Summary: A series of unknown events join together the fates of these characters, all heading to one point in time.
Pairings: kraomr + iznm + light!msan
Rating: M
Genre: Fantasy / Mystery
Story Type: Fantasy!AU
Setting: Based on pixiv image placed below the cut.
Warning: Character death.
Additional: Background information on Mikado’s timeline.


The light of the moon shimmered on the surface of the lake. It was silent now, as nothing disrupted its tranquility. The two lone onlookers stared at the waters, standing very close to the edge. Their feelings were muddled, much unlike the lake, as they knew they had done something terrible. There was no way to undo the damage. But it had been necessary.

“I wonder…” The boy on the left began to speak lowly and the girl at his side looked up at him with a curious gaze. “Will he ever forgive us for this?” However, instead of replying to his question, the girl grabbed his hand and squeezed it, as if trying to reassure him. Silently, they kept watch until it was time to leave. They turned around and walked away without looking back.

… … …

“Aobachin! We’re home! Break out the snacks!” The girl with the two-tailed braided hair burst into the room along with her twin, though this one had short hair. They immediately faced a young boy in front of a computer, tapping away information to store.

He stopped for a moment to face the two, frowning as he did so. “Today is chin? Will you ever make up your mind? And you can look for the snacks yourself, you know where they are.” He replied and turned away from them, back to the computer screen.

“Buu~ Aobachin is so mean! And here we are doing all your legwork!” The longhaired twin pouted and walked away from the shorthaired twin towards the small kitchen area. As she searched for the snacks, her twin stepped towards the single-minded boy and sat down next to him at his left.

“What is it Kururi?” He asked of her while continuing his work, without even looking at her.

“Home.” She simply replied in a low voice. That caused him to stop his hands and turn to her with a smile. Petting her head, he replied, “Welcome home Kururi. You too, Mairu. Welcome home.”

“You’re so late in saying so, Aobachin!” Orihara Mairu scolded her roommate, Kuronuma Aoba, and handed her older twin, Orihara Kururi, a bag of chips before sitting down on Aoba’s other side. Clearing her throat, she began speaking. “Three new incident reports have come in. One is another sighting of the will o’ wisp at the park lake. And the other two swear they’ve seen the famous ghost walking at night.”

Aoba typed down all the extreme details Mairu recited before saving them in his documents. “Thanks for all your hard work, you two.” He thanked them both and felt them grab his arms tightly. “Seriously? I can’t type anymore like this, you know.”

“You don’t need to type anymore, Aobachin! Come on, Kuru-nee! Kiss, kiss!” Mairu and Kururi pulled the boy down to the floor and loomed over him before giving him lots of kisses with a smile. The boy accepted their love with a grin, knowing the girls needed that more than he did. But he didn’t mind. The girls were also important to him.

The blond man walked along the road with a cigarette in his mouth. His eyes hid behind a frame of sunglasses and they looked around for something in particular. He had been looking for some time now and it felt like it would take forever before he found what he sought. But he knew he’d find it eventually. All he needed was to keep his calm in the meantime. That’s what he was told, anyway.

“Shizuo-kun!” A second man in a white lab coat comes forward with a smile. He lowers his hand and fixes his glasses into place. “No luck, right? Celty sent me a message just now that she finished her rounds. She didn’t find them either. I’m very worried.” The man frowned and saw the blond take a whiff of his cigarette.

“I know. They haven’t come around in a while. But I know they’re nearby.” The blond takes a few glances around the vicinity to monitor any sudden movements. For the moment, he has yet to find it.

“Oh! Celty!” The man in the lab coat turns around with a smile as the driver of a black motorcycle in all black clothing stops next to the two. “Good work today!”

“It isn’t good if we haven’t found a clue. I’m really worried, Shinra.” The rider brought out a PDA and wrote a message for them on it. Kishitani Shinra simply smiled as Celty Sturluson had written the same words he spoke to Heiwajima Shizuo just a few moments ago. “Do you think he’s alright? That boy had a pretty big wound last time.”

Shinra looked upset at those words and Shizuo turned around as he heard the doctor speak. “Well normally, I’d say he’d probably need to go to a hospital. But if what you and Shizuo-kun saw was true, I’d say he’s only hurting pretty badly. I hope we find them soon, for your sake Celty.”

As Shinra walked closer to Celty to ease her worries, Shizuo seemed to have sensed something and ran towards it. Celty and Shinra were caught by surprise and Shinra jumped on Celty’s bike before the woman followed after the blond. As she zigzagged through the streets, Celty soon came upon Shizuo who looked a bit irked at something.

