Request: Star Bright

Summary: A special  date is rolling around and Mikado is preparing for his surprise.
Requester: Celestial Reyvateil
Pairings: szmk
Rating: T
Genre: Romance / Slice of Life
Story Type: Random!AU
Setting: Based on pixiv images (per request). And “with lots of fluff!”.
Warning: Might be less fluff than I had intended.

After months of knowing Shizuo, Mikado could safely conclude one important thing about the man.

That is, that the teen was at the top of his priorities. Shizuo was awkwardly cute like that.

Of course, coming from Kasuka, it was more of a statement than a comment.

So the obvious course was to ask for help from Shizuo’s closest friends, which, obviously, weren’t many to begin with. Kasuka was the first on the list. Tom came right after, though he wasn’t able to provide much help. And lastly was Vorona, who proved to be utterly useless since she seemed more interesting in exploring Mikado’s bodily aspects rather than helping. There was something seriously wrong with that woman, he just couldn’t tell what.

In any case, Kasuka’s suggestion was simple. So simple, Mikado had already decided on it a long time ago. Neither of the brothers knew that of course. It actually bothered him a lot. That was the only time he lied to Shizuo. Well, not exactly lied, just omitted the truth for grandstanding effects. And it hadn’t helped that Shizuo beat him to such a thing, in a way.

Tom’s suggestion was normal. Something Mikado already knew but decided to do anyways. It felt good. Of course, Vorona, after a long period of talking and holding onto Mikado like a teddy bear, suggested just as much as Tom did. Surprisingly, she paid a lot of attention to Shizuo. More like life details that seemed eerily creepy at some point. As if she was just a private detective on the hunt.

“Hey Mikado, you ready?” Shizuo asked once he got out of the bathroom. He wanted a bath before heading out. It wasn’t like he was expecting something to happen, he just liked being clean after a day of work. And honestly, he was going out on a date with Mikado. There was no way he wasn’t going to be at his best.

“Oh! Yes, of course!” Mikado, who had already taken his bath much earlier, was finishing his preparations. The food was all put away so there wasn’t really anything more necessary. However, Mikado couldn’t help but feel he was forgetting something important. He had everything, right? After all, Mikado had spent weeks in advance preparing for today.

“What are you doing?” Shizuo’s voice came right in his ear, freezing Mikado. It tickled him every time Shizuo did such a thing but since he was lost in thought, he was caught off guard. “You’re looking for this, right? Didn’t you say it was the reason you were spending the night?” The taller man stepped back, showing the telescope he held in his hands. Right, Mikado remembered his true lie. Not the omitted truth, but the actual lie he told last week.

Normally, whenever Mikado wanted to spend the night, he would just tell Shizuo it was because he wanted to stay with him longer. But this time, he had to reserve Shizuo’s time in advance. Of course, since he normally wouldn’t lie to Shizuo, this plan made him nervous and he just said the first thing he thought of. And that lie turned into the current situation. One where Shizuo thought Mikado wanted a peaceful stargazing date.

“I was wondering where that was!” Mikado spoke quickly and gave Shizuo a hug. Just for a little while longer, please forgive me Shizuo-san. And with that thought in mind, Mikado separated from Shizuo to give him a bright smile. “Thank you, Shizuo-san!”

“It was nothing. You left it on the couch.” Shizuo looked slightly embarrassed and resisted the urge to hug Mikado back. He wanted to control himself for a while, especially since he was going on a date with Mikado. “Shall we go?” He managed to breathe easily and smiled at the teen. The other replied with a nod and grabbed hold of Shizuo’s hand before heading out.

Mikado’s plan was simple. It even began with a simple thought. But Shizuo seemed to have the same though and got ahead of him that time. Mikado was both pleased and distraught by that fact. It was a conflicting feeling. That’s why he hoped that tonight would finally be the night he could make it up to Shizuo. One thing he knew beforehand after all. Izaya was a relentless and annoying man so if tonight could make Shizuo happy for at least a full twenty-four hours, then part of his plan would be complete.

The only snag to Mikado’s whole plan was the same Shinjuku informant but it didn’t actually conflict with it so Mikado safely concluded this whole thing would work. And it would be worth it. At that, he had to stop himself from laughing too much; otherwise it might have aroused suspicion from Shizuo. And it almost did. The ex-bartender only eyed the teen curiously for a moment.

And while Mikado was lost in his thoughts, Shizuo decided to take a bit of initiative. He glanced around the empty neighborhood and saw no one so he took the chance to grab hold of Mikado’s hand. The other was caught by surprise again and simply blushed before letting Shizuo entwine their fingers together. Just this simple act could elate Mikado so much.

