One Photo

Summary: At graduation, the trio retake a photo.
Pairings: None.
Rating: T
Genre: Slice of Life / Humor
Story Type: Random AU
Setting: Based on two pixiv images placed below the cut. The second was removed from pixiv though. D:
Warning: Random plotless short short fluff.


Mikado had a hard time setting this up. He read the manual five or six times yet he still had to do it step by step. Masaomi was tired of waiting and brought Anri with him to make this quick. He had too much energy to waste it all waiting for Mikado. Without letting Mikado stop him, he made a quick program and brought Anri close to the lens. Mikado tried to get closer to the two but Masaomi thought it funny to keep him away with his right hand while his left flashed a victory sign. Anri was nervous about her location and what happened behind her that she simply focused on keeping steady. Mikado was so surprised that in the five seconds that it took for them to get in position, he ended up halfway out of the picture.

“So you’re saying it’s my fault? Is that it Mikado?!” Masaomi looked hurt as he remembered the events of that long ago day.

“Of course it’s your fault Masaomi! Don’t try to smile your way out of this!” Mikado pouted and his best friend grinned with glee. He seemed to enjoy looking at Mikado like this.

“Should I set this up now?” Anri asked curiously, looking at the camera in her hands. Even now, after all this time, she was too shy to speak up to them. But unlike around the time the first photo was taken, they had both learned to pay close attention to their friend.

“If it’s for Anri-chan, I’ll do it happily!” Masaomi declared joyfully and sat down next to Anri.

“That’s nice and all but will you calm down for at least one photo?” Mikado asked angrily and walked over to Anri with a smile. “I’ll do it Anri. I’ve got it figured out by now.” With those words, the camera passed hands and Masaomi grinned happily.

In a matter of seconds, Mikado had finished setting up and placed it on the ground, tilting it upwards a bit. He sat down next to Masaomi and waited for a while before Masaomi spoke up. “Oh, man! I got a beauty at each side!” He announced his realization as he laughed joyfully. Instantly, Mikado couldn’t help but laugh at his comment too. Anri kept quiet but she smiled nonetheless, feeling slightly flattered by his words.


As a plane had finished passing by, Mikado opened one eye towards the camera. The clicking sound of a picture being taken passed by in a second and a new memory was taken. It was just one photo but it piled with the rest to create an album of their youth together.


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