Partners in Shadows Part 2

Summary: The allies who share a secret complete a job.
Pairings: onesided!szmk (but just innocent) + msar (super slightly)
Rating: T
Genre: Fantasy / Drama
Story Type: Fantasy!AU
Setting: Based on the six official pictures that are on the Japanese official anime site.
Warning: The first part is Short 14.

The six of them sat in the family restaurant, causing those around them to take glances at the group. They were an odd group to say the least. But since Fire God had suggested that they head out to eat some lunch, Last Angel called up Black Lady to join them. Rain Protector sat quietly next to Fire, sipping her cold tea, while taking glances of how Noise Receiver kept trying to sit closer to Lightning Strike.

“Here are your orders.” The waitress came closer and placed all their food correctly before scampering away from the table.

“Now that the food’s here, how about we get down to business?” Last suggested while breaking some bread to eat with his pasta. “This time around we got a lot of jobs lined up!”

“Your jobs are nothing but dangerous, Last.” Fire retorted with a glare as he cut the steak in front of him. He ate luxuriously whenever Black paid for the food.

“And that’s exactly why I’m around. Me and Celty will help out!” Black said lovingly as he remembered his beauty. The soup in front of him didn’t even matter on a scale of heat.

“I’ll also try to help place the danger away. Aren’t we doing this to help others?” Rain asked curiously and Fire nearly squealed in delight. She had ordered the special of the day since it seemed interesting and was fidgety about it because she had no idea from where to start.

“Just shut it! We’re here to eat. This type of discussion should be left for a more private location.” Lightning warned them all as he bit down on his cake. Even now, none of the four seemed to understand his obsession with replacing food for sweets.

“I agree.” Noise spoke calmly as he brought some of the rice from his traditional meal to his mouth. He seemed to eat with a sort of finesse that the others didn’t have.

“There it is. Noise’s absolute loyalty to Lightning. Still don’t feel anything about it, Lightning?” Fire asked with a sly grin, feeling like teasing the older man. The other, however, simply scoffed and looked away. He really wasn’t interested in it.

“Don’t tease him so much Fire-kun. Lightning-kun is just shy. Those two eventually will get along.” Last said with absolute certainty. That meant to the others that it was a very likely scenario. However, Lightning didn’t seem too fond of that fact and Noise felt very awkward about it.

“Ignoring your useless scenarios, I hope everyone has been well. None of you except Last-kun, for obvious reasons, and Fire-kun would speak to me after last time’s disbandment.” Black seemed to be almost pouting. “Well, I can understand Noise-kun’s dilemma but…”

“I apologize, Black-sensei. It was due to work that I could not answer you.” Rain apologized and Black felt a pang of guilt in his heart while Fire immediately looked glum. Last saw all their reactions and simply smiled, finding it all hilarious.

“Well, I just didn’t feel like it.” Lightning responded and Black felt immediately disheartened. He thought Lightning of all people would have mellowed out. It had felt like they came closer as comrades the last time around so this depressed him.

“A-nyways!” Last directed all ears on him. “There’s no need for anyone to be separated this time, don’t you think so? I know last time left a bit of a bad taste in your mouths but if it makes you feel better, I hadn’t even thought that would’ve been possible.”

“What? That you, of all people, didn’t realize there was no way for us to get there in time? Did you even see us arrive in time? That’s the whole reason I was pissed back then, Last.” Fire explained with an angry tone and bit down on his piece of meat, nearly breaking his teeth with the fork.

“Hey! Even a strategy guide isn’t omnipotent!” Last pouted and Fire rolled his eyes while Lightning grumbled under his breath.

“And you were also bothered by that event, Last Angel. Don’t try to hide that thought.” Noise suddenly spoke in Last’s defense, surprising the rest on the table. Last immediately smiled and squealed, “Thank you, Mikado-kun! But please stop reading my thoughts!” He poked the younger boy and was quickly slapped away by Lightning.

“Pedo.” Both Lightning and Noise responded at the same time.

