Side A: Wandering Thought

Summary: A lost boy meets a pair and another searches for him while being followed.
Pairings: msmk? + szaniz?
Rating: T
Genre: Mystery / Fantasy
Story Type: Weird!AU
Setting: The characters’ mannerisms are based on an official picture found in the Durarara no Subete book, which I scanned from my copy and placed below the cut.
Warning: The first of two chapters with a similar theme. The next one is Short 20. Also, notice the subtleties of their movements.


The moment he realized he no longer knew where he was, was the moment he realized he was utterly lost. A loud thundering roar was heard somewhere in the distance as if signifying the bad times to come. But the boy was not interested in that. All he could think at the moment was that he didn’t know where he was. Looking around confused, he took a step forward. He tried to say something to someone passing by but retreated in fear. No one seemed to pay him any mind but in a big city like the one he found himself in, that was normal.

“…” The stares were silent yet somehow loud enough for the boy to hear them. He turned around, distraught look on his face, and faced two people.

One was a girl, probably around his age, with glasses and a uniform that gave mention to her bust. The other was a much taller, and obviously older looking, man in a different uniform than the girl. What caught his attention was how they looked at him. Since the girl was shorter, she looked up at him. The man, as he was taller, looked down on him from behind the sunglasses on his face.

“Um…” He started, slightly scared and confused. “Where…am I?”

Somewhere far away, at a slightly farther time, lights began to flicker as the shadow of the nonchalant boy was somehow projected taller than anything else around. The effect should have surprised anyone around but the street was desolate at the moment. He looked around, grumbling lightly and sighed once.

“That stupid Mikado. He got lost in an annoying place.”

The boy began to walk away, not noticing the man who trailed behind with a wide grin on his face. Though if the boy had noticed, he gave no notion of it and had simply chosen to ignore the stalker.

“Ikebukuro.” The man simply replied, his gaze still on the boy.

“O-oh… I see… Where is that?” The boy was confused and looked around at the tall buildings.

“In Tokyo.” The girl replied this time, looking at him curiously, as if wondering who he was or what he was doing. But since neither side knew the other, it was obvious that there were many questions to be had.

“How did I get here?” The boy seemed to have ignored both the girl and the man and was now talking to himself. “I know I was heading home… Did I take a wrong turn somewhere? Was it at the river or after the tunnel? It couldn’t have been the stairs. But that’s a road I always take…”

Slightly infuriated that the boy was ignoring them, the man called out to him without raising his voice too high. “Hey. What the hell are you talking about?”

“Where am I?” The boy asked once again, failing to notice that the man snapped. He saw him spit his cigarette to the floor before crushing it. As the man now walked towards him, the boy side-stepped and stood slightly behind the girl.

“Just fucking explain what you’re talking about already!” He screamed at the boy but the girl closed her eyes anyways since he had been screaming in her general direction.

“I…” The boy started as the girl glanced towards him. “I was heading home… Then, all of a sudden, I found myself here. But I don’t know if I took a wrong turn somewhere.”

Without turning to face him completely, the girl asked. “Do you know how to get back home?”

“Well…” The boy began to think before speaking out the directions. “You go through there then take a left at the right, passing a tunnel then down the stairs and up the road… That’s strange. I take that road every day back. Where did I go wrong? Did I take a right at the left instead?”

“Hey.” The man called his attention before speaking again, feeling slightly surprised he hadn’t tried to punch the boy. “Where do you live anyways?”

“Stop following me and state your purpose already.” The nonchalant boy stopped in his tracks and refused to turn around. It seemed as though he had already realized that he was being followed and only now decided that it was getting on his nerves.

“Oh? You knew I was following you? Why not say anything earlier?” The black clothed man asked as he appeared from the shadows of the crowds.

“You’re annoying. I don’t like being followed.” The boy stated and started taking a few steps away from the man. “Besides, I got no interest in you. There’s something else I need to do first.”

The man went into thought before smirking and following the boy again. “So you’re looking for someone? Need any help?”

“No. I have a general idea where he is.” The boy simply spoke, avoiding any collision with the people around them very skillfully.

“Is this person important?” The man asked curiously but the boy now stopped talking to him. “Oh, man. You’re going to make me find out the hard way, aren’t you? Hmph. How interesting.” And without another word, the man trailed behind the boy, much closer this time, while ignoring the few stares he got for nearly skipping. That seemed normal to him.

Having gotten nowhere with words, both of them decided to simply walk around with the boy, hoping he would catch his bearings at some point. They walked in front of the boy, catching glances at him every so often to make sure he was still following them.

“Anything yet?” The man, who introduced himself as Shizuo, asked with a slight scowl but the boy shook his head. As worried as he looked, the boy who introduced himself as Mikado, had learned not to piss off Shizuo too much.

“I’m sure it’ll come to you.” The girl, who initiated the introductions by naming herself Anri, smiled and continued the soft pace.

“Sorry. I’m just slightly freaked out.” Mikado apologized and tried not to look distraught again.

“We’ve been walking for two hours now, just hurry up and remember how to get home!” Shizuo growled and ruffled his own hair so as not to get rough with the frail-looking boy. Anri, in turn, tried to calm him by placing her hand on his arm for a moment. Once he calmed down, they continued on.

“Seriously, if you don’t talk to me, I’ll get bored!” The man who called himself Izaya tried to get a reaction out of the boy yet the other continued to ignore him. As he sighed, he looked around at the people who watched from afar. Well, he simply wanted to get to know the boy but people watching seemed to be his pastime so until he got some answers, blindly following the nonchalant boy was interesting enough.