“What is it?” She asked through her PDA, seemingly worried about him.

“I know I saw them, or at least felt their presence but they got away from me. If they can outrun me, then that must mean they’re fine, right? So why the hell don’t they just tell us that?!” Crushing the cigarette in his mouth, he spit it out angrily.

Celty and Shinra could somehow understand how he felt but decided to keep quiet in the meantime. For now, all they could do was wait and search until they came across those they sought.

“What on earth are you doing now?” The cold-looking woman asked with a glare at the man behind the desk. He seemed to be in a state of glee as he typed on the keyboard of three different computers. She seemed slightly disgusted by his actions.

“Just researching and answering messages. People love me, you know.” He answered with a low laugh. The man was pleased with the work he was currently conducting. “Looks like the two groups have gotten larger lately. I’ll have to get those useless blue people to squash them a bit.”

“Your plan makes no sense. I thought you didn’t care about them.” The woman seemed confused as she walked forward to the man with a file in hand. She tried to look at the screens but wasn’t able to see well.

“I didn’t care about them because I originally didn’t know the leaders. I know their faces but I’ve yet to find anything on them. THAT’S why I’m interested in them now. And THAT’S why I want to destroy them.” The man grinned joyfully until he noticed something on one of his screens. “Ooh, he’s on again.”

The woman seemed confused and got a bit closer. “Who are you talking about?”

“Oh, just a little something I’m playing with on the side. It’s nothing important, just fun.” He tried to hide his chuckle while replying to messages being sent to him now. “Now, now. You can’t be like that.”

“You’re disgusting Izaya.” The woman turned away when she heard the man laugh to himself.

“But Namie-san, I love you too!” Orihara Izaya replied nonchalantly to Yagiri Namie yet his words fell on deaf ears.

… … …

“We didn’t find anything new, did we? So why are we staying here, aside from ignoring our school homework?” Mairu asked cutely as she had her arm wrapped around Aoba’s right arm. Kururi was to his left, in the same fashion as her younger twin. They were all currently watching an all-out brawl fight that had caused quite a lot of people to run away from the scene.

“I read something interesting last night so we’re waiting for this to finish.” Aoba replied and felt tight grips from both girls. “Don’t tell me you two want to go back? Give me some breathing room here. I’ll die if I have to handle you both every night.” Sighing, he felt them both ease their grips and he smiled.

“Done.” Kururi murmured and saw the last punch being thrown. A blond boy stood still, his breathing a bit erratic as some blood flowed from a wound. Some other people wearing something in yellow came up towards him to help him out. Aoba nodded to the two girls and they came forward as well.

As the three were coming near, someone else interrupted the group’s celebration of their victory. She came silently and stopped just in front of the blond. Looking seriously at him, she spoke no words. He frowned and pet her head, trying to smile for her. They heard him apologize to his group and the two began to leave the area. Looking at the two girls by his side, they nodded in agreement and followed the two as quietly as they could.

Where the two walked in to, caused Aoba to grin happily. It was the very same park with the very same lake they were researching. The two stopped just in front of said lake before speaking. “You’re right. It’s weaker. Damn it, I didn’t think of this. It hadn’t even crossed my mind. So what now?”

“An adequate sacrifice could make it stronger. Finding one however, might be harder than we think.” The conversation seemed to make no sense to the three but they remained silent to continue hearing the rest.

“No, we already have them. An adequate one. Two in fact. But I just don’t want to part with it.” He sighed and pulled the yellow scarf around his neck closer to him. It was getting chilly now. As she felt the air get colder as well, a sudden noise caught their attention and they ran away from the lake.

“What do you think?” Aoba asked his companions who kept an eye out for what made the sudden noise.

“They know something about the ghost. But what do they mean by ‘weaker’? What is weaker?” Mairu tried to think things through but nothing made sense to all three.

“Sacrifice?” Kururi asked and they nodded.

“What are they sacrificing? And why? Maybe to please the ghost? Maybe it’s dying?” Mairu tried to think of an adequate answer when they heard someone arrive.

“You sure somebody saw them coming through here?” Shizuo asked Shinra with an angry tone of voice however, Shinra simply sighed and nodded in response. “They ain’t here, dammit!”

With a grin, Aoba came out from the shadows. “If you’re looking for the couple that was just here, they went that way.” He pointed Shizuo and Shinra in the correct direction. The two were surprised to see the twins with him but left quickly without another word. “Isn’t that even more interesting?” Aoba smirked and the twins pulled him down to the floor.

