Red & Green

Summary: During those two nights, two fights with the same purpose occur. Yet neither of the two know of the other.
Pairings: None.
Rating: T
Genre: Fantasy / Mystery
Story Type: Fantasy!AU
Setting: Based on pixiv image (also removed from pixiv D:) shown below the cut.
Warning: Sucky action scenes, because I fail at those.


The night was filled with lights from signs and buildings like always. All along the streets, people walked nonchalantly. At the moment, and only for the moment, they were safe from everything. They had no reason to fear because there was nothing to fear. A silent motorcycle races through the city and its streets, gaining looks from those who catch it by a glance. Suddenly, a low ring can be heard. The driver stops and picks up the call.

“My data tells me it’s today, Celty-san. And it’s started.” At the words of the young male from the other side of the call, the driver looks up. Celty Sturluson can see the moon slowly turning red. “In front of the cinema on Sunshine, Celty-san! The reports are blowing through the forum!”

Without replying, Celty hangs up and revs away towards the designated location. Slowly, people are becoming agitated. Anyone can tell this. As Celty nears the cinema, all the people around have started to run away in fear. What should be feared has arrived.

“All this screaming is getting on my nerves. What the hell are you all running away for?” A blond man in a bartender suit asks with a glare as he huffs from his cigarette. His gaze directs itself upon Celty and the corner of his lips curl up to a smirk. “Two days a month I get an off day and I got to spend one of them with you?”

Celty utters no words and brings forth her phone. Tapping away at it, she finally directs it towards the man. It says, “As long as you continue your hostile actions, then the answer will always be yes.”

“See, that’s what I mean. I’m angry the rest of the month and I should be pissed about you but your honesty really catches me off guard.” His grin widens and he takes slow steps towards Celty. His hand suddenly grabs hold of a sign nearby and he grips it tightly. It breaks and he holds it like a weapon. “I like you, so I might as well get a hobby by using you as a sparring partner.”

The blond dashes forward and swings down the sign to hit Celty. With quick reflexes, Celty jumps out of harms’ way. Her motorcycle has been abandoned but not forgotten. Positioning into an attack stance, a dark shadow slowly oozes out from Celty’s arm. It forms into a scythe and Celty holds it with both hands.

“Way more honest than that flea.” He picks up the sign again and clashes for the first time in the night with Celty’s weapon. It would be a long and arduous fight between the two that destroys most of the surroundings of the location they were in. Any passerby would record it with a camera or through messages. It happened once a month, but it still caught the attention of the citizens.

A full three hours pass by in what feels like an eternity and the blond stops his movements. Looking up, Celty follows his gaze to the moon. It has begun to wane and lose its redness. As it returns to normal, the blond brings out a new cigarette from its box and lights it up. He slowly takes a puff from it and huffs the smoke away. His hobby, as he calls it, can only last so long into the night.

“Have you calmed down?”, reads the new words on Celty’s phone.

“You don’t get it, do you?” The man asks with a frown on his face. “Seriously, you’re nice and all but if you keep attacking me then I’ll return the favor. I like this runaround with you but even I want to take two nights a month off.” He grits his teeth as he remembers something in particular. Suddenly a wind blows and he realizes time has passed. Winter is coming.

As Celty’s scythe disappears into her body, a new something springs forth. Tossing it over to the blond who catches it, he realizes it’s a scarf. He smiles at her and wraps it around his neck. “Well, it’ll appease for a while. Until I go home that is.”

“Thank you, Shizuo-sama.”, and with those written words, the blond known as Heiwajima Shizuo turns around. His figure retreats silently into the streets, still with his sign in hand, and softly disappears from view.

Celty returns to her motorcycle and mounts it. Without thinking it twice, she revs it up and rides away from the streets. She has to reach home soon and slumber. For tonight, her job is finished. At home was her family who waited for her arrival.

Something which the girl lacked in common. Her nights were always spent indoors; however, this was not done out of fear. She would entertain herself with various art and crafts projects or with books she liked to read. Often times, her friend would call to talk about anything in particular and kept her up. This night however, was special. She knew it so. All she had to do for now was wait. And then her phone rang.

“Oh, crap, crap! It’s starting! I’ll call you back!” The surprised voice on the other line hung up quickly and the girl walks out of her apartment. It begins now. The moon has started to turn green.

She closes her eyes and takes in the feeling of her surroundings. It’s there. Close by.

