Out there, with you

Summary: After escaping, the small group meets up with their comrades.
Pairings: szmk + aokr
Rating: T
Genre: Mystery / Drama
Story Type: Simply AU.
Setting: Continuation of Short 5.
Warning: None in particular.

The wind passed by them as the car drove away from the building at the cape. The teen driving seemed a bit too young for it but he didn’t care. This was his baby and no one would drive it but him. The girl next to him tried to sit closer him but she was very interested in the outside. Behind them were two older people. One was another teen who laid down his head on the lap of the older man with an aloof smile. The older man, in turn, kept gazing downward to the teen with an embarrassed look on his face.

“It’s a job well done, right Mikado-san?” The teen driving asked while taking a quick glance towards the teen in the back.

“Good boy, Aoba-kun.” The one called Mikado-san got up and dangerously gave the one driving, that he called Aoba-kun, a quick kiss on the lips.

“No!” The other two yelled and the man pulled Mikado to the backseat again, this time wrapping him up in his arms.

“Anyways, shall we go home, Mikado-san?” Aoba asked with a grin and heard something in the distance that caused him to pull over.

“There they go! Off into the sunset!” Mikado grinned with a childlike smile and got up on the seat before twirling. The older man got surprised and pulled him down again. “Bye bye Celty Sturluson-san! Bye bye Kishitani Shinra-san!” He waved to the figures galloping away on the open sea as if nothing was wrong with that picture.

“You were only there to free her?” The older man asked Mikado as he looked below to the teen.

“Like a bird!” Mikado replied earnestly while throwing his hands in the air. He didn’t look a tiny bit uncomfortable in his new position and brought the man’s face closer before giving him a deep kiss.

“Whoa, never seen Mikado-san take to someone so fast. You’ve interested him, Shizuo-san. Just a bit of advice though, don’t you ever betray Mikado-san.” Aoba warned with a smile though his eyes projected a lot of hostility.

“Bird? (What did he mean by bird?)” The girl asked him curiously while taking the opportunity to get closer to Aoba. “Free? (Did he mean that she would be free like a bird?) Love? (Does he love birds that much?)”

“Ah, oh, yeah. Mikado-san’s obsessed with birds. I’ve had to stop him quite a few times from throwing himself off building roofs. But that’s just why I love him. He’s pretty honest with himself.” Aoba commented easily as he returned to driving the car away.

“Don’t you dare do such a thing, Mikado.” The older man who was threatened after being called Shizuo-san pleaded with Mikado as he brought the teen closer to him. Mikado, in turn, simply laughed happily and gave him another kiss.

“Anyways, we’re heading home. It’s a pretty small place but if you’re both going to join us, you’ll have to live with it.” Aoba warned them both and felt the girl wrap her arms around his closest one.

“Always. (I’ll go anywhere with you.)” She said and heard Mikado laughing in the back.

“Thanks Kururi-chan. I know what you sacrificed to come with us.” Aoba smiled joyfully to the girl he called Kururi-chan and soon mounted the freeway. For the next three hours all four simply heard the music on the radio and sometimes sang to something.

Once they neared a city, Aoba took the first exit he found and brought them to a rather sketchy part of town. There seemed to be no one around but Aoba didn’t mind. Shizuo kept his guard up for no reason while Mikado did not seem to notice anything. Kururi remained the same as Mikado but she seemed interested in their surroundings.

“We’re here. This is one of our safe houses. Someone should be inside by now.” Aoba explained once he parked the car in front of a store. “Let’s go.” He turned off the engine and jumped off, along with Mikado who had quickly followed suit.

Both Shizuo and Kururi followed after them but the older man had been curious. “Should you be leaving that car there like that?” He asked after grabbing Mikado’s hand.

“Oh, don’t worry about that sort of thing. No one would mess with my baby.” Aoba grinned mischievously and felt Kururi tugging his hand with both of hers. Now that he remembered, she still had those handcuffs on. It was a good thing they needed to stop here first then.

“Welcome home.” The voice inside was bored and both Shizuo and Kururi recognized it. One lone man waited inside the store, behind the counter.

“We’re home!” Both Mikado and Aoba replied with a smile as they walked over to the man.

“Shizuo? And one of the twins? You brought them with you? That wasn’t part of the plan, Aoba. What the hell were you two thinking?” The man behind the counter seemed displeased by what was in front of him.

