Small and furry

Summary: Little Mikado accidentally falls from the balcony and lands on Shizuo’s head.
Pairings: None, really.
Rating: K
Genre: Fantasy / Humor
Story Type: Fantasy!AU
Setting: Celty and children are like bakenekos, sorta. Shizuo, Izaya and Shinra are wearing their HS uniforms just like in the anime.
Warning: Cuteness.

The first thing the kittens heard that morning was their mother’s soft voice, “I’ll be back in the afternoon. Make sure to listen to daddy, okay?” and then the door closed. They were all still half asleep so their mother’s message wasn’t heard, yet they knew it by heart. Around ten, one of them stretched his paws and looked around. He was trying to find his mother when his brother bit him to grab his attention.

“That hurts, Masaomi…” The black haired and blue eyed kitten whimpered lowly, sitting down to lick his paw. The other, Masaomi, was an orange tabby who scratched his neck after taking a loud yawn.

“Mom’s out, remember? She works all day. Dad’ll be home way later so let’s play a bit!” Masaomi jumped on his brother and they rolled around the floor.

“Masaomi, you’ll tire out Mikado. Remember he’s not big enough yet. Mom will get angry.” The other black haired kitten with the red eyes warned her brother and curled up against the brown tabby next to her. “Mika, you sound hungry.”

“Anri’s playing the mom card again. Come on, Mikado! Playing will strengthen you up!” Masaomi circled around Mikado and the younger brother pounced in response. Anri shook her small head and decided to sleep a bit more while the other two rolled around the floor.

Almost half an hour later, Mikado fell to the floor, wheezing lightly and Masaomi started circling him worriedly. Anri and Mika came by and started licking Mikado, followed by Masaomi. A bit later, Mikado began to purr lightly, still sounding slightly wheezy. Masaomi was pleased and looked around the apartment to try and find something else to play with and Mika followed him curiously.

“You just rest for a while, Mikado. I’ll be back.” Anri purred lightly and walked away to make sure her siblings weren’t about to destroy something in their home.

As Mikado watched Anri leave, he started looking around the apartment. He hated being the smallest since he got tired easily. While trying to sleep, he noticed a butterfly flutter into the living room. He stared at it longingly, feeling jealous of how it was free of worries.

Without realizing it, he had started to follow the butterfly. His paws took him places he hadn’t yet thought of going to and before Mikado could understand what was happening, there was a breeze surrounding him.

“Aah! Aah! AAH! Mikado! Mikado! It’s Mikado! He fell! He fell! What do we do? What do we do? What do we do, Anri?!” Masaomi started circling around with worry, not knowing what to do. He felt like following after his brother but knew it was both impossible and dangerous; and that just made him more uneasy.

“Daddy will be back later but it’ll be too late by then…” Anri tried to think of a solution but she was just as worried.

Mika was the first to cry out loudly in despair and both her siblings responded in an equal fashion, not knowing what to do anymore. Unfortunately, their cries would continue until either of their parents came back home.

With an amazingly soft ‘plop’, Mikado landed on something hairy. He was surprised and dug his tiny claws on whatever was beneath him. There was no way he wanted to move but he could feel himself going forward. Whatever he landed on was moving and had yet to notice him.

“Heeelp! Masaomiii! Aaanri! Miikaa! Mooommyyyy!” Mikado cried out and he stopped moving.

“What the hell’s all the ‘nya nya nya’?!” A large hand grabbed hold of Mikado and yanked him out with some force. “Who the hell are you? And why were you on my head?” Brown eyes glared at Mikado and the kitten flipped to grab hold of the hand but failed miserably.

As Mikado’s voice sounded like incessant meowing to the male, the human got aggravated over it and was about to throw Mikado away. That movement allowed Mikado to cling to him. “I don’t wanna fall! I don’t wanna fall!” Mikado somehow found himself moving upwards and trying to find a hiding spot. Eventually, by burrowing his head, he hid in between the male’s neck and shirt collar.

“You’re scared? Of me?” He asked, seemingly angry at Mikado but the kitten just curled up and didn’t move an inch. “Where did you come from anyways? Ah, whatever.” The male seemed to not care anymore and continued his trek down the streets.

As the human kept going forward, Mikado slowly eased himself and turned around to look at his surroundings. This was the outside world he knew nothing of and was much too young to even think about. He found it interesting but still slightly scary, especially since he had no idea how to return home. Now he missed his siblings and mother. He could only hope his mom would find him soon.

“Tom-sempai, what do kittens eat?” Mikado heard the human ask once he entered an unknown place. It was a convenience store and there was no one around except another human male behind a counter. Mikado found it a bit cold and curled up closer to the male’s skin.

