Misunderstandings is spelled with an M

Summary: Mikado wakes up somewhere with no knowledge about where he is or how he got there and is surprised by who brought him there and for what.
Pairings: szmkks
Rating: M
Genre: Drama / Romance
Story Type: Off Cannon!AU
Setting: Based on episode 25 after the whole ordeal. One of the last scenes was based on this pixiv picture (also placed in the post).
Warning: Forced to consensual sex.

The light Mikado saw once his sight was uncovered felt terribly bright. It actually was purposely done that way for effects rather than a necessary reason. In any case, Mikado was confused. He had no idea where he was or why he was there. Maybe it had something to do with the Dollars but Izaya had promised not to reveal his identity. Then again, Mikado didn’t know Izaya could sell him out in a heartbeat if it meant getting some sort of entertainment value out of it.

But none of that was important at the moment. What was important was that someone was now in his field of vision, as clouded by the light as it was. “What is your relationship with brother, Ryugamine-san?” A voice asked and Mikado knew it belonged to the person in front of him. All he could tell was that it was male and Mikado could swear he heard a displeased tone from it but it somehow sounded monotonous.

“W-who?” Mikado asked, knowing his voice came out like a whimper. He didn’t care at the moment that it might give his captor a feeling of superiority. The teen had absolutely no experience with this type of situation so it was a given he might be sounding rather meek.

“The man you know as Shizuo-san, Ryugamine-san.” The voice explained and for some odd reason, Mikado’s first thought had been ‘Shizuo-san has a brother?!’ instead of anything else.

Flapping his lips, Mikado replied rather stupidly, “I just know him because everyone else does. Ma-Masaomi told me to be careful of him, that’s all.” At that answer, the light focused on him more and Mikado tried to shield himself from it but he finally realized he was tied up to something. A chair, most likely, since he could feel his body sitting somewhere.

“A normal person would call him Heiwajima-san or Heiwajima Shizuo, not Shizuo-san. So I ask again, what are you to brother?” Now Mikado could swear this person was angry. But he didn’t know what kind of answer to give. True, it made some sense but Mikado and Shizuo were definitely not what you would call friends. Not like he had been with Masaomi. Though if that was what friends were to Mikado, Izaya would probably be his best pal.

“But I just know him! I’ve never actually spoken to him!” Mikado yelled, slightly frustrated. That much was true but the other person was probably not very pleased since they pushed Mikado to the floor. “I don’t understand what’s going on!”

“You are a liar, Ryugamine-san. You must be something to brother, so why won’t you tell me?” Now it felt like the man was pleading. Mikado didn’t understand, was this person jealous like Yagiri Namie was with Seiji? Or were they confused? “Why didn’t brother introduce you to me?”

Mikado freaked out at those words. This person was jealous of something completely different from what Mikado originally thought. ‘Hold on, did I get kidnapped because he’s got a brother complex?’ In his mind, Mikado was trying to run as many scenarios as possible when he felt the weight of the other person move.

“Oh, I got it. Brother must’ve thought I wouldn’t understand. You’re his lover, right?” And there was another wild thought that was just dropped. Mikado felt like fainting. There was so much he didn’t understand, but just one thing came to mind.

“Why don’t you just ask Shi…Heiwajima-san, um, Heiwajima-san?” Even Mikado knew how retarded that question sounded after he spoke it out loud. But he just wanted to avoid making his captor anymore anxious or at least stop thinking weird things. If he could just ask Shizuo, this whole thing would be over. Heck, Mikado wouldn’t even press charges since it was just a misunderstanding.

“Brother doesn’t come to see me often…” His captor seemed to sound just a tad lonely but Mikado didn’t know how he could tell considering the voice was still monotonous.

“What about calling him yourself? I doubt he would be upset about getting a call from you. I don’t have any siblings myself but I don’t think siblings will ever stop talking to each other, no matter what.” Mikado’s blind faith in happiness seemed to perk up his captor as he was suddenly kissed in the mouth. “W-w-w-w-wha-?!” Even if he could back up, Mikado had forgotten he was tied up so escaping was never an option given to him.

“How cute. It seems brother’s tastes are at least similar to mine.” Mikado’s mind turned blank at that comment. First he was kidnapped, then he was thought of as a friend of Shizuo’s before being labeled as his lover and now he was sort of confessed to, maybe. But before Mikado could comment on how wrong the person on top of him was, he yelped at the sudden touch in his lower parts.