“You know we never think, Kadota-san!” Aoba replied with a goofy grin and placed his arms on the counter. “Anyways, can you help us out? We need a change of clothes and we should also get everything off of us.”

The man called Kadota-san sighed deeply at the two. He always knew they were like this. He should’ve known that something would happen. “Head into the back. I asked Kaztano to bring a change of clothes for you two but I guess he might have something for the other two around.”

“Thanks Kadota-san!” They both replied and walked around the counter, motioning to their companions to follow them.

Shizuo eyed Kadota who took one glance at him before returning to minding the store lazily. “Why is Kadota here?”

“Kadota-san is also a part of us. He regularly goes into the compound to check on those two. They get lonely every so often. But they left today a bit earlier than we did.” Aoba explained as they took the first door on the left and descended a flight of stairs. “The whole group doesn’t know each other but since Mikado-san joined us, he’s been getting people to meet more often.”

“What does that mean?” Shizuo was curious as Mikado ran to the bottom and passed the door there.

“We were in trouble last year because of some infighting. The group and everything we’d work for was about to blow up in our faces. Then I met Mikado-san and he singlehandedly got everyone to cool off. That’s when both Kadota-san and I asked him to lead us.” Aoba grinned and opened the door Mikado had gone through to reveal a large underground hall.

“Whoa.” Both Kururi and Shizuo were surprised to see the place.

“Kaztano-san, I don’t see Togusa-san with you.” Aoba looked around after coming closer to the bar.

“Prisu, prisu! Alwash plodeging Mr. Migado!” The thick accent caused Shizuo to close in eyes in pain and for Kururi to turn her gaze away. Aoba seemed used to it and followed the direction in which the man called Kaztano-san was pointing.

“Oh. Anyways, do you got any change of clothes I could borrow for these two? I didn’t get a chance to tell Kadota-san last time before he left about this. It was pretty last minute.” Aoba joked and Shizuo noticed how Mikado was held by another man who seemed to be protecting him from the surrounding people.

As Shizuo walked over with an angry look, Kaztano replied with a grin. “Aft curse! Alwash far yo!”

Aoba grinned in return and nodded before speaking again. “Great. I should get Togusa-san to…”

“Let go of Mikado!” Aoba froze when he heard the scream. The hall turned silent and all gazes were directed at the three people in the center of the mess. Aoba groaned and walked over to them, followed closely behind by Kururi.

“And who the hell are you? Another one of the indecent suitors?” The man glared in response, pulling Mikado closer to him.

“Shizuo-san, here, here.” Mikado smiled and motioned for the blond man to come closer without paying any attention to what was happening around him.

“Mikado-san, what are you…?” The man was curious as to Mikado’s actions when he saw the teen pull Shizuo to him for a deep and long kiss. There was a loud surprised gasp from every person in the hall, except Aoba, who seemed to be enjoying the show, and Kururi, who didn’t seem to care. “Aoba…what the hell?”

“Mikado-san’s new partner, I believe. His name’s Shizuo-san. We broke him out of the compound.” Aoba explained with a smile as he got even closer to the group. Once both he and Kururi were with them, Mikado let go of Shizuo.

“Ah, from Ward A. I wasn’t interested much in those guys except for those two.” The man sighed as he let go of Mikado, who was promptly picked up by Shizuo. “Name’s Togusa. Please take good care of Mikado-san, unless you wanna die.” For the second time, Shizuo was threatened by people who were clearly weaker than him.

“Yeah, him. Anyways, can you help us out?” Aoba asked and the man who called himself Togusa nodded before following the four to another back room.

Among the many clothes, Mikado waited for his and Kururi’s shackles to be taken off by Togusa before running off with the girl. Shizuo was about to follow them but Aoba held him back since he had to have his own shackle taken off as well. Once they were done, Aoba proceeded to look for something to change into and dragged Shizuo with him.

“It fits!” Mikado yelled, barging in on the two who were changing with Kururi in tow. Aoba smiled in their direction, pleased with the attire Mikado chose for Kururi, while Shizuo had frozen in place, not knowing what to do since both him and Aoba were half naked.

“You look cute, Kururi-chan.” Aoba complimented the girl as he picked up a nearby shirt and put it on. “Thanks Mikado-san.” Once the teen nodded in response, Aoba bent down to kiss Kururi softly but the girl quickly turned the kiss intense on them.

