Clap clap clap. Clap. Clap clap.

Summary: The quiet and the loud have always managed a peaceful coexistence until they reach adulthood.
Pairings: mkcr + mrsrkr? + sziz? + wker? + ckms? + delpys?
Rating: T
Genre: Mystery / Drama
Story Type: Strange!AU
Setting: Based on this niconico video (which is now private, aw).
Warning: Character death.
Additional: Background information on the lore for this story.

The smoke in the bar was vast and thick but no one inside seemed to mind. Thought the bar was like a little hole in the wall joint, it filled up quite nicely in the evenings. There was a stage at the very back of the bar with curtains and everything. Various tables composed the place and there was a darts board in a corner near the entrance and bar counter. One lone male teen played by himself, throwing medicinal needles instead of the actual darts.

“Kida-san, you’ll poke someone’s eye out like that.” The female teen in the bunny suit spoke calmly as she placed the tray of empty glasses on the bar counter.

“No worries, Anri-sama! I’m actually pretty good at this!” The young Masaomi Kida spoke in his defense but still measured the distance he was going to throw the needle to. And just as he finished, he threw but missed. The needle kept going towards the stairs just as someone came down. Anyone else would have been scared, but the person in the brown coat didn’t seem at all fazed by the needle she caught in her hands. “Whoops! Looks like today’s one of those days!”

“Are you alright, Celty-dono?” Miss Anri Sonohara asked without batting an eyelash.

“…” Lady Celty Sturluson nodded without words, passing the needle back to its owner just as she stepped towards the bar. The helmet on her supposed head was taken off to reveal the impossible, yet no one seemed to be surprised. It was actually weirder to see her with those goggles around her neck but they knew them to be a necessary accessory.

As soon as Lady Sturluson sat down on the counter, next to the young Masaomi, another woman approached her. “Speak, what does King want now?” She seemed to have an imposing air around her seeing as Miss Sonohara stepped away quickly and the young Masaomi sat upright but to Lady Sturluson, this was just another everyday person.

Without an obvious word, Lady Sturluson handed the woman an envelope then motioned Miss Sonohara to return. Once the woman took the envelope and turned away, Miss Sonohara came back. “The lunch special? Wouldn’t it be easier to inform that member to pick it up himself?” Lady Sturluson immediately waved her hand in a ‘no’ motion to respond.

While Miss Sonohara headed to the back to ask for Lady Sturluson’s order, there seemed to start a ruckus upstairs on the outside of the bar. Loyal Kida clicked his tongue and saw a man quickly descend with almost a skip in his step. “Ooh! Oh! Oooh! Well, hello Celty-kun! And which is it over here, Kida-san or Masaomi-chan?” He asked while grinning towards Loyal Kida.

“What the fuck do you want now, Orihara?” Loyal Kida was dissatisfied by Truant Izaya Orihara’s presence but was unable to boot him out. The man was already inside after all.

“Ah, so it’s Kida-san. Now, now, I’ve come with interesting news after all.” He widened his smile as Miss Sonohara returned once again, this time with a brown bag in her hands. “Well, it seems like the old man in block B is deciding to sell his place. Wasn’t your Boss and King fighting themselves over that piece of territory? And this is a bit on the down low but it seems like a third faction might be planning on buying it under everyone’s noses. Scary how much people will fight over a piece of bone!” He turned his attention to each of the three around him, ending with a stare to Miss Sonohara.

Lady Sturluson brought out her handy PDA and typed in the following words to Miss Sonohara. “Thank you for the food. I’ll pass by again if needed.” With that, she placed her helmet back in place and left the bar. Truant Orihara pouted at everyone’s uninteresting reactions but continued his talk. “Word has it this same third faction is offing the oldest geezers in town.”

“All you bring is useless information, Izaya-sama. Why did you even come here?” Miss Sonohara asked with a deep stare. She was like emotionless doll at times like these.

“He’s here to see the Boss.” The woman from before came out to the floor again, the same threatening air around her intact. “You’re early Izaya.”

“Of course, Namie-sama! The earlier, the better!” His smile was directed at Madam Namie Yagiri but his eyes seemed to be focused elsewhere. It was as if he was scanning the room or interpreting his surroundings and the people in them. For that reason, Loyal Kida kept his eye on Truant Orihara. The man could not be trusted.