Though he was surprised, he felt a bit scared by the looming bodies of the twins. “Then we’ll go ask Shizuo-san for information. In the meantime, give us an advance?” Mairu cutely asked and Kururi nodded in agreement. Aoba was forced to comply though he didn’t mind it so much.

Izaya strolled down the road when he heard his phone call out to him. “What do you have to say today, hmmm…?” He asked with a hint of joy in his voice and quickly moved away when something fell near. “Shizu-chan, don’t be so mean. I’m not here to waste my time with you today.”

“Get the fuck out of my sight.” Shizuo warned with hostility in his voice. Izaya quickly noticed the two girls hanging from his arms with a smile and both waved to him. “Would you two let go now?”

“Buu! But we like being near you Shizuo-san!” Mairu quickly retorted and grinned to her older twin. “Right, Kuru-nee?”

“Correct.” Kururi nodded in agreement but still let go of Shizuo, causing her younger twin to follow suit.

“Well, this is a nice family reunion but what are you two doing here anyways? I’d heard you both had been wasting your time by abusing some boy at school.” Izaya asked his younger sisters and Mairu quickly started laughing at him while Kururi hid her chuckle.

Even Shizuo somehow had to stop himself from joining their fun but Mairu stopped and smiled. “You’ve got your information wrong, Iza-nii! Kuru-nee and I have a lover! We’re being well taken care of!” Her smile turned into a sly one that caught the attention of both her older brother and Shizuo, both of whom could imagine what type of care she implied.

“Time.” Kururi reminded Mairu suddenly and the younger twin nodded.

“Well, thanks for the info, Shizuo-san! You’ve helped a lot!” Mairu thanked the older man and ran off with her twin, interlocking the fingers of their joined hands.

“Now that was odd. What information did those two want from you that they couldn’t get from me?” Izaya asked Shizuo who suddenly turned to look somewhere else. He had noticed them since they were both calling out to him. Taking a moment to glare at Izaya, Shizuo walked away from the crazed man.

Izaya didn’t see who Shizuo had seen but he still felt slightly insulted when he was ignored. However, now that the other was out of his sight, he could resume the work he had been planning on doing in the area.

“You met with them?” Shinra asked first once Shizuo sat in his couch.

“Did they seem okay?” Celty typed in her question, her body motion seemingly worried.

“They said they didn’t want too much attention on them, so they don’t want us searching for them anymore. They said they wanted to find something without catching anyone’s attention but that someone else had been searching into them now and it was getting dangerous.” Shizuo recalled their words with ease, trying not to sound angry.

“Are they going into hiding then?” Shinra asked curiously, wondering what their next move should be.

“I get this feeling like there’s something they haven’t done yet. Something that’s important to them.” Shizuo mumbled more to himself than anyone but Celty still replied to him.

“Then shouldn’t we try and find them before they’re gone for good?”

Shizuo grabbed a smoke and looked out the window. Something stunk to him. Especially since he saw the twins and Izaya the other time on the streets. Those two had asked about the people they had been searching for and it bothered him somewhat. Seeing Izaya just simply irked him but he had to ignore it for the moment. There were other things more important at the moment.

… … …

Aoba heard the humming first and the twins were the ones to stop to look for the source. The song was old, from a series they hadn’t seen in a while so they really wanted to see who was humming it. A few seconds later, a happy teen passed them by but stopped to face Aoba.

“Can you hold on to this for me?” He suddenly asked with a bright smile. “It’s got the code for the admin account but I can’t use it for a while. I’ll ask for it back some other time. Thanks.” And with that he skipped happily away from the trio. Aoba looked at the red phone in his hands curiously, wondering why some random stranger would decide to just hand him his phone.

“Institute?” Kururi asked and Mairu simply shrugged in response. “Site?”

“Yeah, I was wondering that too.” Aoba responded to Kururi’s question and turned on the phone to fiddle with it even though it wasn’t his. A certain forum Aoba recognized was listed as its homepage but there was no such code for any administrator account. “Maybe it’s somewhere else on it…”

“Oh, who cares about that?! We were on our long awaited date!” Mairu grabbed the phone away from Aoba and hid it in one of her pockets. Then, with a carefree smile, she and Kururi resumed to dragging Aoba around the town. None of them noticed the strange teen still around, humming to himself while dancing.

“You’re right, it’s a pretty long and well researched rumor. Who’s compiling this information?” The blond teen asked Celty with an angry glance.

“I don’t know. Just that it’s someone from the same forum. Sorry.” Celty typed in her apology on a notepad application on the computer before handing the computer back to the teen.

