Partners in Shadows Part 1

Summary: The allies who share a secret are reunited.
Pairings: onesided!szmk (but just innocent) + msar (super slightly)
Rating: T
Genre: Fantasy / Drama
Story Type: Fantasy!AU
Setting: Based on the six official pictures that are on the Japanese official anime site.
Warning: The second part is Short 23.

“Come on Masaomi-kun, don’t be so sour.” The older man dressed in the black clothes and a furry black jacket tried to make the blond teen in front of him smile. The teen’s back was facing him but he knew from the slouched back that the teen was feeling angry.

“Stop calling me that, Last Angel. I don’t enjoy being called by my real name while on the job.” The teen who also wore a black uniform with a yellow hoodie underneath scowled at the man behind him. He was serious about what he had spoken about yet the older man never seemed to care. He was much too laidback for his tastes sometimes.

“Right, right. I forget. You’re feeling sour that it’s you and I who have to go round up the others.” Last chuckled to himself before returning to poking fun at the teen. “So then Fire God, do you know where she is anyhow?”

“I do. Black Lady mentioned it to me before we left base. I would’ve preferred it if that man had come with us, but he just waltzes all day by himself.” Slightly gritting his teeth, Fire carried on into the busy streets of the city. ‘Besides, I’ve been there once before.’ He bit back those words and kept them to himself.

“That’s because Black-kun enjoys his free time. You know he won’t have any more when we start doing our job.” Last explained the situation that was already too familiar to them.

Without another word, the pair silently watched their surroundings change until they were in the very noticeable red light district. The hotels and gambling parlors were all around them but it was one in particular that they were looking for.

“Welcome!” A man in his thirties greeted them with a wide grin. It was as if he had been expecting them but the two knew otherwise. This man simply greeted everyone in this fashion. Last couldn’t help but hold back a chuckle since the man had now paled when realizing who had come into his shop.

So, without saying a single word to the man at the front, both Fire and Last headed inside. It was as if they knew exactly where to go but since the one they were looking for was a comrade, they just had to follow their instincts. Eventually, while ignoring the screams of the man who had followed them, they arrived at a room occupied by two people.

One was a man, who was completely irrelevant to them, and the other was a young teenage girl, about the same age as Fire. She had a black uniform that could have complimented Fire’s with a noticeable red bow on her white shirt, which was currently being exposed by the man in the room.

“Get the hell out.” Fire spoke with a threatening voice but the man in the room did not seem to agree. With a click of his tongue, Fire walked in and slammed his foot right in between the man’s legs, effectively scaring him away. The man who had followed them from the front was not amused.

“Was there something you needed?” The girl asked curiously, fixing her glasses very slowly, while ignoring the rest of the situation. She did not seem angry but she didn’t sound pleased either.

“We’ve come to look for you, Rain Protector.” Last said with a smile as he bent down to her eye level. No matter what or how long they’ve been apart, he always carried a soft spot for the girl.

Without batting an eyelash, Rain responded. “If it’s a job I must do, I will not hesitate. However, you must do something for me first.” At those words, Last held back a chuckle.

“That makes it seem very RPG-ish, don’t you think so Fire-kun?” Last asked Fire while looking up at him.

“Just shut up and do something!” Fire bit back with a glare and saw Last get up before heading out of the room with the remaining man, who still seemed agitated and worried by what was happening. As soon as they were out, Fire bent down and placed Rain’s black jacket in its rightful position. “Why do you keep coming back here?” He asked her in a low voice with a saddened look in his eyes.

“Where else am I to go?” Rain asked him and he bit his lower lip in frustration. Because he knew he could not take care of her on his own. Still, he was worried about the way she treated herself.

Last came back very quickly with a wide grin. “Okay, problem solved! Again!” He declared and began to leave without them, knowing full well that they marched just behind him.

Once they were out in the streets again, Rain looked a bit happier and asked. “Is everyone together already or are we missing anyone?”

“Oh, yes! We still got those two troublemakers to look for!” Last replied with a smile. “It’s a chain game!”

Fire sighed and turned to Rain, “Sorry Rain, we need to use you as a shield. Those two still hate each other.” He apologized but Rain shook her head and smiled.

“If I can be just a bit useful then I don’t mind.” Rain explained and heard a loud crash in the distance. They had already crossed over into another part of the city.

“Perfect! Now we know exactly where he is!” Last smiled widely and looked over to Fire. “This means you don’t need to use force, right Fire-kun?”