“Hei…Heiwajima-san… Why are you…? Ah!” Mikado closed his eyes when he felt his pants being opened. Now there was probably no going back. Mikado was going to be raped. After all, he’d at least heard how the more your voice changed, the more the attacker would be interested.

“Ryugamine-san is cute. I wanted to thank you.” Even though he was being fondled, Mikado could tell how the other was being gentle with him. All the touches were soft and passive, but just enough movement to get him excited.

“Thanks for what? I haven’t done anything… So please stop.” He pleaded but the other wasn’t stopping. Mikado’s moans turned lustful and he felt himself reaching his climax.

“So cute. May I call you Mikado-kun? You could call me Kasuka in return.” Mikado freaked out. It didn’t seem like this person would listen at all. Pretty soon, Mikado ended up showering the man’s hands with his cum and it caused the younger teen to feel somehow embarrassed.

“Hey, Kasuka! What the hell’s up with this message?!” As soon as the door was kicked in, Mikado saw a bright light. Well, less bright than the one pointed at him but more meant as a beacon of hope. He recognized the voice and failed to remember in what position he was in. “What the…?”

Shizuo had been placed in shock once he caught the silhouette of the two on the floor. The light pointed at them was pretty bright in the dark room. It was actually covered with heavy dark curtains. “Oh, hello brother.” Kasuka simply greeted with a normal expression, letting Mikado notice the face of his captor.

“Hanejima Yuuhei?!” Mikado’s mind clicked with the interview that afternoon. He certainly had called Shizuo’s name but just how had this celebrity managed to find him again anyways? “I don’t understand what’s going on!” He yelled again and Shizuo turned his gaze on the boy, followed by the same captor whose other name was screamed.

“Right.” Kasuka nodded but Shizuo didn’t understand what he meant by that word. Once the younger brother faced the older, he asked, “Brother, why didn’t you tell me about your lover?”

“Again, what lover?!” Shizuo asked but Mikado didn’t comprehend the need for the word ‘again’ in that question.

“Mikado-kun.” Kasuka pointed to Mikado before helping him sit back up. Or rather, placing the chair in the correct position. Shizuo’s eyes went wide as soon as he saw the opened pants and Mikado wished he could just disappear. He felt that he was brought in to an unknown dispute between two brothers.

“Who? And what the hell have you done?” Shizuo knew the kind of trouble Kasuka could get into even though Mikado just wanted to be gone from there and forget the whole ordeal. Both brothers, though, had different ideas.

“That’s terrible. Not remembering Mikado-kun’s name, brother. And I was thanking him for believing in you like I do.” Kasuka almost sounded angry and it surprised Shizuo. Almost immediately, Kasuka turned to Mikado who only wished for Kasuka to forget about him as well. That small beacon of hope when Shizuo didn’t remember him was thoroughly squashed as soon as Kasuka opened his mouth again. “I’ll take care of you Mikado-kun. Don’t worry, you can forget about brother easily.”

‘I just want to leave…’ Mikado bit back his words in case it might have the opposite effect and tried to find some sort of opening. It would actually only come much later, voluntarily.

“Kasuka, please, for all that’s important to you. Let go of the kid. I don’t know him and he doesn’t know me. If you keep doing this, your job will be in trouble.” Shizuo asked and stepped forward, not noticing his brother’s mood. Mikado had though, since Kasuka had been holding his hand.

As Mikado thought about what to say to ease the star, the younger brother walked over to his older brother. “Why are you both lying? Mikado-kun called you by your name, not your last name, brother. He definitely knows you. Ah.”

Once Kasuka stopped talking, Shizuo looked a bit worried and Mikado was simply confused. He knew by now that the man was probably thinking something weird again. And just as he thought it, Kasuka opened his mouth once again with a ridiculous theory.

“I’m sorry Mikado-kun. I revealed your crush. You’re in love with brother but were unable to tell him.” Mikado froze and left his mouth hanging wide open when Kasuka came back towards him. “Don’t worry, I’ll support your love. Go on, tell him.” Shizuo noted how Kasuka seemed to have brightened up but failed to realize that Mikado seemed to have given up on everything.

Not knowing what to say, Mikado started crying. And once more, for the third time, Kasuka had a misconception. However, this time, Shizuo joined in. “He-hey… Stop… Don’t cry… I can’t handle it when people cry. Come on! I’ll accept you! I’ll learn to love you even though I don’t know you!”

