Request: Blood Red

Summary: Mikado is kidnapped and both Izaya and Shizuo demand to know where he is.
Requester: Celestial Reyvateil
Pairings: szmkiz + ksrr + srcr
Rating: M
Genre: Fantasy / Romance
Story Type: Supernatural!AU
Setting: None in specific.
Warning: Violence? Possessive semes (per request).

The wind howled in the distance yet no one noticed it. In the dead of night, only the bright full moon saw all. Everyone else simply slept through everything. Silently, a pair of eyes stared down from the shadows at the insignificant walking form of the young Ryugamine Mikado. He was headed back to his apartment after picking up some milk at the nearby convenience store. The lonely road to his home didn’t scare him at all as the teen was already used to it. However, somewhere in the recesses of his heart, he hoped something would happen in his everyday mundane life.

It became obvious that something granted his wish. The young Ryugamine Mikado might’ve regretted such a wish later on. Only the bright full moon saw the silent wish come true. The darkness had enveloped him and left just the spilt carton of milk on the floor.

A glass cup had fallen to the floor at the very moment the young Ryugamine Mikado was spirited away. With a startled jump, Heiwajima Kasuka came out of his room and searched for the sound’s origin. He found his beloved Hijiribe Ruri cowering in a corner of the kitchen floor. “What is it, Ruri-san?” He asked, kneeling down beside her but saw her shake her head. Whatever it was that she knew or had felt, left her scared and unwilling to leave the apartment for the next five days.

It was during those five days that Kida Masaomi and Sonohara Anri knew something had happened to their best friend. Anri attributed it to Saika having a sudden surge of joy during the night but only realized the significance when Mikado had been out of school for far too long. The teachers had no way of knowing what happened since there was no call to them and Masaomi led the excursion to Mikado’s tiny apartment on the third day. From then on, they visited two more times on different days before coming up with the same solution.

[I don’t know.] Was Celty Sturluson’s reply to their distress. With that, the two friends had no knowledge of what to do next. However, the Celtic fairy gave them an idea. One that they had thought about but had been hesitant about in the beginning. Yet both teens knew very well that they needed to find their friend so they finally agreed to do as Celty suggested.

Back on the streets, Celty had first planned on heading to the location she knew well but turned the other way around towards the sounds of chaos and mayhem. Masaomi and Anri had looked nervous and worried but knew what they were about to face. In the sea of fear stood Orihara Izaya and Heiwajima Shizuo; ready to duke it out once more. They had already destroyed more than half the town with their petty disputes and anyone who came near such a scene was completely nuts, but both Masaomi and Anri knew this to be necessary.

A swish of a knife and the hunt was on again but before it could escalate, the Celtic fairy stood in between the two. [This is urgent!] She showed one message to Shizuo and another to Izaya. [We have to know!] The two monsters were confused by the necessity of Celty’s meddling but knew that if she had intervened it must’ve been something really important. Neither Izaya nor Shizuo cared in the beginning though. That changed the moment Masaomi opened his mouth, “I don’t care how much you charge me, just tell me where Mikado is!”

The two beasts stopped in their tracks and turned towards the teens. With an equal stride and expression, they marched forwards and got so close to Masaomi that they invaded his personal space. “What do you mean by that? You don’t know where Mikado/-kun is?” The surprising unified pair of voices scared Masaomi into taking a step back. Before they could take another step forward, Celty came in between them. [You don’t know?] It was meant for the informant but both men shook their heads in response.

Despair engulfed the teens and they glanced at each other worriedly. Their faces had paled and were about ready to give up when a car pulled over towards them. Kasuka’s face appeared for everyone and he urged the rest to climb aboard. All of them had been confused as to his request but agreed at his words, “It has to do with someone that is missing.” Masaomi and Anri were the first to comply as they were the nearest to the car’s entrance. Shizuo and Izaya had a hard time agreeing on who would climb in after the two teens but eventually were inside as well. Celty agreed to follow them on her bike and Kasuka left the window open for her to hear part of the conversation.

On the inside, Kasuka sat next to the trembling form of Ruri, who had only come out thanks to Kasuka and was held by him for support. “How do you know about Mikado-kun being gone?” Izaya was the first to ask, eyeing how Ruri twitched in response. She was truly afraid at the moment.

However, Kasuka held her close and spoke for her. “Ruri-san found out and I just recently got her to tell me. She’s very afraid of this person so I’ll ask you to do what you can without her. I can only bring you to the location.” He explained but had left the rest confused. All anyone understood was, “Mikado was taken by someone who Ruri is afraid of. We’ll take you to where he’s being kept.” Shizuo looked about ready to explode when Kasuka lifted his hand with a ‘stop’ motion. “Ruri-san says it’s the King. I don’t know anything else and I will not let you bully her into telling you.” He seemed serious enough so Shizuo let it go for the moment.

