Dance in the Square

Summary: A previous event changed the lives of all those who remain alive. Do they still believe in happy endings?
Pairings: szmk + onesided!sziz + srcr
Rating: T
Genre: Mystery / Drama
Story Type: Supernatural!AU
Setting: Based on The Back Horn’s Utsukushii Namae and Tozasareta Sekai.
Warning: Character death!

The smoke was rising towards the east. As if it were running from the setting sun on the west. Or maybe it’s because that’s the most obvious course for catching up to it faster. Masaomi wasn’t sure. But he couldn’t put his gaze away from that stupid smoke. If souls could be compared to something, it’d be that, he was sure. What rose up and headed off on its’ own was just as that person’s soul. Tears began to form in his eyes. They threatened to fall and he couldn’t do anything to stop them.

“Kida-kun.” Anri walked over to him, carefully carrying two small bottles of ash. She hadn’t yet decided if she should give him one even though she was told to. It felt too precious to give away just like that. “They thought he might be happy with us having a part of him.” She still explained to him.

Masaomi’s hands trembled. He wanted to be just like that rising smoke. Carefree and ignorant of others. “Why doesn’t anybody blame me?!” He cried out his true feelings, knowing them to just be his selfish emotions. Nobody had done so and hadn’t planned on it. What happened that time was something out of his hands. Out of anyone’s, really.

“Because we accept this as truth. Everyone knows that was just Ryugamine-kun being himself. There was no way for us to negate him that part of himself.” She spoke only the truth and gently passed him the jar in her left hand. Just like the one in her right, it had a soft blue bow tied around the neck of the bottle. It was part of the will too. Masaomi doesn’t take it just yet, also feeling as if that was much too precious for him to hold.

Anri feels jealousy over Masaomi but she doesn’t voice it. She knows she can’t. Saika would consume her if she despaired. So she lets Masaomi do it for her. In return, she helps him recover from his wounds, never giving more that comforting and truthful words. When Masaomi finally takes his bottle of ash, he holds it so tight it feels like it might break. “I’m so sorry Mikado!”

Both wish the sky could reflect the turmoil in their hearts. However, the sky shines brightly and against their wishes. Far off, those two adults call out to them, asking if they need a ride home. Both Anri and Masaomi respectfully decline their invitation. Kyohei comes near them this time, inviting them out to dinner. He refuses to accept anything other than their nods and once in Saburou’s van, they head to the Russia Sushi.

Simon greets them with the usual smile, not once mentioning about the day’s events, and brings them to a separate room. Dennis, however, suggests they have something strong to drink. “Illegal or not, it’s best to drink in someone’s honor once they pass away.” He explains and hands them all vodka he keeps for such occasions.

Erika and Walker are the first to be drunk since they have low alcohol tolerance. They ask to see the small bottles and cry once they hold each bottle in their hands. Kyohei asks if they need company and Erika tries to tease Kyohei about his comment but falls head first on the table, completely unconscious. Everyone tries to lift the mood but no one can forget the events of that day.

It all began with that phone call. With a teasing tone, the unknown voice on the other line beckons calamity. The pair find out through other means as pictures had been posted online. But everyone found out at the same time. Just that one person though, had decided to run ahead. Chasing after the burning building, ignoring the sounds of firemen on their way, he is stopped by his best friend. “What the hell are you doing?! They’ll be here soon! Just wait!”

“There’s no way, Masaomi. Even if they were already doing their jobs, I wouldn’t be able to do that.” The response was kind and affectionate, not at all fearful. Masaomi pleads and tries to reason with him, speaking of someone else’s plans as if he knew them. He could only guess yet still, he was right. “Even when he succumbs to that weak side of his that he refuses to admit exists, I’m sure there’s good in him.”

There were probably no words to describe Masaomi’s shock and his hands let go in fright. Knowing this was a plan of Izaya’s did not stop him. In fact, he had accepted that fact long ago. But he still believed in the good nature of people and those impossible happy endings. There was just no way for Masaomi to break his hope and dreams.

