The Gods enter through the center Kamiarizuki

Summary: The small lord is to go to the summit for the annual meeting, then hi-jinks happen.
Pairings: szmk + msan + ckao
Rating: T
Genre: Fantasy / Drama
Story Type: Fantasy!AU
Setting: Based on two pixiv images (IDnos 12347816 and 13579137), one of them is below the cut.
Warning: Continuation of Short 06. Must still find the artist as the images were removed from pixiv. D:


Masaomi stared directly Mikado, causing a bit of an unnerving feeling on the young lord. Anri simply ignored him while she helped change Mikado’s clothes. In the meantime, Aoba continued to try and pry Chikage off from him.


“Seriously, please stop it now Masaomi.” Mikado had to look away from Masaomi in order not to focus so much on his guardian.

“It can’t be helped. It’s the first time you’re going to the summit. Masaomi’s just worried about you, Mikado-sama.” Chikage explained while hovering on top of Aoba.

“I see. But can you please stop trying to rape my younger brother right in front of me?” With a sigh, Mikado turned his attention to Anri, who had just finished fixing his clothes. “Does it look good?”

While Anri nodded in agreement, Aoba screamed from under Chikage, “Hold on, Mikado-sama! Does that mean you don’t mind what this pervert does as long as he doesn’t do it in front of you?!” Aoba was in shock but quickly punched Chikage to escape.

“I was gonna ask that too but I don’t mind continuing this in another room Aobachin!” Chikage grinned and ran after his beloved while rubbing his face.

“You sure you’re going to be okay, Mikado-sama? I’ve heard from pops back when the previous lord was still around that the old guys at the summit can get really hardheaded about things there.” Masaomi tilted his head with a frown, showing how worried he was.

“I know.” Mikado nodded with a smile in place. “Father used to talk about it too whenever he came back. And I studied up on things with Aoba-kun so I should be okay.”

“I hope so. I’m just glad the big boss there allowed Anri-chan to go with you. But try not to disrespect any of the guys there. Your fiancée is going too, right?” Sighing, Masaomi remembered the person in question and shivered slightly.

“Yeah, Shizuo-niisan is going too.” Mikado lowered his gaze, trying to hide both his blush and his smile.

“Most lords prefer to travel without guard. They are pompous that way.” Anri suddenly spoke and received a fit of laughter from Masaomi but was quickly silenced with the threat of her sword on his neck.

“Anri-chan, please don’t kill Masaomi. The late previous lord might haunt us for offing the son of his most trusted guard.” Mikado tried to ease the mood and watched Anri retreat her sword. “But Anri-chan’s right, Masaomi. There’ll probably be only a few guards who will eventually get assigned border patrol by their masters.”

“I will remain near Mikado-sama in case of assistance.” Anri explained with a nod. “Aoba-sama is not allowed to go after all. Normally, I would not be either though.” Anri seemed worried about something but felt Mikado’s hand on her head.

Smiling at her, Mikado spoke softly. “Don’t worry Anri-chan, I trust your skills. And the Great Lord knows it as well, that is why he allowed your presence there.”

“This is gonna be a long month.” Masaomi sighed and got ready to leave the room. “But g’luck Mikado-sama and have a little bit of fun too if you can.”

“I agree with Masaomi-kun, Mikado-sama.” Anri gave her lord the softest smile, causing Masaomi to hug her with appreciation. Mikado simply walked in front of them, taking glances of them every so often while trying to hide his chuckle.

… … …

“I do not need to remind you, Mikado-sama, but I will not be able to directly speak to you during the summit. If there is anything you need, I will try to fulfill it, however, please speak to the retainers.” Anri reminded Mikado as they stood in front of the large shrine gate.

“I know, Anri-chan. Well, don’t lag behind now.” Mikado reminded her with a smile and took the first step through the gate. Beyond that, they arrived at the long steps to the entrance of the shrine. “Oh, there are other lords still arriving.” He noted while going up. Glancing back at Anri, he noticed her keeping her gaze on him while remaining quiet, just as she promised to do so.

With a soft sigh, he continued upwards. The view became denser in forest as they elevated since the mountain was around them. Almost at the midway point, Mikado noticed someone in the distance. The furry tails caught his attention first and the smoke reached his nose much quicker. He smiled but kept an even pace until he reached Shizuo.

“Hello Shizuo-niisan. I’m glad I could catch up to you.” Mikado smiled brightly to the older lord and curiously glanced around. “Kasuka-niisan isn’t with you?”