The scenery around them changed from the city to the countryside and the car kept going until it reached a forest. Both teens seemed worried for a moment, not just because they didn’t know where they were headed, but because the two monsters next to them seemed to be getting angrier by the second. Their only consolation was that Celty was outside.

When the car came to a screeching halt, everyone inside was caught by surprise. Shizuo was the first to explode but Kasuka took care of it by simply saying, “We’re here.”

“Where the hell is here?” Both blonds ended up asking at the same time, a look of confusion on one and irritation on the other. Anri couldn’t help but feel flustered and Celty calmed her down by placing a hand on her shoulder. Izaya found it quite amusing, though he was burning up on the inside too. Kasuka and Ruri stood right behind them all. It was Kasuka’s plan in order to ease his beloved’s suffering, though no one else seemed privy to it. Ruri understood though, and sometimes felt him to be scarier than anything else.

“Well, Shizu-chan. Why don’t you use that brute strength you adore so much and break the gate?” Izaya suggested first with no qualms, clearly making fun of the taller blond. Masaomi quickly took a few steps back with Anri and Celty in tow. Kasuka and Ruri were on safe distance from the beginning.

“You wanna say that again, you flea?!” He roared in return and without having done anything, the gates in front of them all had opened. The rational three noted that it was more like they fell from fright rather than open in response. Izaya laughed and, with a skip in his step, headed in first. Shizuo followed right beside him, muttering curses in his direction. Celty kept her thoughts to herself, wondering why they had yet begun to kill anything in sight but simply had one person come to mind and realized why.

Masaomi and Anri kept an eye out for anything while Kasuka calmly held Ruri close to him by the shoulders, as if protecting her with just that. And although the scenery around them seemed scary, not one of them had run away. Whatever kind of freak held Mikado would soon be killed, thought Masaomi, whether or not he was here.

Not five minutes in, a horde of unknown people had the group surrounded. They seemed displeased by the trespassing and had first asked for whoever broke the front gate. Shizuo gladly complied with their request but not without asking his question first. “Where the hell are you keeping Mikado?” An echo of snickers was their reply. The low grumble could be heard by the teens, who kept quiet about how Shizuo would soon go on a rampage.

“Would you all be so kind as to tell us if someone named Ryugamine Mikado is here?” Izaya asked with a polite smile, sending shivers through the rest’s back. The three behind the monster duo wondered, how pissed was Izaya to be able to send such icy words through politeness? The horde responded in whispers, speaking of a pet, the King, such fools plus many other things that sounded repetitive. “So he is here then. I hope you’ve prepared yourselves for making me angry. Go Shizu-chan!” Izaya commanded with no problem, earning a glare from the ex-bartender on his left.

The horde felt insulted that they weren’t being taken seriously and began the attack first. The rest decided to sit it out while Shizuo took care of the whole horde. You really shouldn’t underestimate Shizuo, was their one united thought. “Now where the hell are you keeping Mikado?” He threatened one of them and Ruri bravely stood up to point forwards. Kasuka proudly pet her head and soon enough, the group was following Ruri.

“I apologize for my previous behavior. To speak truthfully, I’m still a bit frightened. But Yuuhei-san is certain you’re stronger than the King so I shall believe as well.” Ruri spoke softly to Shizuo, awkwardly clinging close to Kasuka for moral support. Shizuo didn’t respond with words and simply grunted as a reply. Izaya was holding in his laughter at the whole scene while the rest at the back were simply curious why the forest wasn’t in flames yet.

At the foot of the tall and old-looking castle, Masaomi was the first to comment. “I wouldn’t be surprised if Dracula lived here.” It was him musing to try and relax himself but Ruri still twitched in response. The rest didn’t miss it and Shizuo was the first to kick the doors open. It wasn’t that hard for him to do so. The inside smelled thick in humidity and both teens scratched their noses in response.

“WHERE’S MIKADO?!” Shizuo cried out, similar to how he called after Izaya when chasing him. The anger and low patience is clear in his voice. Bats fly off in surprise and Masaomi squeals for a second, quickly placing his hand on his mouth. Izaya doesn’t miss it and hides his scoff. Another horde comes out from the shadows and Shizuo completely loses it. He doesn’t want to handle small fry anymore.

With a quick swoop, Celty casts her shadow towards the horde to render them immobile before Shizuo has the chance to rip the closest column and do the same himself. Masaomi and Anri are impressed but Izaya takes the floor next, gazing at Ruri. “Will you lead us?” He asks, sounding polite and leaving the rest confused. Ruri nods and they head up the stairs.