Her phone catches her attention again and she picks it up. “Anri-chan, down below! He’s actually in front of your building!” Hanging up the phone with even greater speed that the one who called her, Sonohara Anri jumps from her apartment floor towards the ground. Quickly, a sword comes out from her skin and it clashes on the ground against a knife. This clash stops her fall and she quickly dodges one attack to make her own.

“You are not allowed here.” Anri threatens with a neutral face, uncaring in any way. This demonstrates how serious she is in her threat. However, the man in front of her does not know this.

“Oh, my. But you’re the one who keeps calling me here.” The black haired man grins and flicks his pocket knife in and out. He seems aloof to his surroundings or the girl’s sword. But he has gotten used to such a thing by now.

“Will you leave?” She asks and takes slow steps towards the man.

“No way!” He answers and dodges the first strike from Anri’s sword. “Really now? Your pseudo status is so boring! Shizu-chan moves way faster than that!” Almost in giggles, he started to dash when the second strike tried to make its way to his body. He clicked his tongue and sparks began to fly from the quick touches between blades.

As the sounds carried themselves throughout the neighborhood, curious onlookers popped their heads out from their windows. Some were in awe while others in fear. They had no idea what was happening or why. All they could do watch from afar and maintain their silence. Anything, even the faintest sound, could cause the blades to turn their way; they believed.

“So will you tell me tonight, or will you wait another month? I only have two freebies every month and I can only be here in one of them.” The man tried to urge her to speak but Anri knew better. Words meant she could fall into some trap laid out by the man and that was something not possible. Not allowed. “Oh, come now! Even Shizu-chan is more talkative than you!”

“Then return to him and leave us be. You are not allowed here.” Anri repeated the same words before resuming her attacks. She could not cease, not until it was time.

Without being allowed to further any future conversations, the man was pushed back without being hurt. It wasn’t part of Anri’s plan. Even she could tell the man was good at fighting and could easily destroy her. It was as if he enjoying playing around with her.

But the fun stopped soon enough. The man looks up and sees the moon slowly return to its original color. “Oh, that’s lame. It’s already time?” He shakes his head in disappointment, turning away from Anri and her blade.

“Goodbye Izaya-sama.” Anri speaks to Orihara Izaya, who can only grin in response. His movements are quick and Anri suddenly feels a cut on her face. She looks back but cannot see the knife and when she returns her gaze to the offender, he has already disappeared.

For tonight, everything is over.

… … …

Morning dawns and people have begun to move on. Two nights a month, this happens and no one understands why. But both girls have yet to realize each other’s existence. They have both yet to realize how alike they are.

“Okay, I give. What’s your plan?” The young blond asks accusingly to his friend. This voice is the one on the other side of Anri’s phone. “Honestly, the whole thing is putting Anri-chan in jeopardy. You really think it’s going to be that easy?”

The black haired boy looks up from his screen to stare back at his friend. “Who cares about easy? I never thought of something like that from the beginning. And I’m not about to make this easy for you either. There’s no need to share tactics.” His voice belongs to the one aiding Celty from the other side of the line. The boy returns his gaze to his computer.

“May I join you today?” She has gathered her courage to ask and instantly, the blond nods. Anri softly sits down beside them both, wondering what their conversations are about when she’s not around.

“Okay, I’m done with the calculations.” The black haired boy saves his work and closes the laptop. He stands up to stretch and looks down to the two. “I’ll head back in. There’s something I have to hand in at the library.”

“Oi, Mikado. What about lunch?” The blond asks curiously but Ryugamine Mikado shakes his head and walks away quietly. He knows they would need privacy soon. “So, stronger? Weaker? How was he?”

“Stronger. But he refuses to show all his strength. I’m not sure when he ever will.” Anri replies, sounding almost sad which seemed to be a completely different feeling from the previous night. “Do you truly believe I can win against him, Kida-kun?”

Kida Masaomi softly smiles and caresses her injured cheek which has been covered by a thin bandage. “Even if he seems difficult, I know you can beat him. In the meantime, it’s enough to keep him at bay.” It was almost the same words Mikado typed in a chatroom the morning after Celty’s fight.

“As long as you keep him away, we’ll be fine.” Tanaka Taro spoke to Setton in an encouraging way.

“I know. But it seems pointless sometimes.” Setton had replied almost unenthusiastically. “He won’t stop and I start wondering what it’s all for.”

“To stop the end of the world, you’ve become the heroine. Don’t forget that.” These words were the same and both supporters and conspirators had spoken them to their fighters. What did the girls have in common, only they knew. What did they fight for, only they knew. What it meant from the beginning, only they knew. And how it would end was anyone’s guess now.


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