not mad. I never was. No matter what you did.” Both Kasuka and Shizuo gave Izaya a kiss on the cheek and Izaya simply looked ahead without noticing that they had also left him behind.

Silently, he got up and walked back to the window. He wanted to wait for his turn, if it was even coming. Staring at the window, he thought he saw something and tried cleaning it. On the other side was mass destruction, but it looked like a room. Something had been destroyed.

I don’t want this! Not pity! Not love! I just want the suffering to end! For what reason was I abandoned? What do I have to do for you to love me again? You hate me, don’t you? After all, this is what I’ve become!

“I blew it up. Our apartment. The one the three of us had been living in.” Izaya spoke softly, understanding it at last. “I see… They were caught up by mistake. Mine…”

There was a soft wind and he could hear laughter. With a saddened smile, he opened the window.


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