In the distance, Celty is the first to notice the figure standing dead ahead. She runs towards him first but her beloved, Kishitani Shinra, doesn’t reply quickly. [Where have you been?! I thought you were working!] Nothing seems to get him to recognize Celty’s presence. Slowly, his lips move and he speaks. “The King is waiting. I have a patient to bandage.”

The doors open and the two figures at the end give the rest a surprise. Indeed, Mikado was there, just as they had thought and were told. But both monsters didn’t seem pleased at all by the image in front of them. Masaomi and Anri run towards their best friend but are quickly held back by both Ruri and Kasuka. “It will be dangerous to continue without a plan.” Kasuka suggests but the two men don’t hear him at all. They dash forwards with the intent to kill, followed by Celty, who simply wishes to take Mikado away from that place.

“Celty!” Shinra’s voice causes her to realize the darkness heading her way from the side and very soon, she’s pushed down by Shinra. “That was dangerous! I was hoping you wouldn’t do that until Shizuo-kun and Izaya-kun were fighting the King!” He pouted, causing Celty to realize Shinra had been faking earlier in order to proceed with whatever plan he had. However, she still feels pained and smacks him over the head in retaliation. Shinra merely accepts the hit with a smile, not blaming her feelings.

Masaomi and Anri notice Mikado’s lips move, as if trying to speak to them. But it looks so slurred that they have no idea what he wants to say. It just makes them want to head in towards the fight as well, but the clashing of the two beasts against the so-called King commence and it only takes five minutes before the two take a supreme victory. The rest feel utterly helpless and extremely useless at that realization. Kasuka is the first to break the ice. “I told you, Ruri-san. All we had to do was leave it to brother and Orihara-san.” Ruri nods happily and the two teens in front realize how frightening the star really is.

“I should explain, really.” Shinra speaks from Celty’s side. “Apparently, Mikado’s blood is extremely tasty to the King so he had him kidnapped. And well, he couldn’t let the boy die so easily on him since Mikado-kun was to be…uh…his concubine…” He awaited the response but finished quickly by speaking to Celty instead. “So you see, Celty, he also kidnapped me to take care of Mikado-kun. He actually thought I was hypnotized but that’s impossible! So I figured I’d wait this out until Shizuo-kun and-or Izaya-kun came for Mikado-kun. I’m actually surprised it took anyone this long to come and get us.”

[Why didn’t you call me?!] Celty’s response to his explanation proved to be more heartwarming than Shinra imagined. However, her beloved pouted in response to that. “I was being watched! Besides, I didn’t want to die if it wasn’t in your arms and, honestly, I kinda had responsibility towards Mikado-kun.” At his words, Celty brought Shinra closer to her but saw the shadows above them.

“Did you just say ‘concubine’?” They muttered at the same time, the hatred showing in their gaze. Shinra flapped his lips in confusion and noticed the two teens run towards their friend with a worried look. “We should probably get Mikado-kun some water. Celty, come with me!” With that, he quickly left the room with Celty in search for some of the mentioned water.

Mikado had started crying, possibly out of joy and his friends shared his feelings. The sound of his sniffles brought the attention of the two beasts and they turned around to face the scene. Very quickly, they stomped towards the group and pulled out the two friends to see if Mikado was truly alright. Though he hadn’t stopped when the two males arrived, he did the moment Shizuo ripped open his shirt. Both Masaomi and Anri were in shock as they watched Izaya and Shizuo inspect every part of the younger boy.

“Perhaps we should be gone by now.” Kasuka suggested calmly as Shinra returned with Celty and a jar of water. He shoved the two beasts to the side and fed some of the water to Mikado slowly, in order to make sure he didn’t drown. After that, he bandaged him up and asked him some routine questions to make sure he was alright. Mikado responded a bit slurred but understandable nonetheless.

“Can we take him home then?” Masaomi asked Shinra, picking up the courage to step forward. Anri stood a few feet behind him, ready to support him if it was necessary. “We should really let him rest so yeah. The King was really stubborn about his feeding times so Mikado-kun will be really tired for a while.” As Masaomi was about to pick up his best friend, Izaya slapped his hand away.

Shinra immediately rolled his eyes, warning the two that any activity that was too strenuous on Mikado’s body would surely cause the boy to faint. Celty seemed worried but was pulled away by Shinra, who had given up by now. Anri looked worried but was pushed away by Masaomi. As worried as he was over his best friend, he knew an unwinnable situation when he saw it. Kasuka quickly offered the teens a ride home and they took it gladly.

The moon’s light fell inside the hall as the two men loomed over Mikado. While the two finished their initial inspections, the teen looked up at the moon. He hadn’t known but it was the sole witness to the fulfillment of the wish he had made. And quite possibly, Mikado had regretted it by now.