Taking a puff, Shizuo almost deliberately took his time in answering. “No. He has to remain at my place to keep guard. And stop looking at childish. You’ve come because you’re a noble so act like it.” He seemed displeased with something else entirely.

“Has father arrived yet?” Mikado asked, somewhat shyly and saw Shizuo’s tails twitch.

“Correct.” He answered and remained still, looking out at the view.

Mikado seemed a bit nervous around Shizuo and didn’t know what to do but couldn’t consult it with Anri since the other had to remain out of it. “T-then, I’ll be…”

“Let’s go.” Shizuo finally ordered and started walking upwards. Mikado immediately followed behind, being only two steps behind and to his side. He knew what the appropriate distance was after all.

Once they arrived at the top, the three stepped through the main entrance and were received by a group of retainers. “Please be welcomed to the Great Shrine. I am one of the two head retainers, Walker.”

“And I am Erika.” The two of the group smiled to the lords.

“All accompanying guards will receive orders from the Head of Security here, Kyohei-sama. Please follow him, Sonohara-dono.” Walker immediately pushed Anri away from Mikado without letting the small lord say anything about it.

“And I shall bring you to your quarters, Shizuo-sama, Mikado-sama. The Great Lord has decided to give you adjoining rooms due to your relationship. Any further request for the room or discontent with the room will go through me or Walker. Dinner is a six sharp and breakfast at seven sharp. Meetings will take during the day and you shall be provided with meals during these at your call. A schedule of the meetings is displayed in your rooms and are divided by area. Any further meetings outside those of schedules will be requested through me or Walker. These include private talks or meals with the Great Lord which are denied at the moment of request. Any questions you may have so far, my lords?” Erika asked once they reached the rooms. Mikado had barely any time to register even the way to the room.

“I want you to prepare both our meals in my room. Got it?” Shizuo ordered the woman, surprising Mikado. She didn’t even bat an eyelash when answering.

“As so ordered.”

Once she was gone, Mikado stood alone in his room. He knew Shizuo was in the next and thought about knocking into his to see if he could come in. There seemed to be nothing to do until your turn at the meetings so Mikado was now slightly confused. He decided to look at the schedule in the meantime.

“Me and Shizuo-niisan are on the 18th day… Father’s will be the day before… I should greet him at least once, right?” Mikado murmured to himself, feeling slightly worried. His ears stood up and his tails froze when he hear Shizuo speak.

“Come in here.” It was a commanding tone and one befitting of Shizuo. Mikado knew well to obey it, even though they were both equals. “Sit.”

Mikado obeyed and sat near Shizuo, glancing awkwardly every so often.

“Your plans for the rest of the summit, tell me what they are.” Shizuo ordered without asking and Mikado nodded.

“I was thinking of taking walks and greeting the other lords during the banquets. I also have to greet father…” He stopped once he saw Shizuo’s hardened gaze.

“Did you know about that? The proposal?” This one was an actual question, which Mikado found odd. But since Shizuo seemed angry, he figured there was something putting him off. “Well?”

“I… I heard about it from Anri-chan after the incident back then. It was a test designed by father…” Mikado’s ears fell and his tails curled around him as he fell silent.  A few seconds later, he gathered up his courage, “Father spoke to you?”

“That he did.” Shizuo responded and took a puff of his pipe. He seemed a bit calmer now for some reason and Mikado thought it wise not to say anything else. Almost an hour later, Shizuo stood up and looked down at Mikado. “Let’s go. I’ll introduce you to some of the lords.”

“O-oh! Thank you Shizuo-niisan!” Mikado smiled and followed closely behind, his mood improving with Shizuo’s own.

As the two toured the shrine, they met various others whom Shizuo introduced calmly to Mikado. Each of them had a different response that got a bit repetitive to the two. Whenever they learned who Mikado was they’d either show surprise, disgust, joy, confusion or a friendliness that hid their true emotions. Mikado maintained a cheerful attitude in front of them and was amazed Shizuo had not said anything about it.

“Your father informed me earlier so I’ll give you a fair warning, he’ll be speaking to the Great Lord during the summit about our partnership. The Great Lord will make the final decision.” Shizuo spoke once they reached one of the many gazebos of the various lakes inside the shrine.

Mikado was caught by surprise and looked back to Shizuo, frowning a bit. “Oh… I see…” He was clearly depressed by the news and felt surprised when one of Shizuo’s tails touched his cheek.

