Down the spider falls Grown Child

Summary: Having grown up now, she’s on her first day of school.
Pairings: sziz + mkao
Rating: OT
Genre: Humor / Slice of Life
Story Type: Random AU
Setting: Continuation of Short 4 so check it out if you’re confused!
Warning: None in particular.

The girl wakes from her slumber to a deep penetrating silence. She’s confused as this is not normal. Still, she yawns from oversleeping a bit and gets out. She quickly takes a bath and changes clothes, smiling to her newly awakened self. Before heading down to the first floor where the kitchen lies, she takes a small side trip to her parents’ room. Poking her head in, she fails to see them inside.

“Papa and mama aren’t here? How odd. I thought for sure they’d celebrate my first day of school with me.” She murmurs to herself confused and continues on her journey.

After breakfast, the girl of only sixteen takes a step out of the two story apartment and heads down to the first floor through the elevator. The road to her high school is slightly long so she has to make haste at some point. However, she feels no hurry and takes her time. This new high school is the alma mater of both her parents and her father.

“Good morning.” The familiar face of her father puts her out of place. She always gets nervous around him for some reason, even though she knows he loves her very much. “On your way to school?”

“Ah, yes! Good morning, Mikado-san.” Her reply is proper yet Ryugamine Mikado still frowns.

“I remember being called ‘Mikatou’ by you when you were smaller. I miss that kind of naming.” Mikado says with a sulking face and she turns red immediately.

“Please stop remembering such things, Mikado-san! I’m so embarrassed by that!” With his almost identical face, she fumbles around and he can’t help but chuckle. Mikado places a hand on top of her head to calm her down. His smile reassures her he won’t poke fun at her.

“Well, I’ll leave you alone. I have to get to work after all. Oh, and, congratulations on getting into Raira. I heard you got the top score.” Softly smiling at her, Mikado takes his leave into the busy streets.

With deep breaths, she takes another route to school. That meeting left her flustered. Though he is her father in one sense, Mikado was not the one to raise her and she still felt something for him, partly due to his last name that she shared. Aside from that, it wasn’t some sort of twisted love she also had for him but deep admiration and loyalty. The feeling was so overwhelming sometimes that it made her nervous.

The day becomes mere hours to her as her first day turns out to be very uneventful. A few teachers seem to recognize her family name and whisper rumors but none reach her ears. Though even if they did, she would never pay them much mind. To anyone else, she was a very normal child.

“Well, look who it is!” The fake blond approaches her as she was taking a slightly deserted road home. “Are you heading home now from school? I thought you would study at some sort of fancy rich school, but you’re going to Raira, right?”

“That’s right!” She replies enthusiastically at him. Compared to Mikado, who is the same age as this man, she is much more relaxed in his presence. “Masaomi-san, did you just get back to the city?”

Though she had noticed how tired he looked, Kida Masaomi still grinned at her. In a similar fashion as Mikado, the blond placed his hand on her head but ruffled her hair playfully. “That’s right! Aw, man, a twelve hour ride is just killer man. But I’m going to do a harder one next week! I feel so abused!”

She laughed at his antics and he felt refreshed by her acts. “I’ll see you later Masaomi-san.”

“Okay, byebye! And say hi to your dad for me, ‘kay? He rarely calls me anymore!” Masaomi joked around and walked on to his place. After he was gone from her sight, she went on her way. Though it was uneventful to her, she still had homework to do once she got back to her home.

Suddenly, a loud sound caught her attention. Not because she was surprised but because she recognized it anywhere. With a bright enthusiastic smile, she ran off towards the mayhem and destruction. People were running away in fear but she was attracted to that sound. Although not in the way others would assume.

“Shizuo-papa! Izaya-mama!” She called out to the perpetrators who had now frozen in place. The fake blond older than Masaomi had been pointing a broken sign at the slightly younger black haired man who was in turn pointing a knife at the blond with a grin in his face.

“Ah, Mikarin.” Both replied at the same time with a surprised look. Heiwajima Shizuo was the first to let go and Orihara Izaya followed suit, not looking as remorseful as Shizuo did.

Ryugamine, because she had decided not be either Heiwajima or Orihara, Mikarin looked at both her parents with a pout on her face. “Are you two quarreling again? What did Izaya-mama do this time?”

“Whoa, hold on. Why do you assume I’m the one who did something here?” Izaya was clearly insulted by his daughter’s comment and felt a flick on the head delivered by Shizuo.

Both looked at him with an ‘Isn’t it obvious?’ look on their faces but Izaya pouted in response. “So? What did he do?” Mikarin asked once more, looking accusingly at Izaya.

“I wasn’t in the wrong this time!” Izaya spoke in his own defense, in spite of the glare Shizuo directed at him. “Well, I’m right! Shizu-chan just has a short fuse! All I wanted was to give Mikarin a celebratory party!”

“Yet you wanted to invite someone as worst as you!” Shizuo yelled in response but saw Izaya grin.

“But Shizu-chan, annoying you is my reason for existing!” Izaya replied, almost in giggles.

“I thought you existed to love humans.” Shizuo eyed him oddly but Izaya didn’t back down.

“Oh, but Shizu-chan, you’re sadly included among those too.” And with that, Shizuo took a few steps back while trying to hide his blush. He was embarrassed about such a display of affection by Izaya.

“So, Izaya-mama wanted to invite Mikatou?” Mikarin made the mistake which caused both parents to look at her and she tried to cover her blush. “I-I mean, Mikado-san! I-I already saw him t-this morning! You don’t need to invite him! Really!”

“Aw, you look like an ordinary school girl with a crush.” Izaya commented happily but Shizuo flicked his head again.

“The world doesn’t need another you! Much less as part of this family!” The comment caused all three to blush, including Shizuo who had made the comment. “Anyways, we’re going to Russia Sushi!” He declared and started to drag Izaya.

“So cheap, Shizu-chan!” Izaya pouted, not making much fuss of the way he was being dragged.

“Oh, but I like Russia Sushi, Izaya-mama. Thanks Shizuo-papa.” Mikarin commented with a smile, following behind her parents. She loved them the way they were, in any case.

From a nearby building, Mikado looked down on the happy family through a pair of binoculars. His grin seemed satisfied at the scene in his view. “They really make a good family. And the two are much better controlled, don’t you think so Aoba-kun?” He eyed his kouhai, Kuronuma Aoba, who could barely talk through his restraints.

“They…do…sem…pai… So could you…please…maybe…let me go…?” He whimpered from pleasure when Mikado moved part of his restraints.

“Hmmm… Yeah, not yet, Aoba-kun.” His reply was soft and for the moment, Mikado decided to get back to work. He could visit his beloved daughter some other time. For some time now, Mikado had been glad of his decision to leave his beloved girl in the hands of two maniacs. She cared about them as much as he did after all; and there was nothing really wrong with that.


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