Burning the Desire

Summary: A frustrated Mikado decides to burn things.
Pairings: izmkao
Rating: T
Genre: Drama / Violence
Story Type: Random AU
Setting: None in particular.
Warning: Purely for the sake of me liberating some stress at one point.

In one hand, Mikado carried the box of matches which he fiddled around his fingers with. On the other hand, he carried a lighter which he kept flicking on and off. Aoba was on his right, holding onto an empty keg with care. Izaya stood to the left, twirling the empty gasoline tank with joy. In front of all three was a long bucket with contents that Mikado deplored and abhorred so intensely, he had a hard time thinking of what to use first to get rid of them. Aoba edged him on with the matches, saying it would increase the pleasure. Izaya tried to convince him of the lighter, reminding him they had other places to be. In response, Mikado crossed his arms, offering the items to the ones who had picked them. He gave them an offer to do this in his place and spoke of a reward. Both males by his side quickly took the offered item with a wide grin.

Aoba lit up a match with ease, the scratching against the box sounding very loud for a single moment. Izaya had already flicked the lighter on and had been waiting for Aoba. When they were ready, both threw the items in their hands towards the ground, slowly watching as Aoba’s match missed the mark yet Izaya’s lighter did not. The black powder on the ground lit up and headed off in twists and turns. Aoba’s grin was becoming wider and wider, reaching up to his eyes. Izaya scoffed happily, waiting for the fuse to finally reach its intended target. Mikado’s eyes focused on following the fuse, his eyes slowly becoming distant.

Once it finally reached its goal, the bright flame grew in size and became hotter than ever. The smell of plastic slowly filled the air and various cracks could be heard. Sparks flew a few seconds later, threatening anyone who dared to come closer. Mikado took a step forward and was quickly stopped by the two on his sides. He had wanted to get a better seat but any closer would be dangerous. And neither of the two wanted him to be in danger.

“Now, Mikado-kun, how about my reward?” Izaya smirked, purring the words inside of Mikado’s ear but quickly yelped in pain when his nose was held tight. Mikado didn’t stop for a while and when he finally let go, Izaya moved away to rub his nose. Aoba held in his stifles, almost threatening to burst out laughing.

“Isn’t it obvious this has to finish first? You’re so stupid, Orihara-san.” Aoba mocked Izaya by enunciating the formality with him. Izaya returned an unpleased glare but kept his mouth shut. Mikado continued to stare at the fire as his eyes focused once more on the two with him.

“I feel better now.” He declared with a smile and felt two pairs of arms hugging him from different angles. He looked down at Aoba then up at Izaya with a curious gaze. “Were you two really that worried?”

With two nods in response, Mikado felt heat rising through his face. “You see Mikado-kun, when you get angry, it’s almost impossible to appease you. I’m so glad this managed to put you in your happy place again. Such a pyromaniac you are, Mikado-kun.” Izaya pokes fun at the younger one and yelps again when he feels Aoba pinch his stomach. He tries to retaliate but Mikado stops him.

“Anyways!” Aoba starts and takes a step back with a smile. “Shall we have Orihara-san buy you new hardware? The old one’s outdated…and well, you know, burnt now.” He pointed to the still burning flame and saw some more sparks fly out like fireworks.

“So you’re going to make use of me so soon? What happened to my reward?” Izaya pouted and received a whispered reply. He shivered with anticipation and accompanied the two younger boys out. Without worry about the flames behind them, Izaya brought out his phone and sent a message. The sprinkler system activated and died out the flames easily. Aoba rolled his eyes and Mikado chuckled lightly. In the remains lay Mikado’s old phone and computer, including all the cables used for them.

Nothing else was added because Mikado didn’t feel like it at the moment and his partners were glad of that. If he had decided to include anything else, both males thought Mikado might end up burning down their flat. For that, they were actually thankful.


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