“I will try to talk to the Great Lord myself during that meeting. Are you planning on speaking up for yourself as well?” He asked and saw Mikado softly purr at the tails. It didn’t seem as though Mikado had listen at all. Growling a bit, Shizuo took his tail away. “I have some lords to meet up with. Make sure you behave properly and I’ll see you during the evening.”

“Ah, alright…” Mikado looked a bit down now but there was nothing else he could do.

“Oh, dear. That’s a pretty big frown you’ve got there.” The voice startled him and he noticed the man on the railing. He carried a large bottle of wine and a small cup in his hands. “I can lend you my ear if you so desire. As it so happens, I’m in a pretty good mood. I can also offer you some of my wine.”

“O-oh! No, I don’t need any right now. And, um, I don’t mean to be rude but I don’t think you would be able to help anyways. Thank you though.” Mikado gave him a small bow and ran off into the distance.

“That’s no way to treat a partner, Mikado-kun.” The man grinned and changed his appearance before disappearing from view.

While Mikado continued his way around the shrine, alone this time, he noticed some of the many retainers look a bit flustered and worried. He thought it was curious but ignored it. Eventually, Mikado found a garden and was pulled down by someone. With various blinks, he came face-to-face with a young girl whom he immediately recognized as an outsider of the summit.

“Please forgive me for being so bold but I must find the one they call Lord Mikado!” She said looking slightly scared. Her face was pale and Mikado’s tails passed by her cheek, slowly easing her. “S-sorry… Thank you.”

“A girl should always be smiling. Now, would you like to state the reason why you are here, aside from searching for one of us?” Mikado asked her, without doing any introductions or being too harsh on her.

“Ah, eh, well, it’s this, I mean like this… Um… My sister, that is, older sister-in-law, she, uh, created… Um, have you ever heard of the man-made tengu?” She suddenly asked after much thinking and Mikado used his tails to raise her gaze to his.

“What does that guy have to do with your reason for being here?” Mikado’s icy glare froze her and she lowered her gaze away.

“Sister created him. They were friends as I understand it, but… I can’t permit him to continue to do as he pleases! It’s not right for him to try and attain such a high title by stealing from others, much less a partnership!” She seemed scared but Mikado simply smiled and pet her head.

The girl seemed curious but Mikado looked around. “Oh, Walker-san, come here.” He motioned to the retainer passing by with a grin and saw him step closer.

“What can I do for you…? Oh, dear.” He froze upon seeing the young girl. Looking from one to the other, he wasn’t sure what to say.

“Please give her safe passage outside. But before that, your name please.” Mikado asked calmly and the girl froze. She looked from Mikado to Walker and then to Mikado once more.

Without hoping to insult him, she spoke. “Mi… Mikajima… Saki…”

“Then Mikajima Saki, I give you my blessings in exchange for your message.” Mikado gave her a small kiss on her forehead and the girl felt flustered, not knowing what to do. “Now Walker-san, make sure no one notices her leave.”

“As so ordered, Mikado-sama.” Walker bowed, his words surprising the girl before she was grabbed hold of and disappeared from their sights.

Once they were both gone, Mikado sighed and stood up. “Should I tell Shizuo-niisan about this? If that man is here, there might be trouble. Oh right, I’ll give Anri-chan a heads-up.”

With that the days passed calmly and Mikado’s scheduled meeting was finally up. Anri never seemed to be around so he rarely saw her and Shizuo would always be around during breakfast and dinner, making Mikado wonder where he spent his days when not around the younger lord. But none of that mattered right at the moment since he was smack deep in the middle of around fifty conversations.

“Hey, hey, do you think we can finish this whole meeting any time soon? I’m dying to go outside. I can’t believe no one’s arrived at a mutual conclusion.” One lord spoke amicably, reeking of alcohol. “You’re Mikado-dono, right? I heard about you from Shizuo. It’d be great if your partnership doesn’t get broken off. Personally, I like you with Shizuo more than with that weirdo tengu. You know he visited me once. Wouldn’t shut up about you. Celty-kun had to throw him out by force. It was hilarious.”

“Shinra-dono, shut up. We’re in the meeting already.” Shizuo growled at the man, who simply laughed and wagged his fluffy raccoon tail.

“See that, Mikado-dono? He’s actually very possessive and jealous of others. Wanna know what he’s been up to lately?” Shinra leaned in too close and fell but was caught by the older lord next to him.

“I think you’ve had a bit too much to drink, my lord.” He seemed dignified but his harsh exterior somehow scared Mikado.

“Oh no, Shiki-dono, I’m perfectly fine!” Shinra spoke in his defense but his words were starting to slur.