“Oh, please don’t apologize, Celty-san. I’m actually glad you came to find us about this anyways. I was worried about what kind of attention we could grab but if we’re related to this rumor, it’s much bigger than we imagined.” The teen explained cryptically and looked over to his companion.

The black haired girl glanced over to him as well, looking to be in thought. “Is it possible this is the work of that man? He’s been trying to find information about us for a while now.”

“Orihara-san? I thought about it too. But I don’t think he’d go through all the trouble of compiling this information for everyone to see.” The teen explained and saw Shizuo growling. “If it’s necessary, I’m sure you’ll be able to hit him a few times.”

“I’d have to catch that flea first.” Shizuo responded and was handed some milk by Shinra.

“All fleas on an animal are eventually caught, Shizuo-san. They have a limited life like any other living being.” The teen reminded him seriously, causing Shizuo to grin. His words always found some way to brighten up Shizuo’s day.

“What’ll you do now? Are you two planning on going somewhere?” Celty asked them once the teen looked at her typing.

“There’s something we have to do first. I really didn’t want to part with it but it’s necessary for protecting you all. It has to be done.” The teen sighed sadly and took off his scarf. “We’ll do it tonight.”

“Where are you going, Izaya?” Namie asked, noticing how happy the other looked. He seemed about to dance with joy. Of course, seeing as Izaya felt nothing but joy at the moment, he did just that and jumped over to the cold-looking woman and forced her into a dance with him. “He-hey! Let go!”

“Don’t wanna!” Izaya laughed and caused the woman to wonder what exactly was going through his mind at the moment. “You and I, Namie-san, because you don’t have a choice in the matter, are going out on a date! We’re going to meet my online friend so I can squash his hopes and dreams!”

“Hell no!” Namie tried to refuse but knew she couldn’t. There was no way to say ‘no’ to Izaya, at least for her there wasn’t.

“But we’re going to finally meet! I thought you wanted to know who I was chatting with!” Izaya grinned and Namie simply gave up, going along with the flow of Izaya’s dance.

… … …

They stood side-by-side holding onto each other’s hands for support. Shizuo, Celty and Shinra stood a few feet away from them, silently watching their movements. All three were kept in the dark by the two yet they still chose to come. They were worried about those two after all.

Aoba, Kururi and Mairu stood silently away from their gaze. None of them had noticed the small group since it had been their intention to remain in the dark. They had only come to that place because of the message on that strange phone. Curiosity got the better of them after all.

Only Izaya and Namie had yet to arrive. To them, everything that was happening there was unknown since their plans had been different. Unfortunately, it was somehow interconnected to everyone else’s plans. They were simple bystanders, in a way, but that would soon change.

The first thing the two did was walk on top of the lake. All six watching the scene had almost stopped breathing from the shock. The boy who held his scarf with his free hand lifted said hand and let the scarf fall down onto the water. However, it first burst into flames before touching the water. The ashes, still lit, made various ripples that extended themselves to form a strange yellow colored pattern.

Looking over to his companion, who was shaking slightly, he saw her lift up her free hand and let a sword fall into the water. It had come from inside her own being and it saddened her to let go of it. Once inside the water, it caused red ripples that were symmetrical to the yellow ones.

As their eyes glowed with the same color of their respective ripples, they saw something go wrong. Bubbles reached the surface and they noticed a third pattern in blue cover their own. They knew exactly what caused it and were alarmed by it.

“Run away from here!” They turned to their comrades who had asked to watch but were too late. The water exploded from underneath them and they were both covered in it. Without the ability to move, much less talk, they weren’t able to explain from what the three needed to run from.

Shizuo had been in shock. In a matter of seconds, both had been submerged into the lake. Celty had tried to reach them with black shadows that were a part of her but wasn’t there on time. Shinra had no words but noticed the humming first. He knew the voice after all.

“Oh, Shinra? And Celty and Shizu-chan? Isn’t this a nice gathering? Are you all here for a stroll as well?” Izaya asked unaware of what was happening at the moment. But he soon found out when Namie tugged on his arm.

“Good evening.” The teen said with a smile, sitting on the railing of the edge of the lake. No one had seen where he came from but the three that remained hidden had recognized him first. Of course, they chose to remain hidden just in case.

“You must be Tanaka-san!” Izaya grinned and brought Namie closer to him, not realizing that Shizuo had yet to move to attack him. If he had, he would’ve known something was strange.

The teen nodded happily, blushing almost lightly, as he got down from the railing. “Nice to finally meet you Kanra-san, or should I say, Izaya-chan. And you must be Namie-kun, right? Izaya-chan likes to talk about you a lot.”

