I have nothing if not luck

Summary: A hungry Mikado meets Kadota on the way home.
Pairings: kdmk?
Rating: T
Genre: Slice of Life / Humor
Story Type: Random AU
Setting: No particular.
Warning: Random fluff to make up (sorta) for the previous chapter’s dark theme.

“Ugh… Damn it… I should’ve taken Masaomi’s invitation back then…” Mikado mumbled to himself very incoherently though the fact that he was alone made the whole thing seem normal. And as long as there wasn’t anyone around, then it wouldn’t become weird.

“Ryugamine?” Suddenly, a familiar voice called out to him and Mikado turned around to see Kadota walking towards him. The fact that he was alone seemed weird but Mikado was more preoccupied about something else entirely to care at the moment.

“Ah, Kadota-san. Good evening.” Without forgetting his manners, Mikado gave the older man a light bow. However, before Kadota could reply to the boy’s bow, he was caught by surprise when he saw the boy’s nearly dead look on his face.

“Hey, you okay? You look like you’re about to faint.” Kadota asked worriedly, taking a few steps closer to Mikado.

“Oh. Ah…” Mikado looked slightly flustered by that and apologized. “I-I’m sorry. I ran out of funds this week so I have to hold out until tomorrow when my allowance comes in… But please don’t worry!” The boy tried to look cheerful but he failed miserably, causing Kadota to shake his head.

“That’s not healthy. You’re still young so you need your three meals a day. Come with me. I’ll feed you something.” Kadota said as he grabbed hold of Mikado’s hand and began to pull him away.

“Eh?! Ah, that’s not necessary Kadota-san! I can hold out until tomorrow!” Mikado tried to stop Kadota but the older man was stronger and had already brought him to their usual place; the Russia Sushi.

Standing in front of the shop, Kadota spoke up. “It’s nothing special but I figure you can at least eat something.” As he smiled at Mikado, the boy nodded appreciatively at his gesture. Even if he didn’t want to burden the older man too much, he knew the sushi was cheap and would at least do its job.

Both headed in and were immediately greeted by Simon. They took a seat by the window while Simon brought them a snack to munch on before eating. After ordering the food for them, Kadota offered the snack in front of them to Mikado.

“Oh, thank you. But you should eat as well Kadota-san.” Mikado took a piece and offered the bowl back to Kadota with a smile.

“You’re a good kid, you know?” Kadota smiled and extended his hand to ruffle Mikado’s hair.

Mikado lowered his gaze to hide his blush and felt Kadota stop. As the older sempai was going to speak, someone interrupted with a cheery tone, causing Kadota to retreat his hand as fast as he could. “Oh? This is an odd combination. Where’s the rest of your gang? Or are you two on a date? Does Karisawa-san know this?” Izaya’s grin irked the both of them with his unique timing.

“What are you doing here Izaya?” Kadota asked with a frown as Simon passed by to deliver their order.

“Getting food. It’s a salmon special day after all!” Izaya cheered and lifted up his box of food to show what he meant.

“Then if that’s all, why don’t you go home?” Kadota asked curiously, not realizing the significance of his own words.

“You’re trying to kick me out Dotachin? So this really is a date! Don’t you feel lucky and excited, Mikado-kun?” Izaya asked with a grin while getting closer to Mikado.

However, instead of feeling flustered by the comment, Mikado turned away to look outside. “Ah, Heiwajima-san.” He said with a surprised look as the mentioned man was walking right past their location.

“Ah, wait… Don’t…” Izaya tried to stop Mikado but the younger boy had already knocked on the glass window with a smile on his face.

Kadota quickly ducked away from view and seeing him, Mikado followed suit. That left Izaya to be seen as plain as day by ex-bartender. The result, of course, was obvious. “Iiiizaaaayaaaa!!!” Shizuo’s screams were loud and anyone who heard them knew by know to run away from the area.

As he planned his revenge, Izaya ran out of the building. “Come back here you flea!” The words were so normal that Izaya couldn’t help but grin. The ex-bartender didn’t know that he had just been used to save the other two from the informant.

As they both got back up to sit correctly, Kadota spoke first. “Shizuo passing by was lucky. But I’m sorry you had to go through that. Izaya likes to exaggerate too much sometimes.” He tried to apologize but the younger boy shook his head.

“I know he takes things too far sometimes. I’m the one who should apologize. You got in that mess with Orihara-san because you wanted to treat me to something.” Mikado tried smiling in order to ease his sempai’s worries.

“Ah, don’t worry. Just eat your food in the meantime.” Kadota said as Simon brought their food and they began to eat in awkward silence.

Once they were done, Mikado gave a happy sigh and smiled over to Kadota. “Thank you Kadota-san. That was good.” He thanked the man and saw him smile back.

“It’s no problem. Now let’s go. I’ll walk you home.” Kadota said and headed over to pay Simon, not realizing the double meaning in his words or how red Mikado was left.

‘That’s Orihara-san getting to you, Mikado. Forget about it.’ Mikado reminded himself of the previous event and walked over to Kadota, feeling calmer about the situation.

The two walked out of the Russia Sushi quietly and began to walk in the direction of Mikado’s apartment. There was nothing to say between them as neither had any idea of what to talk about. About halfway there, Mikado finally found something to talk about.

“Um, Karisawa-san and the others… They weren’t with you today?” He shyly asked, glancing at Kadota.

“Ah, they headed out to an overnight event in Akihabara and Togusa said there was a limited edition item he was trying to get somewhere else.” Kadota explained rather calmly and decided to ask something himself. “Kida and that girl aren’t with you either?”

“Oh. No, we’ve already parted for the day. I was headed home when you caught me.” Mikado explained, feeling slightly embarrassed by his words.

“Ah, I see…” Kadota nodded, feeling awkward now.

As Mikado’s apartment became closer, the boy grew worried that the moment would remain awkward even as they parted. He hoped Kadota had not treated him to dinner simply out of pity or because he knew his best friend or even because Kadota was an alumni of Raira. Of course, any reason besides those one made him red and flustered.

“That’s you, right? You should be careful of a place like this. It was broken into once, wasn’t it?” Kadota asked as he remembered something Mikado had spoke about some time before.

“Oh, yes. But it wasn’t for the normal reasons so I don’t think it’ll happen again.” Mikado seemed certain of that as he tried to project his determination to Kadota.

“Alright, I guess. Good night then.” Kadota seemed to accept Mikado’s words and turned around to leave.

However, Mikado quickly stopped him by calling out to him. “Um, Kadota-san!”

“Yeah?” The man turned his gaze towards the boy, curious about what he wanted to say.

“Tomorrow… When my allowance comes in… Would you like me to treat you to something?” He asked shyly, turning his gaze to the floor. Mikado seemed embarrassed by the proposal and didn’t notice how red Kadota had gotten.

But the man soon calmed himself and smiled. Walking over to Mikado, he placed a hand on top of the boy’s head. Once his Raira kouhai looked up, Kadota spoke. “Alright. I’ll be looking forward to it.”

With that, Kadota parted and left a very happy Mikado behind. The next day would prove itself to be a good one. Provided Izaya didn’t get his revenge at that time and that only Mikado and Kadota were alone. Because their companions would make a big ruckus if they knew the two had made what would normally be called…a date.


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