“Shizuo-san, let’s go!” Mikado jumped on Shizuo’s back even though the older man had yet to put on a shirt and pointed towards the exit. Shizuo nodded in response and grabbed the shirt Aoba had offered to him earlier and walked on, leaving the two behind.

“Indecent!” Togusa yelled once Mikado and Shizuo came out alone. Kadota was there as well, looking bored. There were a few laughs in the air as Mikado got down and walked over to Togusa to pet his head. “Why someone like that guy, Mikado-san?”

There was a silence before Mikado answered, which Shizuo used to put on the shirt. “Isn’t it nice?” With a rebuttal question, the hall fell silent. Shizuo swore some of them paled and he walked over to join the rest.

“Well, just be careful Shizuo.” Kadota warned and took the drink offered to him.

“What is it with everybody? I can’t tell whether they care for Mikado or not. And you never said anything about this either.” Shizuo looked angry and Mikado went over and sat in his lap after the older man sat next to Kadota.

“I don’t answer to you, Shizuo. And there is no one we must care for more than Mikado so I won’t save you when the time comes.” Before Shizuo could ask something about those words, Mikado intervened. “It won’t happen. Right, Shizuo-san?” He grinned and pulled down Shizuo’s head for another kiss.

“I remembered, Mikado-san!” Aoba came bursting in and headed to the group while holding onto Kururi’s hand. “Kadota-san! Did you pay our rent?!”

“Ah.” Kadota spoke and Aoba paled.

“Mikado-san, forget your make out session for now! Our livelihood’s at stake!” Aoba pulled Kururi with him and ran for it outside. Mikado stopped and smiled at Shizuo before pointing to Aoba’s ghost. The older man nodded and picked up Mikado before running off after the other two.

“Is Mikado-san…serious about that guy?” Togusa asked amazed.

“I knew Shizuo was interested in Mikado but… It is nice. Now he won’t feel lonely.” Kadota softly smiled and continued drinking calmly. This was a good change. That last job had been a good choice for them.

Aoba shifted gears without waiting for Mikado and Shizuo and had almost driven away without them but the older blond managed to jump into the back without problems. Mikado laughed happily, as if they were in an amusement park and Aoba hadn’t been terribly worried. Kururi didn’t know what was going on and kept looking back at the two since Shizuo looked tired from the sudden sprint he had to do.

“This is one of those times when I dislike you, Mikado-san!” Aoba yelled as the car sped through the streets. Kururi was startled by the turns and tried holding on to the car for support. Shizuo did the same while holding onto Mikado with his free hand.

“There’s no problem!” Mikado sang happily, as Aoba took another sharp turn and Shizuo fell to the other side of the car. Even in that state, Shizuo made sure Mikado didn’t fall from his grasp or hit his head with anything.

“Okay? (Why are we hurrying so much?)” Kururi asked curiously, rechecking her seatbelt out of fear.

“Because I was too lax recently! Damn it! I knew I shouldn’t have trusted Mikado-san to give the message to Kadota-san! Those two…! Whenever they get together, they do nothing but drink!” Aoba hit the steering wheel and continued onwards.

Shizuo looked down at Mikado and sighed. He was worried about something else for a moment but Mikado’s smile and another kiss from him eased him a bit more. Kururi seemed a bit jealous for a moment but knew well to drop the issue for the moment. Especially when Aoba was driving like a maniac.

Almost an hour later, Aoba screeched the wheels as he parked in front of a worn down apartment building. He got off, followed by the three behind, and knocked on the first room of the first floor. Mikado hummed to himself and walked up the stairs to the last apartment. Shizuo followed the boy just in case as they headed into the opened apartment.

“Landlady! You in there?!” Aoba’s voice could be heard as Mikado headed to open the windows of the stuffy place.

Shizuo saw nothing in this rundown apartment except the tiny kitchen attached to the room that held only a small table and a computer. Mikado opened the closet and took out the futons on the top part of the closet before throwing them out into the room. Then he dusted the top part and went over to pick up one of the futons. Shizuo watched curiously as Mikado aired out the futon and placed it back inside the closet then go inside. Before the older man could say anything, Mikado closed the closet door and there was shuffling heard.