“Where’d you get that?” The new male asked with a shocked look, pointing towards Mikado.

“Eh, somehow found him on my head. Then he ended up there. His claws are digging a bit into my skin but it doesn’t hurt. I figure he might be hungry.” The male explained to Tom who simply sighed and shook his head. “Anyways, can you help me give him some food?” As he tried to grab hold of Mikado, the kitten tried to escape by running backwards into the back of the male’s neck.

Tom laughed at that motion, “Looks like he’s scared of you, Shizuo.” As Shizuo struggled to try and grab the moving kitten, Mikado in turn got more and more agitated. Eventually, he started getting tired and Shizuo managed to get a hold of him.

However, Shizuo noticed the kitten breathing hard and quickly freaked out. “What do I do?! I’ve never taken care of anyone!” He asked Tom, who seemed worried too.

“I don’t know. Uh, try easing him or something?” Tom watched as Shizuo tried to caress Mikado and slowly the kitten’s breath became less erratic. Both sighed gladly and Shizuo placed Mikado back on his neck, feeling the kitten lightly claw it.

“Purring means he’s happy, right?” Shizuo asked curiously and Tom nodded hesitantly. Pretty soon, Shizuo seemed happy with the kitten and completely ignored it after Mikado refused to eat anything it was offered, except water.

After that event, Shizuo started his part-time job shift with ease. A few customers eyed Mikado sleeping away curiously but none made a single comment about it. They seemed a bit freaked out about it. Around one, Shizuo got a phone call from a distraught acquaintance who spoke incoherently over the phone.

“Something happen?” Tom asked, seemingly amazed by how Mikado slept through the noise near him. He worried for a moment since it could have been that Mikado stopped breathing but discarded the thought when the kitten’s ear twitched.

“Shinra’s going nuts about his kid or something. I couldn’t make it out that well.” Shizuo ruffled his hair and sighed in frustration. He never enjoyed getting calls from that person. “Sorry to ask sempai, but can I…?”

“Go. Don’t worry about your shift. I’ll tell the boss you had an emergency.” Tom smiled and Shizuo thanked him before running off out of the store. The sudden dash woke Mikado up and the kitten tried his best to hang on.

Suddenly, Shizuo felt something and was about to dodge to his left but ducked when he remembered the kitten’s position. “My, my, Shizu-chan, that’s new for you. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you duck before.” The voice irked Shizuo, who turned around to face the assailant that had tried to hurt him. Mikado didn’t know who this was but something about the air made him feel scared.

At that moment, Shizuo completely forgot both about the kitten on him and the call placed to him. “Iiizaaayaaa!!!” The male ran towards the newcomer with an angry face and grabbed whatever was closest to him, effectively ripping it out of the ground. Mikado was surprised by that act, wondering how strong exactly the human he was with was.

“You seem to be more angry than usual? Did I bother you at work, Shizu-chan?” Izaya teased Shizuo with a wide smirk and threw more knives towards him. Shizuo dodged them all and ran towards Izaya, swinging the sign in his hand. As he tried to make a connection with Izaya’s body, the other noticed the scared kitten. “Bwaha! What the hell?! Shizu-chan is carrying a kitten? That looks hilarious!”

“Shut up and die you flea!” Shizuo completely ignored Izaya’s comment or he didn’t hear it right since he continued his attacks, despite that Mikado’s small claws had drawn some blood from his neck.

“Mooommyyy!” Mikado cried out, scared out of his wits by now. There was too much movement and hostility for him to bear.

WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO DOING?! STOOOP!” Shizuo and Izaya froze at the loud voice that rang even inside their heads. Suddenly, a mass of black shadow wrapped their bodies and pushed them to the ground. A woman dressed in black rode in on her motorcycle, glaring deeply at the two males. The shadow that extended from her didn’t surprise them, and neither did the ears and tail on her body. “I’m going to kill both of you!”

As the shadows forced both males to sit on their knees, the woman stepped towards them both. Mikado looked up and immediately cried out. “Mommy!”

“My poor baby, are you alright?” She asked once she picked up Mikado from Shizuo’s neck. The two males were in shock as the cat-woman nuzzled her kitten. “If anything happened to you, I’d be forced to reduce the city to ashes. Mommy was very worried. Though you made your daddy proud for some reason.”

“Uh, Celty…?” Shizuo was the first to speak and saw her turn to him. “That’s your and Shinra’s kid?”

Celty smiled and nodded, turning to look at Mikado again. “Though one of them. Well, I’ll be going now.” As she moved towards her bike, Mikado meowed at her, causing her to stop and look bewildered. However, she soon smiled and nodded to her son.