However, Madam Yagiri could care less and it was Miss Sonohara’s job to be elsewhere so the girl moved away again. And while this happened down at the bar, upstairs Lady Sturluson waved goodbye to the blond bouncer. The man waved in return and took his cigarette to breathe out softly. With that, Lady Sturluson jumped on her motorcycle and rode off without any sort of glance to the surroundings.

“Ah, Shizuo-niisan.” The soft voice called out to Beast Shizuo Heiwajima, who turned to face the twin girls walking calmly towards him. It wasn’t a surprise to see them but the man behind them with the calm look caught him off guard. “You see, the Boss was accompanying us! He bought us a bunch of clothes for our shows!” The other twin explained joyfully and turned to the famous Boss Shinra Kishitani.

“I just wanted you both to look at your best for when you sing.” Boss Kishitani explained softly, smiling gently at the two. “Now, Shizuo-kun, has my guest arrived?” He asked Beast Heiwajima with the same tone as when addressing the twins that it placed the blond on the edge.

“He did, Boss. Yagiri is probably entertaining him. And also, Celty passed by.” He explained the current events that had transpired just in the last ten minutes, earning a nod from his boss.

“Then, Kururi-chan, Mairu-chan, will you both please prepare for tonight’s show?” He asked the twins and both Left Kururi Orihara and Right Mairu Orihara nodded in unison before descending the stairs. But before they left the presence of the two males, they turned around to face them. “By the by, I think a present should arrive shortly for you, Boss. As thanks for everything, you know.”

And with a wink from each girl, they were gone from their sights. “Any idea what that was about, Boss?”

“Oh, I have a few.” Boss Kishitani chuckled lightly and finally asked what needed to be asked. “I know Celty-kun probably came for that reason, but have you heard anything about King?”

Beast Heiwajima shook his head embarrassedly, “Kuronuma isn’t opening his mouth. Whoever that so-called Prophet is, they’re not saying.” It hurt his pride since it was the job given to him by Boss Kishitani yet he hadn’t been able to deliver anything conclusive.

“Well, I’m sure King is also thinking about how to use you. He just hasn’t made his move yet.” With a soft sigh and a shake of his head, Boss Kishitani headed into the bar. Dejectedly, Beast Heiwajima could only continue to smoke his cigarette until it was done. He never knew, none of them knew possibly, of the pair of lightish red eyes looking down on them.

The man stared down at the city but he wasn’t watching the buildings. His finger moved in a certain rhythm while he collected information the only way he could now. Tap, tap, tap. Tap. Tap, tap. It was flawless but it wasn’t his. He no longer had a rhythm to call his own. “The greater advancement of this plan relies more on those who wish to be a part of it. Given the conditions, it’s imperative you join forces. There’s no use, it’s impossible. A flaw? Of course, the deaths were important; they’re purposely created.”

“Hey, what the fuck are you doing you bastard?” Another came up behind him, cigarette in mouth. Both were wearing large headphones connected to different devices. It was a necessary device for them. “What you’re doing is outside the scope of interference. We agreed to only help that idiot for a while.” He reminded the other but the one on the floor did not cease. Of course, the second man knew that would happen. The idiot got broken on the way so he was more useless to him now than before.

“Do you wish to see it, Delic?” The first turned around with a wide grin in place. His eyes were focused elsewhere and the other knew exactly where. Destroyer Delic stepped forward and bent down to the first’s eye level. He grabbed the first by the back of his head and breathed out. “Psyche, listen to me. Sleep.” With that order, Madman Psyche dropped to the floor unconscious.

As Destroyer Delic picked up Madman Psyche from the floor, he checked the remnants of Madman Psyche’s connection. He clicked his tongue and took the male to bed for rest. If he didn’t recover, they’d be forced to stay longer amongst the annoyances. And he truly didn’t wish for that.

“And what are you looking at, Anri-chan?” Truant Orihara stared at the shy Anri hours later as they walked along the streets. He was accompanying the girl on her errand but the other had stopped hearing him for a while now. She stared at the sky, almost longingly. “Ooi, Anri-chan.”

With a startled blink, the shy Anri turned around to face Truant Orihara. “Oh, I apologize Orihara-dono. I was talking to someone. A friend, but it seems the lag caught up with us. The interference was there again.” Truant Orihara simply pouted since he never understood that side of her. He was simply doing an odd job at the moment since it was beneficial to him.