“And you don’t have to use your useless instincts.” Fire retorted with a frown as he kept walking at Rain’s pace.

As they got closer to the series of crashes and screams, they noticed the man they had come to look for. His glare seemed to frighten the man he was slightly chasing, slightly beating up. Like the others, he wore black colored clothes though they matched Rain’s a bit more due to the red bowtie on his long sleeved white shirt that was noticeable through the vest.

“You’re as angry as usual, aren’t you?” Last asked while stepping closer to the blond man.

“Huh?” His glare, now pointed at Last, did not seem to faze Last at all. “Iiizaaa…!”

“Lightning Strike!” Fire intervened and brought Rain with him into view. With a nod, he motioned her to walk forward.

Replying with another nod, Rain spoke up. “We’ve come to you with a job, Lightning-san. Would you please accompany us?” She asked softly as saw him ease himself a bit.

Once he brought out a cigarette to light, they knew he was calm. “What’s the job?” He asked without removing his glare directed at Last.

“Well, you know, we’re still missing one more person!” Last answered honestly and with a wide grin.

“Ah, that’s why the group is this small…” Lightning muttered but followed the three away from the scene of destruction he had caused. It did not seem too surprising that Lightning had not noticed their missing member. After all, even though that missing member idolized Lightning, the older man tended to simply ignore the advances.

“So where is he anyways?” Fire asked with a frown, not having received that bit of news from the person that reunited him with Last.

“Oh, in the loony bin.” Last replied with a grin, leaving the three behind him with a surprised look.

With a great silence between them all, the three behind Last followed him in the direction only he knew. The scenery changed around them as the busy streets were left behind and they arrived at a more quiet part of the city. Fire and Rain seemed a bit worried but since they were looking for an ally, they seemed to find peace with that.

“This is the place.” Last declared, pointing the white building in front of them. It sort of looked like a hospital yet way creepier.

Once inside, they talked with the receptionist, who seemed didn’t seem all that surprised to see Last. The man explained that he did routine visits to check up on the one they were looking for but saw that deep glare Lightning threw in his direction and completely ignored it. After signing in, the receptionist led them down the hall with a worried smile on her face.

“He’s shut down again so we had to connect an IV drip to him for a while now. He probably won’t respond to you sir.” The nurse explained but the rest didn’t seem that surprised by the news. After all, they knew their comrade well. “In here.” She opened the door to reveal a young teen who seemed to just be lying on the bed.

All four walked into the room, noticing that despite the place they were in, the teen still wore his black suit. His eyes stared dead ahead of him, which was up at the ceiling, while the only sound in the room was of the IV drip attached to his arm.

“Wake up.” Lightning stepped forward first and gave the teen a light smack on his cheek once he was close enough. “Hey, Noise Receiver, I’m talking to you.”

Light filled the teen’s eyes and he blinked in surprise. Then, he broke out into a smile. “Lightning Strike…” As Noise tried to hug Lightning, the older man walked away very quickly.

“Yo, Noise!” Fire greeted Noise with a smile while Rain walked over to him as well.

“Oh, hello you two.” Noise greeted the two without much care for either of them and saw Lightning beginning to leave so he got out of bed.

“It’s been a while, hasn’t it, Noise-kun?” Last asked with a low laugh as Noise walked towards him.

“It has.” Noise nodded and gave a low voice of congratulations to the receptionist who had brought the group to the room. Whatever he seemed to congratulate her for seemed to shock the receptionist.

“Alright, now that we’re all together, how about lunch first?” Fire suggested and walked out with Rain, leaving only Noise, Last and the shocked receptionist.

“Izaya-san…” Looking directly at Last, Noise began to speak up. “Boku…”

‘Boku?’ Last seemed confused as Noise normally spoke with a ‘watashi’ tone due to certain particular reasons that had everything to do with his codename. Though since contact with Lightning, he figured it should have been normal.

“I shall always follow Shizuo-san’s will; therefore, if you truly wish to carry out your plan, you must first find a way to have him agree with your ideas.” With that, Noise followed the group quietly.

However, Last simply laughed after he had been left behind, causing the receptionist to look at him weirdly. “Right, I forget you can also hear my thoughts, Noise-kun. Alright, I’ll take that challenge.” With those words, Last followed the group. Not only did they have a job to do but he just simply enjoyed being with all of them.

End Part 1

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