It made the teen think again. The things that could make Shizuo happy were few but they were always enough. That’s why he had to think extra hard for this. He didn’t just want to make Shizuo happy. Mikado wouldn’t be content until Shizuo headed to Heaven and came back, effectively scaring all of Ikebukuro from his Holy Spirit, thus causing only Mikado to be by his side. Well, maybe Kasuka as well.

Then again, Tom and Vorona would be there since they knew Shizuo pretty well. And who could forget Celty and Shinra, who feared nothing. Except aliens, in Celty’s case. No one could ever get her fear of such unknown things out of her. Now that Mikado remember, why didn’t he ask for Celty’s advice as well? Even if the Dullahan was out on some vacation with Shinra, she regularly chatted with him online.

“Mikado.” Shizuo caught the teen’s attention and Mikado looked up. “We’re here.” He motioned to the school and Mikado nodded. Without waiting for a word from Mikado, Shizuo picked him up with one hand, after letting go of Mikado’s hand, and jumped over the wall without a glance behind him. Mikado knew it would happen but was still caught by surprise. He had clutched the bag of food close to him and made sure he didn’t fall by getting as close to Shizuo as possible.

Once they were on the other side, Shizuo didn’t place Mikado on the floor and just kept walking towards the school. Mikado was embarrassed by the act but kept silent. He thanked whatever God there was that the next day was Sunday so there were no night guards during the evening. He researched it a bit beforehand and thanked his lucky stars at that moment in time. For that reason, Mikado suggested the roof of the school. It was pretty high up and not much was surrounding it so stargazing might be best there. Anri had said as much one time.

“The stairs…were this way.” Shizuo murmured to himself and headed in the direction his memory reminded him of. True, he hadn’t been there in a while but it wasn’t as if he paid much attention to the structure of the school during his student days. Those were mainly spent fighting. How he wished he had met Mikado during that time. But he preferred now to no time at all.

The nightly breeze hit Mikado more strongly than before once they hit the roof. It was so desolate that it felt as if they had reserved the place to themselves. Shizuo smiled at the same thought and walked over to the grassy area, where he placed both Mikado and the telescope. Once he had that set up, Shizuo looked over to Mikado. The teen was cold, he realized as much when he saw Mikado shiver a bit. With a frown, Shizuo headed back to Mikado and unwrapped the scarf he had around his neck, placing it around Mikado’s neck now.

“Shizuo-san!” The teen spoke quickly, surprised by the act. When he had seen Shizuo with it, he had felt happy because Mikado got him that for Christmas and it was meant for his use, not Mikado’s. Shizuo simply smiled and shook his head. “But you’ll be even colder!” At those words, Shizuo wrapped up Mikado up in an embrace.

“Not like this I won’t be.” His logic was his own and Mikado could never dispute with it. There was never any reason to, after all.

Mikado could only sigh and smile back. “Well, what shall we try to see first?” He asked and received a shrug so both decided to just try and see what looked interesting. Mikado mentally cursed himself for not thinking that far ahead. He hadn’t even brought a star chart with him.

It was about a quarter to midnight when they got bored of looking through the telescope and trying to guess the constellations that the two sat down on the grass. Shizuo brought Mikado closer to him and hugged him from behind, looking pretty content with the date so far. Mikado knew as much. Shizuo just liked spending time with him. Which is why Mikado wanted to do this from the beginning. He realized making Shizuo happy gave him more happiness than anything combined.

As Shizuo nuzzled his cheek with Mikado’s own, the teen froze at the cold touch. “You’re freezing, Shizuo-san! Wait, wait! I brought hot chocolate!” He mentally thanked Vorona for teaching him a good recipe for sweet hot chocolate. Shizuo watched with interest as Mikado looked in his bag for a thermos and opened it. The sweet smell came out, as did the vapors.

“Smells nice.” Shizuo commented calmly as he watched Mikado pour the liquid on the cap. After that, he was offered the hot nectar and he took it gladly. It tasted great and it warmed him from the inside. Of course, to Shizuo, nothing compared having Mikado in his arms but this was good enough for him at the moment.

Mikado glanced back and smiled at Shizuo’s content face. He was glad Shizuo liked the hot chocolate and rested against the man’s chest in order to wait. And since Shizuo didn’t know Mikado was waiting, he thought the teen was simply enjoying the stars surrounding them. It truly felt as if they were the only ones in the world. And that made him nuzzle Mikado closer to him.

The minutes passed and the final hour came at last. Mikado and Shizuo, who had dozed off for a moment, were startled awake by the sound of Mikado’s faint alarm. The teen immediately checked his cellphone and saw the hour, his face brightening up at the same time. He turned around to face Shizuo, who seemed confused, and tackled him with a hug. After nuzzling his head against Shizuo’s chest and having the man hug him back, Mikado got up and finally spoke the words he’d been wanting to say the whole night.

