Side B: Received Emotion

Summary: The young girl spends her days leisurely thanks to the help of those two young men.
Pairings: None.
Rating: T
Genre: Fantasy / Mystery
Story Type: Random AU
Setting: None in particular.
Warning: Slightly similar to Short 12 but at the same time, completely different.

For a long time now, she has been happy. The ones closest to her have noticed it; however, they do not the reason why. All they know for certain is that she smiles more with each passing day. And time flows on without worry.

“Anri-sempai, you look lovely today too!” A girl with braids and glasses yells from an open window to a girl who is leaving the premises of the school.

The girl who is being called gets startled and looks up with a soft smile. She waves good-bye and continues on her way. She’s greeted by a couple heading home and the girl of the pair grins before wishing her good luck. The girl thanks her and continues down the road. As she nears the intended location, she hears a voice.

“Oh! Anri-chan! It’s been a while!” The first person to greet her when she arrives is a blond around her age. His smile is radiating and infectious.

“Hello again Sonohara-san.” A second boy smiles in her direction, happy to see her again. He’s much calmer than the blond but he radiates a feeling of complacency that she can’t help but smile towards him.

Giving them both a soft bow, they turn her around and continue walking alongside her. “Now, for today’s excursion, we’re going to sneak into the…”

“Don’t you dare, Masaomi!” The second boy stopped the first from suggesting anything dangerous. “We’re just going to take a walk around the park today. There’s a lot of things to do there anyways.”

“Oh, fine! Whatever you say, Mikado. Puun pun!” The blond, Masaomi, agreed with a pout and his companion, Mikado, simply shook his head. The girl, Sonohara Anri, held in her chuckle and noticed them smiling towards her.

On the way, they stopped by an ice cream shop and the two boys waited for Anri to come out. Before that, they saw a motorcycle stop in front of the shop and the rider walk towards them. Masaomi remained stationary while Mikado turned around to face the person.

“Hello again.” Mikado repeated the words on the PDA in front of him.

“Yo!” Masaomi smiled and saluted to her from his position.

“Are you visiting Anri-chan today? If so, please avoid Sunshine. Shizuo and Izaya are fighting over there. Oh, really? Thank you Celty-san!” Mikado seemed happy for some reason and Masaomi placed his hand over the boy’s head to pet him.

“Thanks Celty-san.” Masaomi repeated with a grin and they all saw Anri come out of the shop.

“Oh, hello Celty-san.” She greeted with a soft smile and a light blush on her cheeks causing Masaomi to try and hug her but was stopped when Mikado caused the blond to trip over to the floor. “Did something happen?”

The biker, Celty, shook her head and walked away. Before she left, however, she wrote once last thing for Anri. “I’m glad you’re looking happier recently.” Mikado and Masaomi repeated for no reason, causing Anri to blush even harder.

“That’s all cute and all, but let’s go!” Masaomi declared once Celty was out of sight and they proceeded to walk again. Their destination this time around became their first meeting place. Mikado enjoyed it a lot, as did Anri, while Masaomi found it that the two were being mushy.

All three sat down on a nearby bench and Masaomi quickly started greeting any passing female but none of them pay attention to him. Mikado chuckled as he and Anri glanced at each other. They both remembered how they had met.

Because at that time, Anri still had been depressed. Nothing had made her happy until the two appeared with a radiating glow.

“Lift up that chin of yours! A pretty damsel should always be smiling! Right, Mikado?” Masaomi spoke first at that time. He always seemed to have an excess of energy.

“I agree for once.” Mikado concurred with a nod and she had looked at them surprised.

“Who…who are you?” Anri had asked confused, taken by surprise since she had never noticed them arrive. Both males had looked equally taken by shock and Masaomi, once more, was the first to respond.

“If you ask us who we are then there’s but only one answer…!”

“Masaomi, what are you talking about? It’s because she doesn’t know us that she’s asking who we are.” Mikado interjected with a saddened sigh and a shake of his head.

The blond quickly pouted while saying, “Come on, man! Don’t just ruin my fun! Punpun!”

“Where’d that come from?” Mikado looked confused, trying to understand his companion.

“Some informer, I think.” Masaomi answered with a shrug. He didn’t seem to care about it that much.

With a laugh, Mikado responded, “Man, you just grab the weirdest things from people, don’t you?”

“Only if it’s interesting, really. I have a need to spice up my life!” Masaomi said while winking at Mikado and placing his hand on his chest proudly.

Anri had just been confused the whole time since they seemed to ignore her. “Um….” So she tried catching their attention.

“Oh, right, right! I’m Masaomi, that’s Mikado! Oh, wow! You have no idea how happy you’ve made us! Like super happy! So, beautiful ero-chan, what’s your name?” Masaomi had asked with another wink while pointing to Anri with both index fingers of his hands.

“You’re being rude, Masaomi.” Mikado responded by slapping his friend on the back of his head.

“Mikado’s so mean!” Masaomi pouted again and Anri finally spoke up.

“Sonohara Anri.” She said softly but they heard her nonetheless.

“Anri-chan, then!”

“Nice to meet you, Sonohara-san.”

“Sonohara-san?” Mikado’s voice brought Anri from her memories and she quickly apologized before returning to her half-eaten ice cream. Masaomi got closer and without saying anything, took a bite out of Anri’s ice cream, effectively surprising her.

“Thanks for the meal!” He said with an aloof grin.

“Masaomi!” Mikado quickly yelled and saw his best friend skip away happily. “Sorry Sonohara-san. I’ll try to stop him next time. That was rude of him.”

“No, it’s alright. Would you like a bite too?” Anri offered but Mikado shook his hands to signify he wouldn’t dare to.

“Shall we take a walk? There’s a few things I wanted to show you around the park.” Mikado suggested and Anri agreed, getting up from the chair.

“You’re going to show her that painter, right? Don’t leave without me!” Masaomi quickly put his arm around Mikado’s shoulder and they walked around the park.

Anri seemed glad the two were with her but no one paid attention to them so it saddened her a bit. She knew it couldn’t be helped though. It was just the way things were with the two.

“Hello there. All alone miss?” The old man with the sketch book asked Anri with a smile.

Glancing at the two behind her, she smiled at the man. “Never again.”

Masaomi and Mikado instantly smiled and then proceeded to tell her about which pieces of work to really notice. They were in a few after all.


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