“Oh, fine. Are you sure they were around here?” He asked and received a nod from her. “At least, that was what I was told.” The shy Anri looked only a tiny bit worried but noticed something in the distance.

“I’d appreciate getting what I want, Kyohei.” One man threatened the other while pointing at him.

“Again? Don’t you give up, Chikage?” Knight Kyohei Kadota asked with a sigh as he stood between Rogue Chikage Rokujou and the two acquaintances behind him. It was his job to protect them so he wasn’t about to let Rogue Rokujou have his way with them. Of course, since Rogue Rokujou truly wanted the interaction, he began his fight with Knight Kadota.

“Excuse us, Karisawa-sama, Yumasaki-dono.” The shy Anri approached the two, taking the chance that Knight Kadota was busy. Both Kryptos Walker Yumasaki and Confidante Erika Karisawa turned towards the two and smiled brightly.

“Well, well! Come for another try?” Confidante Karisawa asked them both with a wide grin on her face.

The shy Anri shook her head and approached Confidante Karisawa to murmur something in her ear. “Tomorrow night, at the stroke of eleven at night. If it’s the best moment, please appear.” The older woman nodded and the shy Anri sighed gladly. If the message could be sent and reciprocated correctly, it would be great. She had already tried so many times before.

“As for me, can I have the location? I have things to speak to King about.” Truant Orihara asked nicely and the two looked to be in thought. Suddenly, Kryptos Yumasaki received a message and he brought out his cellphone to read it. With a nod, he turned to Truant Orihara. “I’ll send you the location before your meeting time with him. King has asked me to relay that.”

“Aw, he’s such a sweetheart, isn’t he?” Confidante Karisawa grinned and grabbed hold of Kryptos Yumasaki’s arm as they stared at Truant Orihara. “Be careful you’re not bitten, Izaya-sama.”

“I’ll take that in mind.” Truant Orihara gave them a smirk and left with the shy Anri once more. For the time being, their job was done. But although both were excited, they could not have known about the events that would transcribe that following evening.

The lone cellphone had been dropped to the floor. The teen in front of it was shocked at both the phone and the group of people in front of him. The young Masaomi had no words for this and the shy Anri decided to not express her dissatisfaction at it. Somewhere in her mind, she had a feeling it might happen. And the one man out of place laughed as he took off his mask. It was Truant Orihara, making fun of the teen in front of the dropped cellphone. Yet he failed to notice when blood had been drawn and when the loudest form of the teen took over, a smile in place. It had been part of his plan.

“Is that it? Those are the conditions, Prophet?” He asked the person with the bucket over his head. That person nodded in response and the other teen who seemed bored decided to just lie back against the wall. There was a mixture of dissatisfaction and anger on his face.

“Honestly, I’d prefer it if these plans had better flair. You want me to send another message?” The second teen asked but the other shook his head. He stared off somewhere, deep in thought. Suddenly, he nodded to himself.

Turning back to the Prophet, he asked. “Is the subject still the same?” It nodded in response and he nodded again. “Alright. Aoba-kun, we’ll do as Prophet says. The treaty will happen soon so we’ll be able to announce you then. In the meantime, I will go visit Celty-kun.” He spoke to Advisor Aoba Kuronuma, who sighed deeply.

“Again, King? You’re giving Mikado-chan and that Celty way too much attention.” Advisor Kuronuma felt somewhat jealous, though he knew exactly what King Mikado Ryugamine would answer back. It was always the same because they both had conceded to the plan once it was finally formulated.

“Do remember it, Aoba-kun. It’s necessary if you want to keep talking to me.” Though he knew it, that fact still managed to irk him. King Ryugamine was intent on seeing his plan through. Sighing to himself once his leader was gone, he stood up and stared at the empty spot where Prophet had been just earlier. It was always the same. Prophet never stayed with them for too long. Izaya always found it funny whenever he managed to squeeze himself into these lonesome meetings. “Don’t you get the feeling he’s the one playing with us?” But it wasn’t as if any of the three cared.