“Tch.” Izaya heard the boy click his tongue as he stopped in his tracks.

“Oh? Feel like answering now?” Izaya turned to the boy but noticed that he had begun to walk again. “Come on now, don’t leave me behind!”

“What the hell are you doing, Mikado?” The boy asked, slightly loud, and Izaya looked up ahead at the group of three. His face seemed surprised at the very least.

“Masaomi!” Mikado turned around with a happy look on his face. He also seemed to be very relieved to see the nonchalant boy.

“Iiizaaayaaa!” Shizuo, who had turned around at the same time as Anri, noticed Izaya and quickly walked over to him with a glare in place. He seemed about ready to murder the man.

“Oh my, Shizu-chan. Were you and Anri-chan on a date?” Izaya grinned, taking only a step away from the incoming Shizuo.

“Where have you been all this time? Here? Your mom’s worried so she sent me to look for you.” The nonchalant boy who had been called Masaomi walked over to the boy.

“I got lost here. How did you find me anyways?” Mikado asked curiously, looking around to see if anyone else had come with Masaomi.

“Instinct, of course. You’re not that hard to find anyways. Your mom knows you can’t go too far away from home so I just took your same route. Still, you got lost in an annoying place. I’m going to have to beat into you the way home again so this doesn’t happen.” Masaomi sounded serious but his gaze seemed uncaring.

“Sorry. But how are we getting home?” Mikado began to look worried and distraught again.

Before Masaomi could answer that, the two behind him began to fight it out. Mikado now looked extremely worried while Anri took a few steps closer to the two boys, almost ready to speak if Masaomi hadn’t cut her off.

“Would you please stop it with the childish games? You’re nothing but overgrown kids if all you do is fight at the sight of each other. Learn some patience.” At those words, both men stopped and looked over to the three teens.

“Thank you.” Anri spoke lightly from behind the boys and looked over to the two men.

“Um, Masaomi? That’s all well and good but how are we getting home? Do you know the way? Are you lost too?” Mikado began to get flustered and Anri heard thunder in the distance. It was possible it would rain soon.

Suddenly, Masaomi took hold of Mikado’s jacket collar and brought him closer for a deep kiss. Once he was done, he spoke up. “Stop freaking out Mikado. I know you love to worry but it’s annoying.”

As Masaomi let go of the boy, the two men came closer and saw the light blush on Mikado’s face. “Sorry Masaomi.”

“Good. Now, we gotta wait for your mom’s signal before coming back. The path’s kinda blocked right now.” Masaomi spoke and sat down on the railing of the street, followed by Mikado and Anri.

“Are you two completely ignoring us now?” Izaya asked the two teens and saw Anri flinch when the loud roar of thunder came after the blinding flash of lighting.

Masaomi simply sighed as Mikado tugged his shirt. “Yeah. I know. Let’s go. This place is way too annoying for me.” Getting up, both began to walk away without looking back.

The three left behind stared at their disappearing figures and noticed someone coming from the same direction. It was a man, possibly the same age as Shizuo and Izaya, with a long white coat on him. He seemed worried about something and didn’t speak until he caught up to the ones left behind and had caught his breath as well.

“Don’t…fight…” The man managed to say before sitting down next to Anri.

“We’re not.” Shizuo responded and lit up another cigarette.

“…Right. Well, I’m glad it’s not all true.” The man gave them a soft sigh and a smile.

“What are you talking about Shinra?” Izaya asked curiously, wondering about what he had talked about. “Are there some funny rumors going on?” He winked at Shinra and saw the man nod honestly.

Anri looked towards Shinra and asked, “What kind?”

“Well, that Anri-chan and Shizuo-kun were fighting earlier but made up very lovingly by offering to call each other by their first names.” Shinra began but the two in question found what he said odd. “Also that Izaya-kun was going insane from anger and tried practicing some lines out in the street while heading towards your date. He intended to crash the date but it became obvious to everyone that he and Shizuo-kun would just fight it out for Anri-chan.”

“Hey, hold on now…” Izaya tried to stop him, wondering what he was talking about anyways.

“So Celty was worried you two would destroy the town trying to claim Anri for yourselves and sent me to stop you. But it looks like you resolved your differences. Don’t tell me you’re planning on making a threesome?” Shinra slid away a bit, feeling slightly crept out by his own words.

“Wait just a second.” Izaya stopped Shinra and looked seriously at him. “What about the two boys in the middle of all this?”

Tilting his head in confusion, Shinra asked. “What boys?”

“Anri and me were trying to help a lost kid find his bearings around town.” Shizuo spoke and Anri nodded in agreement.

“And I was following one who was looking for the one with these two.” Izaya commented honestly.

“Did you not see them when you came here?” Anri finally asked with confusion in her eyes.

“What kids? You three have been here by yourselves all this time. Is there something wrong with your eyes?” Shinra was now confused by their words as all three looked at each other. The loud thunder in the distance seemed to be closer this time around as the sky darkened.

Shizuo reacted first by grabbing Anri’s hand. “Right. We’re going. See ya.” Completely ignoring Shinra, Shizuo and Anri walked away together.

“What’s going on?” Shinra asked Izaya, hoping for some answers.

“Today… Even I don’t know.” Izaya simply responded and walked away in the other direction.

As a few drops of rain fell on Shinra, the man simply ran off home. He was going to discuss this with someone dear very soon because it seemed as though the three had truly lost their minds.

Even though they never had. They simply were the main characters in something really weird.


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