“Told you they’d get along. See? My instincts aren’t useless. I’ve refined them, Fire-kun.” Last said proudly as he placed his hand on his chest for a moment.

“Okay, we get it. Shut up.” Fire said with an exhausted sigh.

“Thank you for the food.” Both Rain and Noise said at the same time once they finished their food.

“Right, thanks for the food.” Fire followed suit and dropped the utensils in his hands.

“Oh, I’m so full.” Black seemed pleased and rubbed his belly a bit.

“It was good.” Lightning nodded and pushed his plate a bit forward.

“And now that we’ve eaten, we can leave!” Last got out of the table, ignoring the bit of food he left behind and was followed out by the other five once Black paid at the front.

Now on the streets, Last lead the way while Black walked next to him, humming a song. Fire kept his hands on his pockets while trying to match Rain’s slightly slow steps. Lightning and Noise were at the tail of the group, the younger taking glances at Lightning every so often.

“Our first stop is this!” Last proclaimed with a cheerful voice in front of the nearly decrepit store.

“What the hell kind of help are we supposed to give here?” Fire asked with a worried glance at the place.

“It’s some really easy stuff. You know, to ease you back into the job.” Last grinned and walked inside. Fire, Rain and Lightning tried to cover their noses since there was a really strong smell of medicinal plants.

“Why are you all unaffected by this?!” Fire asked with a shocked gaze.

“I haven’t been able to smell anything for a while since I was in the hospital.” Noise calmly explained.

“Oh, I’m used to these types of smells.” Black joked happily.

“I already knew the smell was going to be this bad.” Last told them with a happy shrug and walked over to the counter of the store.

“Can I help you?” The old store owner asked them curiously.

“I was here last time talking with your granddaughter. You know, that little one who lost her pup.” Last talked with the old man and the rest had this uncanny feeling they would be doing a very low-end job soon.

“Ah! You were the one who was going to help Mimi find Non?” The old man asked joyfully.

“Yes, yes! And these here are my associates.” Last pointed to the five behind him.

“Oh, thank you. This is a picture of Non.” The old man passed along a photo to Last, who took it happily.

“I’ll be communicating with you later, sir. Just leave it to us!” Last waved goodbye to the old man and headed out with the rest.

“Who the hell is Non?” He heard in unison once they were all out.

“This cute Pomeranian that got lost!” Last answered while showing the picture of the dog and quickly avoided Lightning’s pipe. “This is serious people! It’s important for us to do this job right!”

“I’ll agree with Last Angel.” Noise suddenly spoke up again, right behind Lightning, who took a step to the side in shock. “I believe it’s important to the plan.”

“What plan?” Four voices questioned and Noise shrugged his shoulder before moving away.

“Oh, Noise-kun, you shouldn’t be alone around here! Lightning-kun, please make sure Noise-kun doesn’t get lost or hurt. He’s precious to all of us after all.” Last asked Lightning with a smile and Lightning clicked his tongue before leaving after Noise.

“Last Angel.” Fire called to the older man and stepped forward with an angry look. “What are you planning on using Noise Receiver for?” He seemed about ready to hit Last but knew it would be futile.

“Nothing too serious. Just making sure we don’t get sidetracked. And Noise-kun agrees with me. At least up to a certain point anyways. I can’t actually force him, you know.” Last grinned and headed into another direction, followed by Black in order to make sure the man didn’t get himself into any sort of trouble.

“Damn it! The only reason I’m doing this is because Noise wants us together.” Fire told Rain but the girl knew better. She smiled sadly and followed his lead after receiving a photo message from Last.

While the group separated into three, they each searched while wondering at the same time; “Wouldn’t it be easier if Last Angel just used his guide to find the dog?”

“And ruin the fun?” Last asked Black with a grin and felt a tight grip on his body. He looked back to the literal completely darkened Black Lady in front of Black with something that looked like black lace coming from her hand. It was what held Last in place.

“Sorry, but I won’t go against Celty. You mind telling us what it is you’re planning? I don’t think I can just keep following you blindly.” Black explained and saw the black wings come out on Last’s back.

