Not an adult but not a kid either

Summary: Mikado meet Chikage on his way home and gets insulted.
Pairings: ckmk
Rating: T
Genre: Humor
Story Type: Random AU
Setting: Slightly based after vol6 so it’s half-AU.
Warning: Extremely short chapter.

Mikado walked along the path home like normal. He had just separated from both Anri and Aoba for the day. Yawning a bit, he thought about taking a nap before getting to work on his homework and buying his dinner. His parent’s monthly allowance had just arrived so he hoped to splurge a bit by going out to eat instead of cooking. But before he could do that, first came his school work.

“Oh, if it isn’t the boy leader!” The sudden voice surprised him and Mikado turned around to see the infamous Toranuma leader, Chikage, walking down his street. The odd thing was that not a woman was in sight. Mikado had at least heard the rumors. Usually, most often than not, Chikage was accompanied by a group of “girlfriends”.

“I have a name Chikage-san.” Mikado found himself scolding the older male, despite himself. Though when he realized he had spoken, Mikado lowered his gaze. “Ah, I’m sorry. I meant, please don’t call me that, Chikage-san.”

Of course, Chikage only found the sudden change in attitude hilarious. “You’re seriously weird, kid. Are you sure you’re really the leader of the Dollars?” He asked, coming closer to Mikado’s ear. “You should seriously quit it. Your personality really doesn’t match it.”

“What does that mean?” Mikado turned to Chikage with a frown and tried to read the man’s intentions.

“You’re too naïve. If I had to say it more plainly, you’re just a kid. What happens in your gang is an adult’s world. Only for grown-ups.” Chikage said it as plain and simple as he could think of. Even though he came off as mean and insensitive, he was actually worried about the boy.

But Mikado wasn’t scared off. Instead, he looked directly at Chikage with determination. “I won’t do as you say Chikage-san. No matter what anyone says, I started this so I’ll be the one to fix the mistakes I’ve done.” He was serious. Chikage could see that much.

“You’re really interesting, boy. But I only wanted to say that to you. Take care now.” Chikage grinned and turned around to leave. However, he was stopped when Mikado grabbed hold of his arms. Looking back at Mikado with a confused look, he saw that the boy had something to say.

“Also…” Mikado started and pulled down on Chikage, “I am not a boy, Chikage-san.” He said before locking his lips with Chikage and proceeding to deepening the kiss. Chikage could do nothing as he was not only caught by surprise but utterly shocked. Once he knew he had enough, Mikado separated and said, “Please remember that.” With that, he left the frozen Chikage and continued his trek home.

After catching his breath, Chikage grinned to himself and thought, “Yeah, I think I’ll definitely remember that.” Nodding, he walked the other way, away from Mikado’s apartment, whistling a tune to himself for enjoyment.


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