“Seventeen and that’s final!” Another voice came from down the long hall and Mikado tried to look who was talking. “Fine! We’ll divide it by month!”

“You have to stand your ground in this. Make sure you remember that.” Shizuo advised Mikado, who nodded and tried to follow the conversations. Though he wasn’t in charge of any town, it was still important for him to know what was happening.

Once the meeting was over, Mikado saw Erika waiting outside the hall with a smile. She caught sight of him and bowed politely before walking over to him. “Your father wishes to dine with you. I have passed this message to you.”

“Thank you.” Mikado smiled and glanced over to Shizuo shyly.

“I’ve already spoken to him. You should greet him at least once. Half the month has already passed.” Shizuo nodded in approval and Mikado gave him a bright smile, leaving with Erika who led the way. “That insolent one is here as well, isn’t he?” Glancing behind him, he saw Anri nod in confirmation but Shizuo maintained his anger. There was no need to make a scene just yet.

The hallway Mikado was in was different that the one his room was in. Even the distance of each room was larger. He found it only slightly odd.

“We’ve arrived. Good day, Mikado-sama.” Erika bowed and left the hallway. Mikado took a second to gather up his courage and opened the door.

“You’re late Mikado-kun!” Mikado froze upon seeing that man in the room. But his father stern gaze caused him to try and smile in return.

“Good evening, father.” Mikado sat down and gave his father a small bow.

“You’ve finished your meeting, correct? What is your impression?” Mikado’s father asked, calmly drinking some of the wine near him.

“It was alright. There was a lot going on but we managed to finish discussing all the topics, partly in thanks to Shizuo-niisan and Shiki-dono.” Mikado explained and saw the tengu take a swing of his bottle of wine without much care.

“Very well. There will be more in the future but I expect your participation to rise. You mustn’t be complacent with just a small shrine, Mikado. Eventually you’ll have a town to guard as well.” His father’s voice was commanding and Mikado could feel some sweat falling. “Now, I trust you’ve met Izaya-dono, correct?”

“Oh my, Ryugamine-sama, I feel just bashful being called so respectfully by someone of your caliber!” The man-made tengu, Izaya, grinned aloofly and smirked towards Mikado. “You heard about the meeting, right Mikado-kun?”

“I have, father.” Mikado responded only to his father and not to Izaya. “I shall leave the matter to the Great Lord’s decision.”

There was a moment of silence and even Izaya thought it odd but only kept glancing between father and son. Suddenly, the older lord raised his hand and the room door opened to reveal Erika and Walker carrying their dinner. The two hurriedly came in, placed the food and left without saying a word. The tension seemed very high.

“Well, I should say, let’s dig in!” Izaya proclaimed and took a bite of his food, seeing how Mikado and his father followed slowly.

After a few moments of silence, Mikado finally spoke. “Is there any reason you can allow me to hear for this change in partnership?”

“I simply know this situation to be more beneficial to you. Izaya-dono as your partner will allow you to grow into a more suitable lord than a partnership with Shizuo-dono.” He explained and the conversation ended there. Even Izaya’s half-baked attempts at sparking their interests with topic about his travels didn’t give him any fruit.

Once the evening meal was finished, Mikado was sent back and didn’t even get a chance to say goodnight to Shizuo since the other wasn’t in his room. Morning arrived with the usual festivities of the other lords as background noise and Mikado ate his breakfast alone. He thought it odd but Shizuo was nowhere around. Without anything to do, once again, he walked around the Great Shrine. A few lords greeted him in passing like usual but by now, they were too drunk. Many of the other lords used the summit for meeting up with old friends who lived far away.

Mikado sighed as he walked towards one of the smaller gondolas. He thought it would be vacant until he saw a lord there, drinking wine peacefully. Instantly, Mikado felt flustered for interrupting.

“Oh, hello. Care to join me? I’d really enjoy some company right about now. It’s so noisy inside, don’t you think so?” He asked with a pleasant smile and Mikado nodded, sitting down beside him. “You look slightly under the weather. Odd, most lords at the summit are either too serious or too drunk. Something happen recently?”

“Well…” Mikado was about to talk but thought it would be rather awkward to talk about the matter to someone who couldn’t do anything about it.

“Don’t pause on my account. Just get it out of your chest young lord.” He smiled and Mikado felt flustered again.

“Father is going to speak to the Great Lord about my partnership with Shizuo-niisan but I… I don’t want to separate from him. There’s a promise I want to keep with Shizuo-niisan.” Mikado voiced out his feelings with a frown on his face. The lord beside his looked curiously at him.

