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For those who might have been curious about the lore behind the quiet and the loud that I made up. Additionally, how they generally refer to each other and a listing of all the titles.

Before reaching maturity around or before the age of 18, all teens and children have a “quiet” and “loud” personality. When they reach adulthood, one of the two personalities becomes the dominant and the other disappears forever. All teens and children have different relationships with their two personalities. When referring to the two personalities, adults call the “loud” one by ‘last name’-san and the “quiet” one by ‘first name’-chan. Between each other, the “loud” one calls the “quiet” one by ‘first name’-chan while the “quiet” one calls the “loud” one by ‘first name’-sama. Adults who have the “loud” dominate are referred as ‘first name’-sama by other adults but if the “quiet” dominates then they are referred as ‘first name’-kun. Though in some cases, the adults will not add a honorific when referring to other adults. Teens will call adults as -dono or -sama depending on preferences.

quiet loud adultQ adultL
quiet first-chan first-chan first-chan first-chan
loud first-sama
last-san last-san
adultQ ?-dono
?-kun ?-kun
adultL ?-dono

*Note: ‘?’ denotes either ‘first name’ or ‘last name’.

Titles of the characters

These are always mentioned as ‘first name’ ‘last name’, except in the rare cases of those individuals that have no last name to give. Hachimenroppi, Psyche and Delic are beings surpassing humanity that are currently in the human realm for various reasons so none have a last name. Vorona is literally an ‘unknown’ as she cannot give her last name. The following are divided by groups.

King Mikado Ryugamine
Advisor Aoba Kuronuma
Prophet ??? (Hachimenroppi)
Lady Celty Sturluson
Confidante Erika Karisawa
Kryptos Walker Yumasaki
Knight Kyohei Kadota

Rogue Chikage Rokujou
Truant Izaya Orihara
Destroyer Delic
Madman Psyche

Beast Shizuo Heiwajima
Tamer Tom Tanaka
Unknown Vorona

Boss Shinra Kishitani
Madam Namie Yagiri
Loyal Masaomi Kida
Miss Anri Sonohara
Left Kururi Orihara
Right Mairu Orihara


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