Missing Ten

Summary: Aoba meets with Izaya to find out where Mikado has disappeared to.
Pairings: forced!izao + one-sided!aomk
Rating: M
Genre: Angst / Drama
Story Type: Random AU
Setting: No particular.
Warning: Aoba rape (meaning dark theme).

There was only one knock on the door. Izaya didn’t open it but had Namie do it instead. Aoba was on the other side, his eyes screaming ‘bloody murder’ right at Izaya. As he walked past Namie, the older woman took her leave without saying a single word. Work was done for the day so she didn’t need to hang back for a second longer. And she didn’t want to know what would happen next.

“Where is he?!” Aoba yelled out the moment he was in front of Izaya’s desk, his hands smacking said desk with force.

“And who might you be speaking of anyways?” Izaya asked slyly while facing his computer instead of Aoba. The information he was browsing through on a forum seemed more interesting to him than the teenager in front of him.

“Stop playing coy, I know you have him!” Aoba seemed determined to get the information but Izaya simply sighed and turned to face Aoba.

“And I’m asking who you mean. Seriously, there are so many males in this world for me to remember them all. So, which ‘him’ is it?” Izaya grinned, his eyes reflecting all the knowledge he owned.

“There’s only one person I would be this distressed about and you know that! Now answer the question already, where’s Mikado-sempai?!” Finally having the name out of his mouth, Izaya began to laugh. Aoba stood in shock, not knowing what true motives this man could have.

“And what makes you think I know where Mikado-kun is? By this hour he should be home, don’t you think so?” Izaya wiped away his tears and leaned back comfortably in his chair.

“But he’s not! I was walking with him until just earlier! I saw that black van drive off and Mikado-sempai’s bag on the floor! I know you took him! So where is he?!” Aoba seemed to be one step away from trying to kill Izaya but he needed information first.

“That’s a big accusation, especially coming from you Aoba-kun.” Izaya said and turned slightly away. “But, I have heard about something relating to Mikado-kun. A few days ago, I mean. It could have something to do with why he’s…gone.”

That pause seemed extremely suspicious to Aoba who could not confirm his suspicions right at that moment. But, any piece of information he could obtain was important at the moment, especially if he wanted to find his missing person before sunrise.

“How much is it?” Aoba finally asked after thinking it through. It was dangerous ground he was walking into but it was necessary for him to take the first step.

“Oh, much more than your allowance can afford but…” Izaya glanced at Aoba and the boy felt his body shivering slightly because of it. “I’m sure you can think of an adequate alternative.”

The silence felt heavy but Aoba knew what Izaya was insinuating and there was nothing he could do. Not if he truly wanted to find who he was searching for. But Aoba still felt conflicted. Only for a second though. With a gaze that could kill, Aoba didn’t take his eyes off of Izaya as he began by taking off his jacket.

As Izaya turned again in order to face Aoba more comfortably, he ignored the boy’s glare and simply watched how each piece of clothing fell to the floor. His tie, shirt, belt, shoes, pants and finally socks all fell, leaving Aoba in only his boxers. Like a young boy exposed to humiliation, Aoba covered his chest by crossing his arms uncomfortably.

“Well, there’s one piece of clothing still missing but I’ll forgive you for now.” Izaya spoke and Aoba felt a bit of fear at that moment. However, the boy quickly discarded the feeling, in case Izaya caught it. Thankfully for him, he did not. “So, what will you do now that you’re nearly naked?” It was meant to coax him into doing something wrong, like taking a wrong step. But Aoba remained cool.

“How…” Biting his bottom lip, Aoba spoke up with a serious gaze. “How do you want it?”

Izaya scoffed and leaned back to take in the view. “Let’s see… How about you jack off first? Let’s see if you can get me in the mood?”

Nearly drawing blood, Aoba took off his last piece of clothing. It was his last line of defense and now he was completely exposed. Slowly, he drew his hands to his lower area and grabbed hold of the member Izaya had been referring to. He tried stroking it; however the offending member would not react.

“Come on now. Don’t tell me you’re not in the mood either? Shall I help you?” Izaya offered but received the glare in response. That didn’t stop him from speaking again though. “Let’s see… Imagine, if you’d like, your hands are not your own. They belong to a black haired boy. He’s got the bluest eyes you’ve set your own eyes on. Lips that would only belong to an untouched virgin. Hands as soft and clean as a well-kept child. Those hands, unsoiled from the materialistic world are now touching you. Softly, then harshly, as he’s inexperienced.”