“Why not say that to your father then?” He asked but Mikado shook his head.

“He will not listen to me. What he wishes of me is to become like him. But I know I can’t.” Sighing once again, he felt the lord’s hand on his head.

“Don’t you feel better getting it out of your throat?” The lord asked happily and offered some cake to Mikado. “Can I know what kind of promise it was? Or is it too personal?”

Mikado blushed and accepted the cake. “Simply that I would stay on his side as I grew prouder of myself. It’s silly, but it means everything to me.” He explained sadly and felt the lord caressing his ear, causing him to become nervous now.

“You should speak up for yourself then. Something good might happen.” He suggested and continued his meal quietly, while Mikado stayed still for the time being. “Now then, I seem to hear something going on inside. It should be time to head back in, don’t you think so too?”

Mikado nodded nervously and followed the older lord but eventually lost sight of him. With a soft sigh, he continued his walk and met with Anri. Smiling, he asked her to join him and she nodded in return.

“Oh, Mikado-dono, come here!” He heard Shinra from two floors up and jumped to reach him, along with Anri. “See what I mean? That’s what we didn’t get to finish talking about.” Shinra pointed to Shizuo, who was a bit far down in the current gathering.

“Why is Shizuo-niisan talking with those other lords? He doesn’t seem too pleased with it.” Mikado was confused and worried at the same time.

“He’s trying to gain some support in your partnership. If the Great Lord hears that there are other lords who find beneficial your partnership, he might be persuaded to maintain it. Kinda sneaky isn’t it? I told him about that plan. That way, Shizuo will support my partnership.” Shinra seemed pleased with himself and looked as though he remembered something. “Speaking of which, I have a meeting soon about that. Shizuo! See ya later!”

As Shinra left the gathering, Mikado made sure he wasn’t seen by Shizuo. Anri noted his blush and softly bumped her head with his. Mikado seemed pleased with that and both returned to their walk. However, that ended when the famous Head of Security, Kyohei, came and picked up Anri. He bowed formally to Mikado and looked very serious about his work. Anri seemed to admire him, Mikado noted, even though his guard was silent the whole time.

Eight days later, Shizuo barged into Mikado’s room with a serious gaze. The young lord was taken by surprise and seemed to be thinking of what he should do. “We’re going.” Shizuo only said and turned to leave. Mikado quickly followed behind without a single word.

“Oh, I was just coming to get you, my lords.” Erika appeared in front of them with a smile. “The meeting’s location has been changed. Please, follow me.” She motioned to them and guided them towards a much larger hall that Mikado had not seen even once.

“This is the Grand Hall. It’s supposed to be used on the last day of the summit. Something must’ve changed.” Shizuo explained to Mikado in whispers and eyed the hall, noticing the various guards that had been placed there.

As the two neared the center, they saw Izaya and Mikado’s father. There was a structure of curtains in front of them to hide the Great Lord’s face, much like the meeting hall Mikado had been in before. What was truly different in this hall were the complexity of levels and balconies surrounding them. Mikado saw Shinra from one balcony, still drunk and waving at him while Shiki tried to stop him from falling.

A loud cough resounded and Walker caught everyone’s attention. Mikado and Shizuo sat side-by-side behind Mikado’s father, while Izaya sat just a few feet to Mikado’s right. “We shall begin the meeting of the decision to maintain the partnership between Lord Shizuo and Lord Mikado. Lord Ryugamine, please state your ideals to the Great Lord.” Walker spoke while Erika stood close by.

“As stated in my previous letter, Great Lord, this partnership was an agreement between myself and Shizuo-dono’s father. However, my late friend indicated that his son was free to choose whether the partnership was mutually beneficial. And in my house, the master of the family decides the fate of their children, therefore my decision of their partnership no longer beneficial is the first reason why I wish to change my son’s partnership. The second is that Izaya-dono is more suitable to grow my son.” Mikado’s father explained in detail his thoughts and the two head retainers nodded in response.

“Then one word will be allowed of each of the individual lords. Lord Shizuo, begin.” Erika spoke to Shizuo, who nodded. He first wrapped his tails around Mikado as best he could and spoke exactly one word.


“Lord Mikado.” Erika spoke to Mikado, who blushed before curling his tails with Shizuo’s own and saying exactly one word as well.


Shizuo smiled at Mikado’s honesty and heard Erika speak once more. “Lastly, Master Izaya.”