“That’s very nice of you brother.” Kasuka nodded and Mikado noticed how neither had realized the truth so his tears fell even more. Shizuo freaked out and Kasuka took the lead by giving Mikado a kiss on the mouth. The action was so surprising, that Mikado stopped crying immediately. Shizuo though, as surprised as he was, got angry and pulled Kasuka away. “Well, he also looked cute crying but since you wanted him to stop, I thought this might be effective.”

“Oh, I see.” Shizuo seemed to understand and Mikado started flapping his lips again, unable to come up with something to say. He wanted to clear up the misunderstanding but didn’t know if his words would even reach them.

“Ah, that’s right. I should apologize for touching him first when he loves you. But since he’s cute, you should be careful too, brother. Someone might steal him away from you.” Actually, now that he thought about it, Kasuka had seen Mikado with Anri that afternoon so why had he not remembered that? It was probably a case of selective hearing, Mikado thought.

“You’re right. Sorry.” Shizuo apologized to Mikado, who wanted to say he just wanted to be let go and be free. However, instead of leaving it at that, Shizuo pressed his lips on top of Mikado and parted the lips of the younger boy with force. Having been caught by surprise, Mikado couldn’t help but compare the kisses of the two brothers. One had been quick and the other much more intimate.

Kasuka watched the two and proceeded to untie Mikado. Once he saw Mikado returning the kiss, he nodded to himself and placed his hand on top of Mikado’s lower half again. The teen had been caught by surprise and pulled away from Shizuo with an embarrassed look. However, he quickly closed his eyes and let out a soft moan that caused Shizuo to look down at Kasuka.

“What the hell are you doing?” Shizuo asked and Kasuka looked up before tilting his head to the side.

“I did warn you that Mikado-kun is cute. I thought I could help out.” Kasuka explained and Mikado wondered if this was going to go somewhere even scarier that just rape. Even if he had responded to Shizuo, something that was very strange to him, he somehow doubted these two could share a single person.

“Thanks Kasuka.” And then Mikado realized he was wrong. But he realized that against the two, there really was no chance of escape from this unharmed. His beacon of hope was utterly destroyed. Possibly since the moment Shizuo stepped into the room.

Without giving the teen more time to think, Shizuo consumed the teen’s lips once more and Kasuka gave the lower half some hand service again. Not knowing what he should do, Mikado used his free hands to hold on to Shizuo for support. The older ex-bartender held one of the hands extended to him and with his free one, began unzipping the boy’s jacket. Mikado jumped when he heard the rustling of Shizuo’s hand going up his shirt and pulled back when he felt something wet coming from down below. Another moan escaped his lips and Shizuo covered them with his own mouth.

“Nnngh!” Mikado felt himself come again, this time inside something moist. He realized it was Kasuka’s mouth and felt incredibly embarrassed about it. He didn’t know what to say or if he should even apologize. It was kind of weird to apologize to your captor who is giving you lip service. However, Mikado felt arms around him and someone had lifted him up.

“The bed is over here brother.” Kasuka led the way and Mikado froze up. He had definitely heard bed, which meant that everything was going to happen. But he was being cared for very gently so he had no idea what kind of words to use to stop them.

Shizuo placed Mikado on top of the bed and the teen noticed the cool feel to it before wondering if it was some sort of silk fabric. He felt the weight of Shizuo on the bed as well before he saw the silhouette of the tall man taking off his shirt. The only thing he had to go by were the bright light that had been placed on him in the beginning and the light that came from the open door. But then Kasuka closed the door.

“What are you doing?” Shizuo asked his younger brother who proceeded to turn off the bright light, darkening the room completely. “I can’t see anything Kasuka!” Mikado was thankful and wondered if there was a way to get away unnoticed when curtains opened and the soft lights of the outside came in. Mikado saw the bare chest in front of him and tried covering his face.

“How cute.” Kasuka repeated again and Mikado twitched. The actor was very near his ear. “But don’t hide your face, Mikado-kun.” He didn’t sound like he was ordering Mikado but the teen still obeyed. Slowly, he lowered his hands to face them both. Kasuka nodded and got on the bed as well, above Mikado where he could take off the teen’s jacket and shirt.