“Happy birthday, Shizuo-san! Yes!”

Shizuo was the one caught off guard this time and he couldn’t help but let out a chuckle. He had completely forgotten about his birthday. Bringing Mikado closer again, he placed a soft kiss on the teen. They separated after only a brief moment and watching Mikado’s smile, he couldn’t help but remember the word Mikado had spoken. The teen knew the man remembered the reason why he said it and was too happy to hold himself back so he gave the man another kiss, this time, only slightly deeper.

“You thought about it enough then?” Shizuo decided to ask after their second separation. Mikado pouted a bit before answering.

“Shizuo-san got ahead of me. I wanted to ask you that today but you had asked first.” He answered and received a smile from Shizuo.

“So all this just to say that?” Mikado shook his head and sat up. He looked for the bag of food and brought out a small box. Shizuo watched as Mikado took out a small cake from that box. The design looked like it had been done by Kasuka so Shizuo surmised his brother and Mikado made it together. So silly, the two.

“I wanted to be the first to tell you ‘happy birthday’, Shizuo-san. There’s no place else I’d rather be on your birthday than with you.” Mikado said honestly and Shizuo brought Mikado close for another kiss.

Once he let go, Shizuo spoke. “You know that sounded as if I was handing out the present. But I feel the same. So I’ll just ask again, do you want to come live with me?” It was just a faint whisper in his ear, but Mikado felt his stomach flipping in joy and he nodded in response. That was his ‘yes’, the one thing he wanted to say before but wasn’t able to because of his plans. He wanted Shizuo to know that he’d always be with him.

“Oh. That felt like…a marriage proposal…” Mikado murmured, trying to hide his blush and Shizuo chuckled lightly, separating to see the cake.

“Thank you, Mikado. Shall we?” He motioned to the cake and Mikado nodded. It was just something simple he had done with Kasuka the day before, but the younger brother had sent off Mikado with a pleasant face that had hopes of good fortune. Shizuo could tell. Even Kasuka was happy with Mikado by Shizuo’s side.

The cake was cut slowly and it was enjoyed by the two, though Mikado forced Shizuo to eat most of it. It was, after all, for the man. But Shizuo didn’t mind that much. It just proved how much he was loved. And to him, that was the best present he could ever get.


Soft End
Now, wait for it…

After months of dating Mikado, Shizuo could accurately conclude one important thing about the teen.

That is, that the man was at the top of his priorities. Mikado was adorably cute like that.

Of course, coming from Kasuka, it was more of a statement than a comment.

The first congratulations came from his brother. It was about both matters and Shizuo had no idea how he had found out before he even got a chance to tell him. A text from Celty and Shinra was next. They sent a regular congratulations from their vacation. Shinra ranted too much in the text that Shizuo felt like erasing it. Tom and Vorona said their congratulations at work. His sempai asked slyly if Shizuo got anything else aside from cake but the ex-bartender wasn’t sure how to respond to that. The kouhai, on the other hand, stared at him for a while before asking if the poison in the hot chocolate worked its wonder, effectively scaring Shizuo. He was starting to believe Mikado but Tom laughed at him, warning Vorona not to keep calling ‘love’ a poison.

As expected, Izaya showed up to try and sour his day. Mikado, who was now in between Kasuka and Ruri, simply smiled at Shizuo and beckoned him back to the teen. Izaya was more than surprised Shizuo didn’t follow him. “Why should I? I’ve got everything I need here.” Was Shizuo’s response, feeling Mikado heat up under him.

“Then, should I give you a honeymoon as a birthday present?” Kasuka had asked, causing Tom to spit out the coffee he had been brought. Vorona clapped in amazement while Ruri felt uncomfortable by Kasuka’s suggestion. Izaya had been forgotten altogether now, deciding it better to just leave. No one was going to pay attention to him for the rest of the day.

Shizuo thought about it long and hard but looked down to see Mikado. At the sight of the happy teen, he decided to accept the present. It was like Mikado had said, as long as they could be together, then that was all that mattered.

“Great. Your bags are all packed. Here are your tickets.” Kasuka immediately said, clapping his hands and handing some papers to the two. He hailed the car nearby and with the help of Vorona, since the other two were caught by surprise, pushed the pair inside. “Have fun.”

Shizuo concluded that Kasuka also thought too much of the two. He truly loved seeing them both happy.

Coming from Vorona that would be a comment rather than a statement. Ruri knew Kasuka had her as his top priority always. That really scared her sometimes. If Kasuka cared that much about the pair, how high was she valued? But since he took out his happiness on the pair, it was better she was left alone. She’d have fainted by now.

But that was exactly the situation Mikado was in at that moment.

Yet Shizuo didn’t mind. The teen would wake up when they got to the so-called honeymoon anyways.

Extra End
Yeah, that’s it.

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