“MIKADO-SAN!” Aoba ran up and came inside. Shizuo looked over to the boy, who quickly opened the closet from the other side to look at the teen. “Was that funny? Was it funny?!”

“Aoba-kun needs to relax.” Mikado replied and turned away in order to try to sleep.

“That wasn’t funny, Mikado-san!” Aoba sobbed, falling to the floor. He closed the door to the closet and got back up. After clearing his tears away, Aoba faced Shizuo and the recently arrived Kururi with a smile. “Alright! Welcome to our humble abode!”

“This is where you two live? In this decrepit empty apartment?” Shizuo asked with a shocked look.

“Supposedly, there used to be furniture here but Mikado-san’s father took it all. All that was left was Mikado-san’s futon and that table over there where my computer is.” Aoba explained as he put the second futon to the side and sat down. Kururi quickly joined him and wrapped her arms around his left arm.

“Where are you going with this story?” Shizuo asked while eyeing the boy. Something smelled fishy to him.

“Well, Mikado-san is your responsibility now so I wanna prepare you.” Nodding to himself, Aoba continued. “I said about our infighting last year, right? Well, during that time, I had been betrayed and seriously thought I was going to die. Mikado-san found me then and nursed me back. Sounds like such a soap opera right? It gets even better.”

Kururi could tell Aoba was angry but kept quiet and simply rested her head on his shoulder. Aoba calmed down a bit and smiled at Kururi before continuing again.

“That very same day, Mikado-san’s father took everything with him and left Mikado-san alone. I didn’t know that then. But Mikado-san was very kind to me, a total stranger. Once I regained my senses however, I realized Mikado-san’s…condition.” Aoba glanced over to the closet but heard nothing. He figured that the teen didn’t care about the talk or was already asleep.

“What condition? The kissing machine thing or how he doesn’t regard other people’s feelings by doing whatever the hell he wants?” Shizuo asked and Aoba sighed happily. At least Shizuo was well aware of how Mikado had acted the whole time during their stay together.

“Yes, that condition. But there’s something else to it that Mikado-san managed to hide well during our stay at the compound. It was thanks to everyone’s interest in him that it didn’t surface. You see, Mikado-san will love anyone who loves him first but… If he shows interest in someone first then the whole deal becomes different. Mikado-san…he’ll…try and rape you first…” Aoba turned red and hid his face with his free hand. Both Shizuo and Kururi understood that it happened to him as well. “Mikado-san is a genius; I know that because Kadota-san and I had him tested but his father twisted his views on everything so nothing he does usually makes sense. But he’s smart. He knows exactly what he’s doing most of the time; he just has a completely misunderstanding about relationships. And when he snaps, that is, when he realizes that nothing is going to go according to plan, he tends to get violent.”

“You saying that’s why Kadota warned me he wouldn’t help me?” Shizuo was confused.

“Well, once Mikado-san’s in love with someone, he’ll show a bit of that violent side little by little. I think he knows you’ll survive it all that he hasn’t done anything. But it might be because you showed the interest first. And…well, not for nothing Shizuo-san but you’re a hell of a lot violent yourself so he might just be using you in his stead. In a way, I think you both suit each other in that aspect. So please take good care of Mikado-san. I owe him my life after all.” Aoba gave the man a bow but the other just scoffed in return.

Shizuo stood up and opened the closet to see the happy Mikado looking at him. “I heard you the first time, Mikado. Also, Aoba.” He turned to Aoba for a moment before continuing his sentence. “I don’t care if Mikado burns me, stabs me, shoots me or does as he wishes with my body. I’ll just teach him every time that it’s wrong of him to do it.” With that, he entered the closet and lay down next to the teen before closing the door.

“Oh, yeah. They definitely suit each other.” Aoba laughed and brought Kururi closer to him before giving her a long kiss. “Hey, since we got paid, you wanna buy some stuff for this place with me? I can’t just keep a girl like you here with just those clothes and there’s a few more things we need since Mikado-san sold it all!” He bit towards the closet but shook his head in defeat.

“Always. (I’ll follow you anywhere.)” Kururi responded and he felt happy to have her with him. Getting up the two left the apartment.

“I thought they’d never leave.” Shizuo murmured as he brought Mikado closer to him. The other had fallen asleep after biting Shizuo’s neck and leaving his mark on him.

And with that, the case was closed. As long as their partners could stay with their beloveds, nothing else mattered.


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