The firefighters arrive on the scene and Anri is the one to tell them that the number of people inside has risen to two. Kyohei and the others appear soon after to witness the scene. One unconscious blond is taken in the arms of the firefighters who rose up to meet him. But the moment when they reach out to the young savior, and this comes from their own shocked words, the floor gives out from the heat and that teen comes plummeting down to the floor.

“MIKADO!” The screams fill the surroundings. It then becomes Masaomi’s job to inform his best friend’s parents of the news, though all he manages to do is call them. Anri takes up the mantle after him, not saying a single word of how tight Masaomi had been holding onto her hand.

Time can, hopefully, only heal their wounds.

When he arrives at the park, the first thing he notices are the three children huddled up together. Two boys are comforting, or at least trying to, the girl with them. His sandals make a ‘clip clop’ sound as he makes his way towards them. Once near the three, he bends down to their eyelevel, placing his hands on his knees which are covered thanks to the fisherman jeans he wears. Though it isn’t that cold, he still has on a long sleeved yet open-neck sweater on. “Is everything alright?” He finally asks the three.

“Can you believe this lie?!” He’s asked without knowing anything. The boy to the left goes into detail, “Those stupid doodooheads! They went and told her fairytales don’t come true! That there’s no such thing!”

The boy on the right nudges his friend on the left, motioning to the girl in the middle. He feels regret of his own words and tries to make her smile again. “You’re not like those guys, right?” The boy on the right decides to ask the teen, who quickly shakes his head.

“Fairytales come true. There are such things as happy endings.” He’s in agreement with all three children and the two boys tackle him to the ground.

“You’ll take responsibility, right?!” Both ask at the same time, leaving the older one confused. With a quick promise to the girl that they would be back soon, the teen is pulled aside and shown a white no-sleeved dress. He’s forced to put it over his clothes, revealing to the boys that the dress is a little too big for him. “Well, it’ll do, right?” One boy asks to the other, leaving the oldest one confused.

But before he can voice out any complain, a wig is put on him and he’s pulled back towards the depressed girl. “Look! It’s an Ouhime-sama! She’s gonna dance until the Ouji-sama comes!” They declare and with little choice, the new Ouhime-sama dances to the rhythm of the children’s wishes, waiting for the Ouji-sama to come to ‘her’ rescue.

The room, like every other room in the building, is painted with a color so white, it could almost blind you. Most patients on the floor are unconscious so the only sounds around are of those made by nurses on rounds or doctors on duty passing by for checkups. Inside this room in particular, is someone who when awake would scare everyone but, since he’s currently opposite of that, is simply viewed like every other patient in the hospital.


Watching over him at the moment is Izaya. He takes glances around the room every so often to look at the flowers surrounding the sleeping man. There’s a wound on his left cheek, given to him by a very famous person. Though one might believe it to be retribution for having placed the man there, it’s actually for a completely different reason. Izaya had been caught by both Kasuka and Ruri, during official visitation hours, throwing the small bottle of ash out the window. It nearly hit some pedestrians on the head and the ash was blown away before anyone had a chance to stop it.


Masaomi had blamed him before the cremation, before he wallowed with self-guilt, and had tried to hit him when Izaya came before him. Unfortunately for the younger male, Izaya never gave him the pleasure of doing so. The kouhai from school was teased and taunted but Izaya knew when to stop so he left quickly. But no one had known of the knot in the pit of Izaya’s stomach.


From the time he was born, Izaya regretted nothing. He could say it as many times as he wanted; his hatred for this blond extended itself to the stars. Nothing would make him happier than to see him disappear. Yet no matter how many times he tried or in how many ways he tried it, Izaya was never able to succeed. Until now, that is.


Saved by only a fraction of a second, all it took was the life of someone else. Yet, here the blond man lay, deep asleep. Locked inside the very mind that tormented him when awake. That constantly reminded him of the pain he caused others. Izaya found it only somewhat amusing. Maybe even ironic. He’d totally blame himself for that person’s death, Izaya believes but says nothing regarding that.