King Ryugamine mingled with the crowd towards his next meeting, knowing full well Truant Orihara had already given up on meeting him that night. Little did he know King Ryugamine needed to speak to him in order to set the wheels in motion for the next evening’s plan. With a slow motion, he approached two people who had been waiting for a third themselves. “Normally, I ask Yumasaki-dono for this, but if it will please that one, I don’t mind doing this way.” The two were confused by his words and saw King Ryugamine bent down to give them a message. “Please advise Shizuo that he’ll get to send the message he wants soon. I do need one thing before that.”

As soon as he gave the two the message, he disappeared into the crowd. Beast Heiwajima came soon after he was gone and greeted the two waiting for him. “Sorry I’m late, Tom, Vorona.” He apologized to both Tamer Tom Tanaka and Unknown Vorona with a smile. The two were very loyal to him and seemed hesitant to speak of the message. But they knew where his loyalties hid and where theirs were so they relayed the message. “Who’s going to die?” He wondered and was given no answer.

However, one person did die yet it wasn’t the one intended at the moment. “Sorry it took so long, Mikado. He was running away.” The message was plastered in his face by the nervous woman yet the childlike Mikado didn’t mind in the slightest. His date with the woman was more important and he treasure every minute spent with her.

“If this is how you act in broad daylight, I’d hate to see what you do at night.” Boss Kishitani approached the two with a smile, accompanied by the Center Oriharas who seemed content singing to themselves. The childlike Mikado pouted in response and was grabbed hold of by Lady Sturluson. “Please be at ease, I’m only doing rounds right now. Namie-sama was acting a bit too strict at the moment. She’s worried about this month’s expenses, given the meeting tomorrow. Anri-chan tells me you’ll be meeting tonight?”

“That’s what Ryugamine-sama says but he won’t tell me what the meeting’s about. It’s just like the secret he and Aoba-sama are keeping. They say it’s for my sake but…” The childlike Mikado seemed sad and was hugged by Lady Sturluson in return. The woman seemed ready to give it her all to protect the one in front of her as well, knowing full well how the person they talked about felt.

“I’m sure they feel that way and I won’t deny that that’s their plan. I just hope it won’t backfire. Izaya-sama’s sources seemed to indicate a flaw, most likely planned by their boss.” With that, Boss Kishitani and the Center Orihara’s retreated for the moment. They had no way of stopping the meeting from happening and Boss Kishitani wasn’t interested in stopping it in any case.

Lady Sturluson seemed relieved at their retreat and froze when she felt lips on her bare chest. King Ryugamine looked up at her with a smile. “I’ll be expecting you to do your job tonight, Celty-kun. This is for the sake of the one that loves you unconditionally.” A nod came in response to his request and he smirked, knowing full well that nothing, absolutely nothing, was going to impede his plan. Not even Truant Orihara’s tiresome meddling.

So when the act was finished, nothing remained but King Ryugamine in the full extent of himself. “I wish you had let us help.” The shy Anri spoke to herself once she saw King Ryugamine pick up the phone. In front of her, the young Masaomi still had no words to speak. “Hey, hey… Don’t speak out of line. It was a bet after all.” Advisor Kuronuma spoke calmly, kicking the corpse on the ground.

“What do you think is going to happen now? A happy ending? There’s no such thing for the quiet and the loud. You’ll go mad and die. And what the hell do you plan on doing with this?” Rogue Rokujou spoke once he entered the building. Loyal Kida went over to him, needles in hand, ready to attack. Once the two calmed down, Loyal Kida headed over to King Ryugamine. “If he’s happy, I don’t care what the outcome is. This is better for us anyways. No one’s managed to do it before.”

Rogue Rokujou ruffled his hair and picked up the hat that had fallen to the floor. “I’ll say it again. You’ll go mad and die. You can’t coexist. No one’s made it after a year. I was trying to stop you without saying anything to those who trust you, King.” He heard King Ryugamine and Advisor Kuronuma laugh. Loyal Kida, the shy Anri and the rest were very confused.

“This is what the meeting tomorrow is about, you know. It isn’t just the fact that Shinra-dono and I will sign a peace treaty in the location everyone bought for us. Aoba-kun is to be introduced as an adult to everyone else. How long do you think I’ve been calling him Aoba-kun for?” His smirk turned into a grin and the rest were shocked about the meaning behind it.