“Just fulfilling a promise to Last Angel. Just like you have to Black Lady. Are you going to break it this time?” Last grinned maliciously and felt the lace retreat from his body. “Thank you very much. Now, how about we both enjoy the show? This is after all, necessary but for different reasons.”

“How is it different this time?” Black asked after giving the Black Lady a kiss on the hand and watching her become part of his shadow. Last’s wings disappeared as well while walking away.

“They haven’t seen each other in a while. This’ll help take the awkward away.” Last revealed with a smile and heard Black sigh.

“So it’s just that. You were worried about how they would react when we met up again after last time’s event. You’re the one who’s awkward, Izaya-kun.” Black smiled and followed after Last, who simply hid his chuckle.

As the two searched for the other pairs, Noise and Lightning were taking a small break since Noise decided to try and hear things. Lightning knew it was most likely easier to do it that way so he decided to wait. At the very least Noise hadn’t decided to go all out.

“Shut up!” Noise suddenly spoke up and surprised Lightning. “Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP!”

“Noise Receiver! What’s going on?!” Lightning was worried. It was much too early for Noise to break down. Then this was something else, he knew that much. But he just didn’t know what it was.

“It’s so loud… I can’t hear it well. Lightning Strike, please… Help me…” Noise pleaded and Lightning brought the boy closer to him, placing his hand on the boy’s face. There was a crackle that sounded like static electricity and a black line surrounded Noise’s head. Lightning burrowed his eyebrows, feeling terrible about what he was doing.

Why not make him worry about you? Come on, he’s gullible like that.

Noise slapped Lightning’s hand away and immediately felt guilty about it. Lightning was caught by surprise but Noise turned away.

“I can hear them. But they’re not close. We should call Fire God and Rain Protector. It’s this way.” Noise spoke calmly and quickly before walking away. Lightning grabbed his phone and followed in pursuit of the boy as he called the other two.

“Okay, got it. We’ll head over there right now.” Fire hung up and turned to Rain, who had been covering the young girl with her body and a cover of black. As he put his phone away, he finished kicking the man in front of them to the side. “You okay, miss?”

“E-eh? Ah, yes. Th-thank you!” She thanked them both and Rain placed her hand on the girl’s head.

“Thank goodness we made it in time.” With a smile directed at her, the girl felt nervous in front of the two. Rain seemed to have caught it since she moved away. The cover of black receded into her shadow and she bowed to the girl before nodding to Fire. With a responsive nod, the two headed off, leaving the girl behind. “Where do we need to head to?”

“Somewhere between this district and the next. Lightning didn’t seem to know well since Noise just walked away. I think something happened between the two. Noise usually gives a good explanation of what’s happening at the moment.” Fire seemed worried and tried going faster, looking back every so often to reaffirm that Rain had not been lost. He knew she could keep up, it just worried him she would disappear without saying anything.

Noise dropped down on the floor and saw Lightning stopping next to him. They both seemed tired since Noise had started making a dash for it without uttering a word. His breathing was erratic as he pointed to the building behind him. “This area…is as loud as the hospitals. There are a lot of people in pain. But I found it before it slipped away. Lightning Strike, I don’t wish to impose, but that is suffering.” Noise explained before drifting off into sleep.

“I’ll take care of him, Lightning-kun.” Black spoke from the sky as he descended with the literal Black Lady in tow. Last came a second later, his black wings fluttering in the air as they were not connected to his body.

“Call Fire God and Rain Protector. I’ll be heading inside.” Lightning nodded to Black and ran off into the building, leaving the three behind.

“Noise-kun, are you alright?” Black asked as the darkened woman extended her lace over the boy’s neck, easing his breathing and causing the boy to wake.

“I’m sorry, Black Lady. I ran too much for a moment. I was afraid of being engulfed into the noise.” Noise apologized and glared at Last. “Last Angel, do not try to play with my feelings like that again. I will not ever, in this life, force Lightning Strike against his will.”