Startled by Kasuka’s actions, Shizuo didn’t fall behind and pulled down Mikado’s pants and underpants to reveal a wet and slightly limp young dick. Mikado tried covering it with his hands and legs but the combination of both brothers rendered that useless. Shizuo had parted the legs and Kasuka had grabbed the hands. As Kasuka got closer to use his body as support for Mikado, he started playing with Mikado’s nipples. Mikado felt weird but still managed to register the sound of a zipper coming undone. Shizuo brought his hard member towards Mikado and rubbed the two of them together. The moans of the teen were becoming louder and filled with lust that Shizuo couldn’t help coming first.

“You should prepare his hole, brother.” Kasuka suggested as he looked down on Mikado’s currently dirty belly. He took some of the cum there with his hand and brought it closer to Mikado’s mouth. The teen realized that since Kasuka still had the misconception of Mikado being in love with Shizuo, he most likely thought it was a good idea to bring the two closer by doing this sort of thing. Mikado obeyed again and licked the fingers. Shizuo’s other half which had rested on top of Mikado’s own was now hard again.

Very quickly, the fake blond turned over the teen and brought the hole to his face. He passed a finger through it and felt the twitching from it. Mikado, on the other hand, was trying hard not to fall flat when he felt something exploring the inside of his hole. His eyes were wide now and he saw something in the darkness, even with just the dim lighting of the outside. Kasuka was also hard. He had thought there was something pressing his back earlier but hadn’t thought about Kasuka at all.

With a trembling hand, he opened Kasuka’s pants, much to the surprise of both brothers. After all, Kasuka had been nothing but gentle with him, even if he had committed the heinous acts of kidnapping and was currently involved in a sort of rape. But Mikado wasn’t thinking straight at the moment, he just wanted to ease the person who had not been touched the whole time. And so Mikado dove his mouth in.

“Sorry brother. I think Mikado-kun is kinder than I thought.” Kasuka apologized as he felt good, even with Mikado’s clumsy work.

“I’ll forgive it because it’s you, Kasuka.” Shizuo nodded and resumed to licking Mikado’s hole. Even though he felt good, the teen managed to keep his mind focused on giving pleasure to Kasuka. At the brink of coming again, Mikado tried to separate but was held down and soon had a shot of Kasuka in his mouth. He coughed but had still swallowed it, though some was dripping from the sides of his mouth.

“Thank you Mikado-kun.” Kasuka wiped the excess and gave Mikado a full-on kiss. The teen moaned and was startled when he felt Shizuo grabbing his dick.

“Kasuka, you get undressed too.” Shizuo ordered and the younger brother obeyed. He took off only his shirt and lay down on the bed. Mikado was surprised by how scrawny the actor was, even though he was still bigger than him. “Mikado, can you rub yours and Kasuka’s together?” The audacity of Shizuo’s request blew Mikado’s mind away. The brother complex seemed to go both ways for the two. And Mikado was literally caught in the middle.

“Y…yes, Shizuo-san…” Finally using his voice, the words that came out were nothing if not meek. And Mikado knew how he sounded. He was completely under their command. He got closer to Kasuka and began pumping both cocks with low gasps. Kasuka, in turn, got closer and kissed Mikado while playing with the nipples again. He could’ve sucked on them but he didn’t want to trouble Mikado too much since that next act brought tears to the teen’s eyes.

Shizuo plunged in and Mikado had tried to recoil in another direction but the two held him down in place. It hurt a lot but Kasuka helped Mikado’s attention focus on the pleasure by continuing the kisses and caresses. But when Mikado had stopped in order to place his hands on Kasuka’s shoulders for support, the actor continued the job Mikado had been given.

“Aaah… Nnnnh…” The teen’s gasps were louder every time Kasuka separated from his mouth. Mikado could feel the thrusting becoming less painful and more pleasurable. Once he reached his critical point, Mikado became tighter and even Shizuo felt so good that the two came at the same time.

“Mikado…” Shizuo called out to the boy and brought him closer to him in order to give the teen a deep kiss. Mikado responded willingly this time and wrapped his arms around Shizuo’s neck. Once they seemed to have enough, the two separated and looked over at Kasuka. “You okay Kasuka? I’ll let you use the hole.” Though the suggestion was incredibly generous, Mikado didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary about it anymore.