“So you already succeeded with the experiment? How inhuman.” Rogue Rokujou clicked his tongue in disappointment. He hadn’t expected that from the beginning but Advisor Kuronuma spoke in his own defense. “Actually, I was the one who came up with it. I couldn’t allow King to be depressed forever. His fascination with Mikado-chan was too much and he couldn’t allow himself to die so this was the only thing I could do for both.”

“And I was the one who answered their request.” Prophet came down after watching the whole scene. He kicked the corpse to see Truant Orihara’s white gaze staring up at him. This was the first time any of the others heard Prophet’s voice or even the mysterious person himself. Rogue Rokujou realized what had happened and cursed himself. “Of course, for their request to be completed, they needed to answer mine.” He laughed, taking off his bucket to reveal the face underneath.

“Hachimenroppi-ue, you know you’ll no longer be called by your old name, right?” King Ryugamine asked Prophet and saw the other frown in response. “Are you asking the ones here to remember me in this form before I take away everything that was Orihara Izaya?” A nod was received in response and Prophet sighed. Everything was for the sake of getting what he wanted so he pardoned King Ryugamine for what he had just done.

Rogue Rokujou headed over to Prophet and kneeled down. “I’ll follow you anywhere, my lord. I just wish it hadn’t come to this.” After giving his loyalty to Prophet, Rogue Rokujou picked up the corpse of Truant Orihara and followed Prophet out of the warehouse. Loyal Kida breathed a sigh of relief and walked over to Miss Sonohara, the two ready to give their report to Boss Kishitani. They knew they’d skip a lot of details since King Ryugamine was to divulge them himself the next day.

“Thank you, Celty. All of you worked very hard for this, didn’t you?” King Ryugamine asked Lady Sturluson very tiredly and saw the woman nod in response. Advisor Kuronuma called the meeting to an end and dispersed the members around them. For the time being, Advisor Kuronuma knew King Ryugamine would need to rest. The sudden change would be a little too much for him. That’s how they failed to know until later, the things Beast Heiwajima saw.

Prophet had suggested they cover Truant Orihara’s face for the moment and they had been walking quietly when Beast Heiwajima crossed their paths. Unknown Vorona glanced back at Tamer Tanaka in fear something would happen. It did of course since all Beast Heiwajima could notice was the face of Prophet. Rogue Rokujou did nothing to stop the fight, noticing how Prophet was enamored by Beast Heiwajima’s movements. He realized that a fair competition between Prophet and Truant Orihara would not work so he had enlisted the help of King to make what was happening now actually happen. Rogue Rokujou sighed as he realized his boss was simply awkward with his actions.

Never did Beast Heiwajima find out the truth. Not until some years later was it muttered by Prophet himself to the man.

“I had a feeling. The twins were pretty much giving me hints the whole time. I guess your people and mine really wanted us to get along.” Boss Kishitani laughed at the meeting, though Madam Yagiri found nothing funny about it. On the other side of the table, King Ryugamine smiled kindly to him. “I’m glad you find this good. I was worried you might say no. Prophet, no, Orihara-sama kept reminding me it would be okay though.”

“I’m quite thankful, Ryugamine-kun. Though you can stop calling me Prophet now. I can go back to my work now that you’ve both signed this treaty.” Prophet laughed, though no one else accompanied him. With the treaty signed, King Ryugamine spoke about his experiment to Boss Kishitani, leaving the other impressed.

“Well, if you survive the year, there will be more to celebrate. I expect good things from now on, King. Though I am saddened about a few results.” He glanced over to Prophet, though how much he knew the others weren’t sure. “Rokujou-kun, I hope you’ll be kind to Masaomi-chan. I know that’s the reason why Kida-san hates you very much.” The man blushed, not realizing such a thing and heard Prophet hide his laugh.

“Then, since that’s everything. I now have a date, so I’ll excuse myself.” King Ryugamine smiled brightly and exited the building with the rest to meet his beloved Lady Sturluson. The three guardians of his location seemed excited by the outcome of the treaty, as were the officers of Boss Kishitani. The liaison group to the two factions was content, though Beast Heiwajima seemed ready to attack Prophet again.

As King Ryugamine and Lady Sturluson rode off, no one else seemed to notice the content look on King’s face for being able to be by the side of the one he sought, except the owner of the pair of lightish red eyes who knocked his finger to the beat of King’s romance. Tap tap tap. Tap. Tap tap.


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