“Aw, and here I was hoping the two of you would get closer.” Last shrugged his shoulders and turned around with a grin as Fire and Rain found them. “Oh, you should head inside. Looks like they want to threaten Lightning-kun. Make sure Non is alive!”

The two teens glared at the man and ran off into the building, noticing how Noise was being healed again. Both were worried for a moment but knew there was something more important to do. As they headed up the stairs of the building, they heard the gunshots and Rain jumped in front to block them.

“Thanks Rain! But I’m not about to let you lead the whole time!” Fire grinned and placed his hands on the floor, watching with a grin as a line of shadows dispersed from his finger tips.

“Aaugh!” The screams were loud and a few thuds were heard before Fire stood back up. The lines of shadows retreaded to the wall to form a semi ring.

“Looks like it’s relatively free now. Shall we?” Fire extended his hand to Rain with a smirk.

“Sure.” Rain nodded but didn’t take his hand. Instead, she continued upwards with a serious gaze and Fire followed suit, trying hard not to show his rejected look.

The sudden burst of a door opening stopped them and Fire was about to attack when he saw a man fly out unconscious. Both smiled, slightly relieved, and entered with caution. Lightning was holding someone high up with just a hand.

“Where’s the dog?!” Lightning asked with a glare but the man was too scared to speak.

Rain quickly tried to look around in the surrounding rooms and another gunshot was heard but she managed to protect herself. “So you people are the one that woman sent. Ha! I get it! She never planned on paying the ransom!”

“Hey!” Fire called the attention of the man with the gun who held the unconscious dog. “Didn’t anyone ever tell you it’s not nice to bully the weak?” He asked while placing a hand on the wall. His shadow reached the ceiling and a burning smell reached their noses. Almost immediately, water fell on top of them.

Rain quickly jumped to the man and grabbed the dog before falling to the floor. The dark cover around her spread completely around her body as Fire’s line of shadow encircled him. Lightning dropped the man in his grasp to the floor and pierced the cement with his pipe. Yelling loudly, the spiked lines fell to the floor as they encircled the pipe and covered the whole floor. Closing his eyes, Fire simply heard the painful screams of the men before they fell unconscious.

“Ooh, nice job guys.” Last suddenly spoke up from the window outside. He was flying to see them but the wings fluttered a bit too much. Fire quickly hid his chuckle as Rain uncovered herself. “Oh, Rain-chan, please take Non downstairs to Shinra. He’ll take care of the rest.”

“Of course, Last-san.” Rain nodded and ran off, followed by Fire.

“Noise Receiver…” Lightning began but Last cut him off.

“Oh, he’s fine. Just ran a bit too much. See for yourself.” Last laughed as he sat on the window, looking down on the outside, where the other two teens joined Black.

Noise, who had come up the stairs, quickly bowed to Lightning. “I apologize, Lightning Strike. I didn’t wish to force your hand by seeming that weak. I’ll be careful in the future.”

“Eh…? Ah, sure. Just long as you know.” Lightning thought the boy seemed to be acting a bit weird but kept quiet. He walked past him and headed down, not knowing the conversation about to take place.

“We’ll be hated, Izaya-san.” Noise spoke calmly but Last didn’t care for that.

“How long have you known?” Last asked curiously without turning to face the teen.

“Long enough.” Noise responded and failed to see Last’s wide grin. “But even if it should happen as you wish, as long as Shizuo-san doesn’t hate it and he’s not driven to a corner to do it, then I can head even to the depths of hell itself.”

Last turned around with eyes that knew everything and spoke. “Perfect! Then I’ll make sure he’s turned, Mikado-kun. Let’s make it a race.” Noise didn’t agree or disagree and was about to leave when Last spoke again. “And you might want to prepare yourself. Your trials have just begun. There’s someone really important in your quest that’ll either make or break this plan. I hope you choose my side in the end though.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Noise replied and left.

“Or I’ll force you to, Noise Receiver.” Last grinned and waited until Noise was on the bottom before joining the rest.

End Part 2

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