No matter how much he calls out, the other refuses to listen. Perhaps the blond had already given up, Izaya wonders. If so, would he never get chased by him again? Part of him is glad. Part of him weeps. A soft knock brings Izaya back from his thoughts and he turns around to see Shinra. “Kasuka-kun told me you were visiting. Here to look at your handiwork? Or in Celty’s words, are you happy now? Or do you finally regret this? In any case, there are a lot of people who don’t want you here. I don’t really care, but it’s past visiting hours. The nurses are starting to wonder if you’re actually his lover.”

“You must be joking.” Izaya’s grin is back in place, much like every other time. Even if this person finds out, he wouldn’t care but he comes anyways. “But you gotta wonder. All this time and this is what kills Shizu-chan? Hey, did he hear about Mikado-kun? Is that why he won’t wake up? Does he blame himself? I noticed they both seemed fixated on each other.”

“Izaya-kun…” Shinra catches Izaya’s attention again, a serious tone in his voice. He wants to say it but decides to keep it to himself. Izaya deserves a little pain. Besides, soon enough, the informant would return to himself. He would never let anyone else know about that. “I’ll leave you alone for now. But leave after that. You can’t stay here anymore.”

Once Shinra is gone, Izaya looks back at the sleeping blond and notices the drop of water fall onto the bed sheet. He finally realizes it’s a tear, the true reason Shinra left. No words can describe Izaya’s feelings. Those he locked away, ignored and beat down until he couldn’t see them anymore. His voice tried to cry out but his pride stopped him. He was already too far gone to express himself well.


No matter how much he tries, the call is never above a whisper. He so, so wishes the blond would wake up. The doctors don’t know why he hasn’t and fear that at some point, some day, he’ll be gone. And Izaya accepts he fears that reality.

Perhaps time will return him to normal, but only on the outside.

As he enters the park, he feels refreshed. Slightly younger too. The kind of younger that has hope in the world. That believes first loves are true loves. Who fears no evil but knows when they’re being protected. That blindly and stupidly rushes ahead without looking back. Who regrets nothing in the beginning. He feels like that kind of young person.

In the distance, he can see a dancing girl and three children gazing in admiration. The little girl in the middle seems the most entranced with the dance. It’s soft and uses both hands and feet to motion a soft melody. He could almost hear it in his mind. His sneaker-covered feet carry him towards the four. The slightly-loose jeans sweep the floor as he walks and he lifts his t-shirt to place his hands in his pockets.

“That’s a pretty dance.” He awkwardly compliments the dancing girl, noticing the surprised look. In turn, he realizes his mistake but before he can correct it, he’s tackled by the two boys who seem incredibly happy with his appearance.

“You’re here! Come on! We gotta do this right!” They speak at the same time and pull him away without letting him say a word. The little girl looks confused but is consoled by the dancing ‘girl’ left behind. “Aw, man! It’s a bit short. I didn’t think that would happen.” The boy on the left said with a pout once the cape is put in place.

“How about we switch them?” The boy on the right asks, making a switching motion with his arms. His friend shakes his head, knowing it’s far too late for such a thing. Both boys stare at him and give him the battle plan. He doesn’t say ‘no’ to them and agrees because he actually thinks it might be fun. And he’s young and stupid anyways.

When they return, all three notice the look of admiration on the little girl. “An Ouji-sama!” She squeals happily and the Ouhime-sama stands up, trying to control ‘her’ blush. The Ouji-sama extends his right hand softly towards the Ouhime-sama. “May I have this dance?” He softly asks and the Ouhime-sama replies with a nod and a smile.

The children watch the two dance to the rhythm of their wishes, a bright smile on each other’s lips.

Just one being notices the dance. If she could cry, she would. Better yet, she is. But only far, far away from there. Her lover by her side notices this. He needs no eyes himself to know her feelings. “Celty? What is it?” If she could only say it, but she won’t. She can’t. At this point she believes again. Just like the feelings of that boy. She believes.

In happy endings.


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