All eyes fell on Izaya who simply smirked before eyeing Mikado. “Rejected.” Was his word before Shizuo brought Mikado closer to him and Anri jumped in between them to repel the blast.

The hall fell silent but not one lord moved to do anything. Izaya simply tried to separate his prize from Shizuo and felt something pierce his side. Kyohei walked into the scene, a sword in hand. “Master Izaya, you’ve been charged with crimes against every lord in this Grand Hall. You will have stolen the last mana today.” He spoke seriously and charged forward, along with Anri and about six other guards.

“Go, Kadota-kun!” Shinra cheered from the sideline, laughing joyfully. A few other lords seemed to enjoy the spectacle below but others seemed disinterested in the whole ordeal, like the female lord a few floors above Shinra who was far more interested in the small jail she carried.

“Wha… What’s going on?!” Mikado was very confused, much like his father, as Shizuo brought him away from the fight, looking about ready to join in the fray.

“Looks like this was what Shinra-dono planned from the beginning. Only he would know how much mana was taken from us.” Shizuo eyed Shinra, who seemed much too happy, even if he was drunk.

Almost ten minutes later, Kyohei pinned Izaya to the floor, along with the other guards. “You’ll be awaiting sentence here in the Great Shrine until further notice.” He spoke calmly and had the guards take him away.

“Nice going, Kadota-kun!” Shinra cheered again and Kyohei sighed tiredly before leaving with the other guards.

Walker coughed loudly again and caught the attention of those in the hall. “The Great Lord would like to announce his decision. That is, it was always his intention of maintaining the partnership, more so now that Lord Mikado was able to voice out his wish.”

“He would also like to mention that he is glad you were able to keep your promise, Mikado-sama.” Erika said brightly and Mikado was caught by surprise. He quickly hid his face, embarrassed of his own display of affection.

“Then, since all meetings were able to be completed this year without any delays, the remaining days will be the festivities for the future partnerships to be completely celebrated!” Walker exclaimed joyfully and both he and Erika took out two fans and waved them around.

The hall trembled from the cheering as many entertainments were brought out for the lords. Walker fetched Mikado and Shizuo to bring them closer to the Great Lord.

“Isn’t it nice that you were able to speak up?” The Great Lord spoke amicably as he sipped some of his wine. Mikado felt flustered again since he realized that the other had been just gathering information that time. Shizuo glanced at the two, realizing what happened and shook his head.

Still, he had to give his thanks. Mikado quickly did the same, not wanting Shizuo to be the only one and the two left for the festivities around them. They had to pay a few other lords a visit to thank them. However, Shizuo made sure Mikado did not leave his sight, even for a moment or to speak to his father.

… … …

“Are you fucking serious?!” Masaomi was the first to ask the moment Mikado finished retelling the story of the events at the summit. He sat next to Anri on the heated table while Chikage and Aoba sat to their right. Kasuka was in front of them while Shizuo and Mikado was to their left.

“Don’t swear.” Shizuo and Aoba spoke at the same time, making Chikage stifle a chuckle.

“Aw man! Now I wish I’d gone to the summit!” Masaomi pouted and looked over to the neutral Anri. “Even Anri-chan looks positively happy! She’s glowing and everything! That Kadota must’ve put the moves on her! I know he’s the best, but still!”

“Oh, right. I forgot you also took one of his seminars.” Chikage laughed as he stole a fruit from the bowl in front of them. “Which reminds me, that little girl who found her way in…”

“You told her how to find me, didn’t you Chikage-san?” Mikado asked and Chikage simply laughed before receiving a blow to his side from Aoba. He coughed before adding, “I just felt sorry for her since she seemed to forget what time of the year it was.”

“Still, I don’t think her message would’ve helped much.” Mikado said with a sigh.

“However, it still is of some import. I’ll look into this famous sister-in-law.” Kasuka added but Chikage butted in.

“No, no good sir. If anyone’s going around looking for info, I’ll be the one doing it. You were still in the middle of lessons with Aobachin, remember?” He grinned to the two and saw Aoba turn his gaze away.

“And you say you like staying here?” Shizuo asked softly to Mikado, who was startled but nodded nonetheless.

“This is my family. I love them as they are.” Mikado responded while entwining his tails with Shizuo’s, the other not minding it at all. It wasn’t his plan to visit Mikado until the partnership was to be celebrated but since it had been threatened, he wanted to make sure nothing got in the way again. Kasuka had noticed his brother’s feelings and seemed happy anyways. He didn’t mind. This big a close family was welcomed to him.


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