“No. Mikado-kun is your lover. I wouldn’t dare.” Kasuka seemed adverse about doing something to hurt his brother’s lover and they both looked at him with worry. Shizuo had an idea and turned Mikado around before plunging him down on him again. Mikado gasped as Shizuo grabbed his legs together and brought them up. Kasuka got the hint and awkwardly inserted his dick in between the legs. He placed the legs Shizuo held above his shoulders to give some support and began to move.

As Mikado was rocked, Shizuo supported him from below and helped the teen go up and down his member. The teen couldn’t move much and held onto Kasuka’s shoulder for support. He could feel Kasuka rubbing against his member very slightly and felt so good but he couldn’t arrive at a climax because of his position. And he knew the two would need more time so all he could give them were loud moans of pleasure and a tighter squeeze.

“Mikado-kun, so good…” Kasuka was getting closer to his climax and Mikado knew Shizuo was as well by the way he was holding the teen.

“Mikado…!” Shizuo called out and Mikado felt the liquid again inside him, along with Kasuka’s in his front. Both acts caused him to come with a loud voice and they nearly all fell one on top of the other but Kasuka held his ground and Shizuo made sure Mikado didn’t fall.

“Brother, do you want a bath?” Kasuka asked calmly and Shizuo nodded. The oldest one in the room got up and gave Mikado a soft yet long kiss before heading out. “There are some clothes for you in the living room. I thought they might suit you.”

Shizuo waved to them and walked out of the room. Mikado and Kasuka fell on the bed before Kasuka pulled Mikado in closely to him. “Um… Kasuka-san…” Mikado called shyly since the other had asked for the younger to call him by his name, despite having been called by his stage name earlier. “Did you have all this planned from the beginning?”

“Oh, no. Those clothes were something I wanted to give brother but we’ll have to find something else for you. Some of mine might fit you.” Kasuka commented and felt Mikado turn to face him.

“And me?” Mikado asked an abstract question but Kasuka still answered him.

“Mikado-kun was cute and you still are. I honestly thought you and brother suited each other but I felt like making you mine instead. But brother is still important to me so I can’t do that.” The response was genuine, despite both the monotonous voice and the acts committed earlier. Of course, Mikado had no idea when it became consensual but he felt happy being so loved by two people he so suddenly got closer to in the course of just a few hours.

Mikado opened his mouth to say something but closed it again. He wanted to ask if Kasuka even remembered about how they first saw each other that afternoon. In those circumstances, there should have been no way for Kasuka to make the mistake, especially with the words he spoke. And yet, it was only a few hours later and he had changed his decision. Mikado couldn’t help but wonder if he was running away into the arms of some other love in order to forget his own problems.

Just as Mikado’s mood worsened, Kasuka lifted his hand and gave the boy a kiss. Surprised, Mikado didn’t know what to do but Kasuka ended it quickly. “There are more bathrooms, Mikado-kun. Go take a bath while I look for something for you to wear.” He ordered and Mikado nodded obediently but still hesitated leaving. He didn’t even know where it was anyways. Kasuka understood this time and lead Mikado to the bathroom in that same room. He thought it odd Shizuo didn’t use that one.

“Um… Thanks… Kasuka-san…” Mikado nodded to Kasuka and closed the door. He saw his face in the mirror and felt embarrassed about how red it was. ‘That’s right.’ He realized everything he had just done and wanted to crawl into a hole to hide in. “Uhn!” He closed his eyes in surprise and felt all the cum that came from Shizuo falling down his leg. Immediately, he felt like fainting and got into the shower quickly to get himself cleaned.

Mikado’s thoughts wandered around about what sort of stuff would happen now. Kasuka had labeled Shizuo and him as lovers. Shizuo didn’t seem too adverse about it and his own body had replied in response to both Shizuo and Kasuka which made the whole thing confusing. Was he supposed to be one or both the brothers’ lover? Did he even want that? And what was he supposed to tell his friends. ‘Hello Sonohara-san, Masaomi! Guess what? I’m no longer a virgin! I had sex with both Heiwajima Shizuo and his brother, the actor Hanejima Yuuhei! Yeah, that’ll go over so well with them.’ Mikado smacked his head with the wall of the shower as he felt everything descend. ‘Kasuka-san was nice… And Shizuo-san… He wasn’t as scary as the other times I’ve seen him. I guess that’s the thing that really hits close to my heart.’