Let the fun times begin…

“Concubine, my foot.” Izaya said rather nicely and Shizuo silently agreed with him. Both were very pissed about the information they had received. Well, the annoyance was already gone, thanks to them, but they still had one thing to resolve. “Tell me, Mikado-kun, did you think that this so-called King was going to keep you?”

“Stop bullying him. I know he was scared of that guy. There’s no way he was treated right.” Shizuo tried pushing Izaya away but the other held a tight grip over Mikado. When he realized Izaya didn’t plan on leaving, he made sure Mikado had finished the water given to him first before planting his lips on top of the young teen. “He’d better not have kissed you or anything.”

“Really Shizu-chan, getting ahead of schedule isn’t pretty. And besides, even if he had, I’d make sure to remind him no place on Earth is safe from me.” Izaya’s tone brought shivers to the teen and Shizuo retorted quickly.

“You’re not the only one flea! Don’t think you’ll be the one to bring that bastard into hell.” Even if he wasn’t tired, Mikado would definitely have a hard time running away from the two who pinned him.

As Mikado squirmed a bit in a very useless fashion, he brought the attention of the two on him. “Oh, so sorry for ignoring you, Mikado-kun. We were having a very important discussion, Shizu-chan and I.” Izaya smiled brightly at Mikado and started to fully undress him. He took of the remaining clothes, which were only his pants and underpants, and trailed his hand over the boy’s chest, watching how the teen tried to hold in a shudder. “So glad he didn’t do anything else aside from drinking your blood.”

“And that ain’t yours to give, either.” Shizuo warned and gave another kiss to the boy. This time it was much deeper and it almost didn’t give Mikado room to breathe. He gasped for air once it was over and felt his heart skip a beat when a hand groped his lower region. It was Shizuo, who didn’t let the teen utter a word of defiance by locking his lips again.

“Well, I feel left behind. I think you’re keeping Mikado-kun to yourself when he isn’t yours either, Shizu-chan.” Izaya warned and let one of his hands roam south as well until it reached the ignored hole. Mikado whimpered as Izaya managed to push Shizuo away so that he could be kissing Mikado now.

Shizuo clicked his tongue in annoyance but didn’t cease pumping the hardening member in his hand. Izaya grinned from his position, gaining a soft moan from the teen when either he or Shizuo reached a pleasurable spot on his body. The teen was literally being eaten by the two adults but it was impossible to stop them anymore.

Several movements of the hands later, Mikado had drenched Shizuo and Izaya with his semen. “Well, at least you have enough energy for this. How about you decide at last who gets to take you? You can’t be both of ours, you know.” Izaya teased but urged Mikado to make his decision. Unfortunately, Mikado didn’t respond and simply shook his head. Clicking his tongue, Izaya was about to give Mikado another kiss when Shizuo lifted him up to stretch the teen’s hole some more. Izaya grinned at the chance and unbuttoned his pants.

Catching the unspoken message Izaya was giving him, Mikado pulled himself forward to Izaya and gave him the inside of his mouth. “Why are you taking all the best parts?” Shizuo growled, his tongue sticking out of his mouth.

“You started it first, Shizu-chan.” Izaya joked, looking a bit flustered as Mikado was sucking just a tad bit hard at the moment. Shizuo quickly unbuckled his pants and sat up before he thrust deep inside the teen. Izaya had felt that movement and quickly came inside of Mikado’s mouth. “So sorry, Mikado-kun.” He apologized and supported Mikado while Shizuo ravaged him.

Once Shizuo came, he moved to kiss Mikado but Izaya was already doing that. He tried to cut in but Izaya kept him at bay. There were pleasurable moans coming from Mikado as he was now being touched everywhere. When he felt satisfied, Izaya pulled Mikado his way and slightly laid him against Shizuo and the floor so he could enter him. Mikado slurred his words but it was evident to the two that he was calling for them. Without being asked to, Mikado turned a bit and began to lick Shizuo the moment Izaya entered him.

“So good, Mikado-kun. Keep going.” Izaya edged him on as he pumped Mikado at the same time he moved. Shizuo held his ground and played with the nipples in a symphony of movements. Another thrust more and Mikado was filled completely with both Shizuo and Izaya. “Don’t ever let yourself get captured like that, Mikado-kun. If you won’t decide then be prepared to belong to us forever.”

As he closed his eyes, Mikado noticed the moon in the distance. He wasn’t sure if he could ever regret the words Izaya spoke but he knew them to be true. And anyone who got in the way would suffer the wrath of the two on top of him. It wasn’t a wish, it was a given fact.


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