Shizuo and Izaya stared in shock as Mikado turned into a human child about a year old with ears and tail. He moved his hands towards Shizuo in a wave while smiling and said, “Bai bai, Shishuoshan.” His child-like words caused Celty to hug Mikado closer even when he reverted back into a kitten.

“I guess I should thank you for taking care of Mikado during this time. If it wasn’t for you, I think he’d be dead. Thank you Shizuo.” Celty smiled at the embarrassed male and placed Mikado inside her suit before returning to her bike. Once she rode off, the binding shadows came off and the two enemies remembered the others’ presence, causing their fight to continue.

The mother and son pair soon returned home to their apartment, completely ignoring the sounds of mayhem that had been behind them initially, and were greeted by a happy male. “Welcome home, Celty! Mikado!” He hugged both of them and kissed Celty softly.

“Daddy!” Mikado meowed happily and he got picked up before feeling soft pats on his back.

“You know, I was really happy to hear you somehow made it to the window but please don’t ever go near it like that again. Daddy almost had a heart attack. I’m too young for that.” He reminded Mikado and earned a nod in response.

“Go return him to the others, Shinra. I’ll prepare something for us to eat.” Celty smiled and Shinra nodded, going over to the other three in the living room.

“Mikado!” The kitten was welcomed back by his siblings who proceeded to tackle him and make sure he was absolutely okay. Shinra sat down on the sofa and watched all four with a smile before turning to Celty, “How did he survive the fall?”

“Oh, it seems he was with Shizuo the whole time. I have this feeling he was at the right time in the right place. Mikado even said goodbye to him before we left those two.” Celty spoke from the kitchen while smells slowly came from there.

“I hope he didn’t get too excited, I’m not letting those two meet Mikado or the others again. Especially since I called him to help me. I can’t believe he ditched my cry for help just so he could fight Izaya-kun.” Shinra pouted but smiled when he saw Mikado and Masaomi rolling on the floor.

Since the family was together, they didn’t care about anything else at the moment. And that was all that mattered.


The doorbell rang another day and Celty opened the door to face another cat-woman holding two cat-children like sacks of potatoes. “Na-Namie? What happened? You usually never go out.” Celty asked confused and saw the woman scoff.

“Mother’s getting in on her years and couldn’t get out of bed so I got stuck with these two.” Namie explained while heading inside the apartment without waiting for an invitation. “You’re younger so I’ll leave them with you. I’ll pick them up in the afternoon.”

“Hold on a second!” Celty stopped the woman and looked at her seriously. “You’re staying for a while since you haven’t come to see me in a long time. I never hear from you anymore.”

With a sigh, Namie responded. “Fine. I guess I’ll stay a while. Where are your kids so I can throw these with them?” Celty led Namie to the living room, where her four kittens were playing amongst themselves. “Here, brats. Play with them.” Namie said but Celty didn’t know to whom she referred before the other tossed her kids to the kittens. The two landed as kittens themselves and jumped towards the four.

“Hi!” All six kept greeting each other very happily.

“I’m Saki, that’s my big brother Seiji.” The dark brown tabby who was smaller than her same-coat sibling walked in circles with Masaomi.

“Masaomi. And this is Mika.” Masaomi pounced over Mika, rolling on the floor with her. “Over there is Anri and Mikado. They don’t play much so you gotta force them to join.” He explained and Saki nodded, running over with Masaomi to force the other two to join them.

“I’m glad they get along. You should bring them over more often. I’m sure they get bored alone. Having more kids their age would be nice.” Celty smiled to Namie while looking for some tea to prepare.

“If it’ll take them off my back for a while, I don’t mind. I’ll talk to mother about it.” Namie responded and saw Mikado walk towards his mother with Anri in tow as human-like children.

“Mommy!” They both cried out and Celty turned around to face them but first took a glance at the clock on the wall. She gave them an affirmative nod to them and both grinned happily. “Bai bai, mommy!” They spoke at the same time and ran for the balcony.

Namie watched curiously as the two turned back into kittens and threw themselves from the balcony. Immediately, Namie stood up and faced Celty with a concerned look. “Oh, it’s time for Shizuo to pass by the apartment. He takes this road to and from his workplace. Ever since Mikado met him, it’s been their hobby to greet him when he’s coming back from work.”

“Mommy, we wanna do it next time!” Masaomi cried out from the living room.

“You sure got guts. What if he wasn’t down there?” Namie asked curiously, taking her seat once more.

“Mikado was born sickly but with a lot of luck. He’s always been fine.” Celty sounded proud of that fact and the doorbell rang a few minutes later. “There’s Shizuo. I’ll go greet him.” And with that, the day passed with ease. This was something that could turn monotonous for the kittens but they enjoyed it anyways.

Extra End

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