Squirting out some soap, at least that’s what he hoped it was, from its bottle, Mikado proceeded to clean himself. He felt weird cleaning his hole but knew everything needed to come out. The sounds that came out at the same time made him blush but he managed to finish quickly. There was a towel when he came out and he figured he could use it since it felt clean. However, he soon remembered he had no additional clothes aside from the ones lying on the floor of the room next door.

He sat down on the toilet seat and waited for a while. There were things he still had to think about so he figured he could do it now. How did he really feel about both brothers? It was all so confusing to him. Never in his life would he have imagined something like this could happen. He was supposed to choose one, right? After all, Kasuka himself had been mentioning over and over again how he and Shizuo suited each other, despite clearly showing interest in Mikado as well. And Mikado didn’t seem to mind it that much. Kasuka had been nothing but gentle after all. Then again, Mikado seemed to be ignoring the most important thing. Kasuka had kidnapped him and had somehow managed to do some sort of rape to Mikado, along with Shizuo. Well, he had planned on ignoring the whole kidnapping thing and the rape, once again, did end up consensual. And then he remembered. He was happy about this whole thing.

“It’s so simple.” Mikado murmured since those were his thoughts. It was even more simple than the words he tried to convey that afternoon in front of the camera. Mikado was honestly just happy right now.

“Mikado?! You okay?!” Shizuo barged in by knocking the door down and effectively surprising Mikado. The teen covered himself with the towel and Shizuo looked away embarrassedly. Kasuka came inside and handed some clothes to Mikado before stripping in front of the two, who were caught by surprise. Immediately, Mikado ran off with the clothes and Shizuo tried putting the door back in place. “Sorry. I have no idea what got into Kasuka.”

“Eh? Ah…” Mikado looked nervously at Shizuo and turned away to hide his blush. Shizuo tried to stop himself from looking at Mikado’s behind and turned around as well. Once he knew Shizuo wasn’t looking, Mikado put on what Kasuka gave him. For an actor as elegant as Kasuka, it was a simple jean pants and two shirts that were handed to Mikado. “Shizuo-san…um, about today…” There was something he wanted to say but the correct words didn’t seem to appear.

“I’m sorry we were so forceful with you.” Shizuo apologized and Mikado felt embarrassed by the embrace. But he didn’t know why Shizuo needed to apologize. Well, maybe because of the sudden sex but beside that, Shizuo hadn’t done anything wrong. Right?

Mikado turned around and brought Shizuo’s face closer to him before landing a soft kiss on his lips. The whole misunderstanding thing was a secret Mikado was willing to take to his grave. After all, he was happy about being loved. Shizuo, on the other hand, was taken by surprise and hugged Mikado a bit tightly.

“Isn’t that nice brother? Mikado-kun properly conveyed his feelings.” Kasuka suddenly spoke up and Shizuo let go in surprise. Mikado felt a bit lonely not having that warmth and felt Kasuka pull him into an embrace. He was surprised by the act and looked up at the actor. “How nice. I want Mikado-kun too.” The words surprised the teen and he felt nervous. What would happen if the two brothers began to fight over him?


“Hey, I didn’t say I would hand him over to you in a platter, Kasuka. Just that we can come over every time you’re free.” Mikado looked up at Shizuo who had gotten closer to them. He didn’t have to choose? Or he wasn’t supposed to. Nothing made sense to Mikado, aside from the warmth of the two people surrounding him.

“Alright.” He almost sounded disappointed by that but Kasuka still held onto Mikado. “You can come visit without brother if you wish so. Alright, Mikado-kun?”

“Oh! Uh… Alright.” Mikado tried to hide his blush but felt lips on him again. It was Shizuo. He could tell even with his eyes closed. This might become more normal to him than he thought. Just like their thoughts on the whole sharing thing. It seemed like he was both their lovers, as embarrassing as that sounded.

“I’ll take you home, Mikado.” Shizuo said and Mikado nodded immediately.

“I’ll go too. It’s been a while since I’ve walked with brother.” Kasuka said and Shizuo smiled at that.

Following the two, Mikado had just one thought. It’s something silly he always wanted to do with a loved one but now he had two so he could possibly will himself to do it. “U-um!” He caught the attention of the two at the door and extended his hands. There was no way to help it, Mikado had to look down in order to hide his blush and quickly felt two hands grasping his owns.

“Let’s go.” They both said at the same time and Mikado nodded, stepping into their pace very quickly.


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