As Izaya enjoyed his narration, Aoba could not help but hear the poisonous words and blushed, finally reacting. It frustrated him because he was imagining it. Especially the very person Izaya was describing. Because it was how he viewed the person he searched for. Whimpering, he fell to the floor and murmured while closing his eyes, “Mikado-sempai…”

“That tongue which has never muttered even a curse word, it’s now lightly touching your tip. The red lips come together and they begin to suck.” Izaya stood up without stopping and walked over to Aoba. Once he was close enough, he pulled the boy’s head back to get a better look at his work. “They stop, inexperienced, and his tongue licks. Then sucking and licking again. His regularly cleaned teeth hitting your skin every so often, they feel every pulsation from your veins.”

“Ah… No… Stop…” Aoba felt himself coming but his hands never stopped moving, almost in sync with Izaya’s words.

“It doesn’t matter how sloppy his work is, you love him and forgive him.” Izaya’s grin widened and he soon found himself slightly covered in liquid. “That was fast. But you know, Aoba-kun…”

Aoba opened his eyes and noticed Izaya’s grin as the man’s face came closer and covered his lips with his own. With weak strength, Aoba tried to push Izaya away but the other had a firm grip on him and gave little room for Aoba to move.

Separating from Aoba, Izaya continued to speak. “I’m not Mikado-kun so I’m not going to be kind.” With those words, Izaya opened his pants with one hand while pulling Aoba closer with the other. Then he forced Aoba down on him. “Now how’s about you really get me in the mood? And don’t think about biting please.”

Without having any options, Aoba opened his eyes and swallowed Izaya’s manhood. He began doing the same things Izaya had spoke off just earlier in order to get him in the mood but he left room for errors. He didn’t want to give Izaya the pleasure he sought. Unfortunately for Aoba, it was the worst decision he could make.

“Ngh!” Aoba nearly stopped breathing when Izaya forced his head further down, causing Aoba to have little room in his trachea for air. With tears beginning to form, Aoba began to suck and just tried to end everything already. Soon enough, Izaya came in his mouth, leaving Aoba coughing from taking in too much.

“Good boy. Now we can head to the main show.” Izaya smiled and moved Aoba around until his bottom was facing Izaya. “And don’t go fainting on me, okay?” With a sly smile, Izaya plunged in and took Aoba like a rag doll.

The boy tried to hold in his screams of pain. There had been no real preparation for him so now Aoba was left with a cut lip and blood flowing from both wounds. As seconds passed into minutes, Aoba hoped Izaya would finish soon. And that he did.

Without a word, Izaya got off of Aoba and walked over to his desk in search of his cell phone. Aoba remained limp on the floor, just waiting for something to happen. He knew he should get up and get dressed but the pain was too much.

“Hi, it’s me…” Izaya spoke up energetically at his phone while walking up the stairs. Aoba couldn’t hear his conversation no matter how hard he tried.

Eventually, he simply zoned out for what seemed like an hour until something damp fell on him. Surprised, he looked up to see Izaya grinning and noticed a towel was on him.

“Get cleaned. Looks like Mikado-kun is home so you can go check up on him. Whoever had him must have let him go. They didn’t seem to be able to get the information they wanted from him.” Izaya explained cryptically but Aoba was shocked nonetheless. Because this all seemed to be some secret plan Izaya had from the beginning.

“What…information was that?” Aoba asked, his voice seemingly tired though he had not screamed at all.

“Relating the Dollars and the Blue Squares. Someone managed to put two and two together it seems.” Aoba couldn’t confirm whether or not what Izaya spoke of was true. But if there was one thing he knew, it was to never trust the man.

So Aoba cleaned himself and got dressed. Nearly tripping from the pain, Aoba refused to look back as he exited the apartment. He didn’t want to see Izaya or his Cheshire grin. Because this just had to have been part of Izaya’s plan.

Eventually, without showing any signs of there having been something wrong, Aoba faced his beloved person with a smile at their apartment. No matter what, he didn’t want the person in front him to know of what had happened in case they decided to face Izaya. Putting this one in front of that maniac was the last thing he wanted.

So Aoba put that night in the back of his mind.


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