Both had been caught by surprise and Namie noticed the weight on her when Izaya limped over. She noticed there was something wrong first; however, “IZAYA-KUN!” Shinra had been the first to scream. It took everything for Mairu and Kururi not to scream either. Aoba knew since they had used his hands to bite down their screams.

“So let me explain something.” The teen jumped back on the railing instead of sitting on it like before. His left hand was covered in red liquid Shizuo knew well to be blood. “I don’t actually like Izaya-chan, no matter how much he deluded himself into thinking that. I was just angry he thought he could get away with playing around with me. Of course, I did show my thanks since he made me what I am now.”

“What the hell are you?” Shizuo managed to spit out with a glare, still unable to move for some reason.

“The same as Masaomi and Anri, of course! You two are their guardians, right? They always did like the strong. Of course, I think it’s stupid now. I killed mine after all.” He glanced over to Izaya, whom Shinra was trying to resuscitate while Namie held onto his hand with a tearful expression.

“Where are they?!” Celty demanded to know and the teen tilted his head.

“Down there. I thought that was obvious. After all, that’s the place they locked me in all this time. I was just returning the favor. Masaomi and Anri never seemed happy about my growth or my meddling with your time.” He explained and jumped over the two with a smile. “Now, since I’m finally free. I should thank that baby for getting everyone’s attention to shift from my two best friends to me and making sure they noticed me too.”

Aoba and the twins came out from the shadows and the rest noticed them. Shinra, who had stopped by now, saw the twins who were still crying and felt somehow guilty for no reason.

“Now, since I just killed mine, you’ll have to be my new guardian, Aoba-chan. I can’t be without one and honestly, I don’t think you should say no. Actually, I won’t let you say no, okay?” He seemed a bit pushy but Aoba nodded nonetheless. It was as if he feared suffering the same fate as Izaya, but he cared more about leaving the twins alone than anything. “Great! Let’s go home then!”

“You’re not going anywhere!” Shizuo roared and lounged for the teen with a glare. However, he never expected to fall to the floor like Izaya did. His breathing hurt yet he was still alive. That much he knew. He just couldn’t move.

“Masaomi would be sad if you died and Anri would cry so I can’t kill you. So please don’t try that again.” The teen warned with a soft smile and pushed Aoba away from the scene.

The rest were left to their own devices. Shinra quickly called for an ambulance since Shizuo’s blood loss was too much for him to do anything about it. Celty tried to take Namie away from the scene but the other refused to leave Izaya’s side so she waited with her, trying her hardest to console the devastated woman.

… … …

“There are a bit of paradoxes here but I finished the loops.” He explained once he came back to the three. They were watching that show Mairu and Kururi wanted to watch since they hadn’t seen it for a while. Though the only reason they remembered was because time had passed enough for them to recall the memory. “You two remembered since you saw me humming it and I hummed it so you would remember. It’s not a problem but it does create a bit of irregularities at some point. It’s basically what helps me travel.”

“We don’t care.” Mairu responded for both her and Kururi since they were more interested in the show.

He immediately pouted, hoping someone would ask for his knowledge since he didn’t have anyone to share it with. “This is why Izaya-chan was useful. Now I kinda wish I didn’t kill him. So bored!” Rolling all over the floor, he tried to entertain himself with something, anything.

“Namie-san is showing her belly. It’s growing steadily. Maybe you can teach it stuff so it’ll talk to you.” Mairu suggested, taking a potato chip into her mouth. “Though Namie-san will most likely teach it to hate you since you killed Iza-nii.”

“Aw, you look cute pouting Mairu-kun.” He seemed please with himself for some reason. “And I could just steal it.”

“You can’t.” A unison of three voices spoke to him and he started rolling on the floor again.

“This is sooo boring! And Masaomi and Anri won’t be free for another three hundred and forty five years so I need to do something to entertain myself.” He sighed and started watching the show with them again, humming the intro song to himself. “I’ll admit watching every show in existence will keep me entertained. There was this one book I found interesting.”

“Can’t you just go back to being a ghost?” Aoba asked for the umpteenth time since meeting face-to-face with this teen.

“Regretting me asking you to research me?” He asked happily and saw Aoba nod. With a sniffle, he quieted down in a corner and kept to himself for the time being. As carefree as he was, for some reason Aoba had yet to find out, the teen would obey almost any order from Aoba.

But since he was mostly harmless and somehow reminded the twins of Izaya, for various obvious reasons, they decided to just try and restrain him as much as possible by entertaining him with various things. Not that the teen minded. He just simply enjoyed doing anything as long as he didn’t stop.


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